Ek Boond Ishq 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
omkar places shoe infront of some man, man recalls how once while going he mistakenly stepped on om’s shoes and said to him to walk properly, fb ends, man says I am sorry, I will wipe it, he wipes om’s shoes and sorry again, om says admit your wife, man ask about money, om says my pa will talk about it, go, man leaves.
kala/laado says that mj how foolish are you, fahim cant deceive me, I sent him to jail, fb shows how came to meet kala and told him that meethi gave birth to a daughter, kala says I cant see her even, I want to play with her, I kept thinking about my mistakes, I was wrong, I want to repent for my mistakes, i wish i can see her daughter, fahim says don’t cry, kala says no fahim, i will not meet daughter, i don’t want her to come here, fahim says then how will you bless her, kala says i have some way but you have to be with me, fahim says just order me, fb ends, kala says today i ws getting fahim killed by mj, the one who can join you ith your past, you mj why i kept you alive so that my biggest enemy will be my slave, you cant get saved from me, your support your power tara is not in this world now, no.

Scene 2
tara is searching in cupboard when girl comes and says i was so happy so i went to shopping, you remember we used to shop together, she sees an album in tara’s hand and ask about it, tara says i want to know the truth.
mj is doing pushups, one child(girl) is sitting on his back counting push ups, mj says enough i cant do more, girl says you have to do it more, i am hungry, do it fast, mj says i am tired, she says lets go for lunch, he says okay my maa, girl says 1st make me eat then you eat, mj make her sit on lap and says tell me one thing you talk a lot but why you keep silent infront of laado, girl says you also stay silent infront of her, mj says she has done favor on me, she saved my life, girl says you stay silent as she never let anybody talk, girl sees one beggar outside and says i am not hungry, she goes and gives food to bggar, mj smiles.

Scene 3
girl says truth is in your hands sia bhabhi, she makes her see picture of her wedding with omkar, tara recalls her wedding with mj and smiles.
mj is with small girl, he says you gave your food but i will eat mine, girl looks at him, mj teases her that food is great, girl craves for it, mj calls her and says why you said you are not hungry, if you are hungry then how can i eat, he makes her eat. girl bites on mj’s finger, laado comes there and scolds them, she scolds girl that why you gave food to beggar, why wasting my hard earned money, don’t do it again, mj says laado.. some letter came for you, he gives letter to her and gives his food to girl.
tara is with girl, girl says do you remember you didnt know how to cook when came here, tara says mj.. girl says you are sia, tara says no i am not sia, you are mistaken or you are with kala, girl says you don’t believe us, you don’t believe these photographs then atleast trust god, girl leaves. tara prays to god to show her path.

Scene 4
laado says to mj that do big things and earn more, mj ask what i have to do? she says you have to empty one house for a big man, omkar agnihotri, he is very influential, once we get his support we will be rich, mj says what to think then, bali will do it, laado says go meet omkar, he will tell you details.
omkar is leaving clinic, one man comes and thanks omkar for saving his daughter’s eyes, pa says go from here, omkar ask pa did you do the work, pa nods, fb shows how omkar asked pa to operate girl’s eyes and take out her kidney. fb ends, omkar says discharge this girl and give her kidney to Agarwal wife, pa ask about fees, he says take 20 lacs for operation.
tara is trying to leave the house, girl goes in kitchen, tara prays that she doesn’t come back, tara is stealthily going out when omkar enters.

PREAP- omkar’s sister says to him that you called a guy to solve plot matter but he is late i think you should find someone else, suddenly mj comes there and throws one man in feet of omkar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thanks for the Update’ Find it confusing reading the English. Terrible English, can’t seem to understand much of it. But still Thank you.

  2. why is that one serial is copying another serial if u dont hv any stories then just end the serial dont drag drag and go on till u dont get any viewers i dont think anyone watches this idiotic show anymore

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