Dil Dosti Dance 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kriya is lost in thoughts, she tells rey she is worried about Sharon and what will happen to them. he says they will have a dance academy of their own and Sharon is also with them unofficially. He shows her the file and tells her the plan that they can hire their students because of their championship. And they will rent a hall on need base, further they will do different performances for the next six months to run the expenses of the academy. She says that the plan is good. The door bell rings, Kriya tells Rey to pay for the food from her wallet. He argues but she says it’s her home and she will pay. He opens the wallet; there is only Rs. 100 in it. He feels skeptical about it. Kriya calls that should she brings more money from the cupboard. He says this is enough and pays by his own pocket.
He puts some more money in the wallet, she says it had not enough money. He says you don’t know how to manage the money, they were hidden in the inner pocket.
Bharat, Amar and Swayam were riding on the bicycle. They come across Sharon’s mom whose tyre has been punctured. Swayam introduces them as Sharon’s class fellow. Swayam tells her that bharat has his own garage, she will help. She asks so this is that garage fellow. Sharon’s mom drinks water from a bottle. Bharat asks her for a sip, she says sure. He drinks from it then washes his face. She doesn’t take the bottle back. After they are done, she thanks them, sits in the car and tells them to go to college too. Amar says that now we know where the entire attitude in Sharon comes from.
Vicky teaches Kriti the stepping. She can’t understand them and begins laughing at her silly mistake. She says that she was a topper in her class, just can’t learn the dance. She requests him to teach her else she will look too bad in her cousins wedding. He says you can’t look bad. She asks what he said. He says nothing and involves her in duet practice. He looks at her as they practice, she notices his stare. He asks how the date with her fiancé was. She gets of his hands and turns around. He says if she doesn’t want to tell it doesn’t matter. She says there is nothing to tell. He asks how she met him. She tells him that the family fixed the relations, love will take place after the wedding. She becomes upset, he tells her to practice again.
Sharon’s mom call her to the office and gives her the pamphlet of a competition and urges her that their academy must win it because the winning prize of it is Rs. 50,00,000. She tells her that she wants a complete report from her along with the budgeting till evening. Sharon leaves with the pamphlet.
They were all in the dancing hall deciding about their academy. Swayam says they must have a strategy. They all say they must have money for it. Sharon comes there and says that all their problems have solved. If they win the competition they will get fame as well as Rs. 50,00,000. They all shout in shock. Swayam asks where she gets it from. She says her mom gave it to her to do research on it. They ask that you brought it here. She says where else she could get it, this academy is her dream as well. She is doing the NYU only for her mom. Her mom has followed her and listens to the conversation. Swayam hugs Sharon. Rey thanks Sharon, he says hadn’t she tell them they could never know about it. Sharon scolds him for saying thanks. He hugs her.
Swayam checks the notice board and announces that their annual papers have postponed for one and a half man. They were all worried, but Swayam says they can spend more time with each other.
Rey brings Kriya to a restaurant; she thinks it is quite expensive. He tells her to sit down and they discuss that how she will punish him if he forgets her birthday, then reminds her it’s their love life birthday. The cake comes while the music is played by the band there. They cut the cake.
Sharon comes home late at night in the dark. She sits on the sofa when the lights get on. Her mom comes there and asks how her day was. She doesn’t reply. She asks her about the report. Sharon says she didn’t do it. Her mom asks did she plan something. She says no. her mom asks was she busy the whole day. She scolds that how will she get time when she keeps on focusing on other people’s academy. Her mom says they are your rivals. She asks what she will do if our academy doesn’t work, will go and ask them for job. Sharon say she will, because they are her friends. Her mom asks who are they, since when she comes from Delhi she is listening this word Friends! Sharon tells her to stop as this emotional drama doesn’t suit you. Sharon tells her that her friends gave her the courage to dream. Her mom says when the dreams break, one breaks completely. She asks what the problems with her life are, she loves herself so much that she doesn’t need friends. But for her friends are her life. her mom begins to cry. She tells her to stop this. Her mom says she cant understand what is the value of earning life. Sharon says whatever she has, she is happy with it. How much does she need?
Her mom tells her that they have a debt of sixty crore. They market says they are going to bankrupt. Thanks to her dad who invested with his friends. Sharon recalls Swayam tells her that her mom is just protecting her. Her mom says that this house we are living us in is also mortgaged. She says this academy is our last hope and if it gets successful we can get out of this financial loss without anyone knowing it. She says she isn’t forcing her but she will work day and night for its success; and asks her if she want to secure her family or work for her friends. Her mom says she is waiting for her reply. Sharon leaves crying. Her mom also cries and says she know what her answer would be but she won’t let her destroy her career just for her friends.

PRECAP: They promote the joining of some new friends in their dance team.

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