Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumitra reading property papers that Baburam has transferred all his property in Sumitra’s name while Baburam and his family shocklingly hears her. Baburam says he did not sign any papers and this house is his. Sumitra asks him to relax, else he will get heart attack. She says she hid property papers in loan papers and says due to his greed, he lost all his life’s earnings. Baburam gets a heart attack while Sumitra laughs. Bela snatches papers from Sumitra and tears it. Sumitra says she thought Bela is intelligent, but she is dumb and says it was just a photocopy and she can bring dozens of it. She asks the whole family to pack their bags and get out of her house. Maya asks Sumitra where will she go. Sumitra asks also her to pack her bags and get out from there.

Shivani sees Raghu having food in his home and asks him to come out and have it at dinner table. Raghu says he does not have habit of having food at dinner table. Shivani says she will teach him and sits to have food with him. Madhavi comes there and asks why are they having food here instead of dinner table and insists to have it at dinner table.

Baburam and family sadly pack their bags and come out while Sumitra and her boyfriend laugh and ask them to look at the house a last time. They try to walk out of house when Sumitra stops them and ask them to give their money and jewelry also. Latha and Ginni give their jewelry to her. She asks Maya to give her jewelry and asks Baburam to give his temp keys. She asks Latha to give her mangalsutra and tries to snatch it when Latha pushes her and says she can take her life but cannot take her mangalsutra. Whole family leaves their house then.

Raghu and Shivani start their dinner with Veer’s family while Veer’s father tell them about his younger day’s story. Sunanda comes shouting that her bracelet is stolen. Her husband asks her to check her room again. Sunanda says she has a doubt on Raghu and Shivani. Madhavi says they cannot steal. Sunanda says how can she believe them and says poverty makes people to steal. Raghu asks her how can she allege them of stealing. Sunanda says she is talking about Shivani and says she has stolen. Shivani says she did not steal. Sunanda says she would have asked her and she would have donated it to her and says she knows she cannot afford it. Raghu says she is Shivani Rana, granddaughter of founder of Rana Group of Industries and has grown up in palaces. Veer says Sunanda she cannot allege his guests like that. Sunanda asks him to check Shivani and Raghu’s room then.

Shivani asks Sunanda to check her room if she is doubting her and says she is here until her bags are searched, after that she will not stay here. Sunanda says who will let you thieves stay her, we will kick you out from there. They all head towards Shivani’s room when they see kids playing. Veer’s mother asks kids where did they get it. They say he got it under Sunanda’s pillow. Sunanda gets afraid that she is caught red handed and starts scolding kids when Veer’s father asks Sunanda to stop her drama and to apologize his guests. Sundanda hesitantly says sorry and leaves from there. Raghu says he admires their love for them, but now cannot stay in their house. Madhavi aplogises on behalf of Sundanda when Raghu says he cannot tolerate anyone alleging Shivani.

Precap: Someone tries to kill Shivani with knife while she is asleep.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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