Dil Dosti Dance 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon comes to Taani’s room to meet her. Sharon asks her you forgot to use babhi,she sees Taani and says she looks pretty.Sharon asks Taani she is looking pretty but not happy.Taani says its nothing and both start discussing about Taani’s fiance. Sharon gets to know Vishesh is not a dancer and asks Taani but she loves dancer.Taani says Visesh is a simple guy and takes good care of her.he is very silent. Sharon asks which means Taani continues saying the opposite of Rey.Taani continues with she feels very comfortable around and there is no insecurity or no tension.Sharon asks was she not happy with Rey when Taani says each moment spent with Rey was a beautiful memory in her life.For moving on with life Visesh will help me.Sharon asks which means has she not moved on still.Swayam comes in asking where is his brother.He asks Taani has she met everyone including Rey.Sharon asks what happened. Swayam says nothing about which she need her concern.. Sharon informs Taani that she will meet her later and moves away.
Taani kees seeing them and Swayam asks her what is too much. Taani asks Swayam how did this sudden change happen as far as she knows Sharon was attitude giving girl but now Swayam is giving it.Swayam says he has left the dream world and in real world one must be careful. Taani asks why is love always painful when Swayam replies love is not painful its the expectations from love that makes it painful if one learns to be happy when their love is happy then life will itself be beautiful.

The boys in room discuss about seeing girls.Amar says Swayam’s family is traditional and hence they must behave.The boys do not agree well. Rey comes in when guy says come out we will search a girl for you as well. Rey moves forward and thinks I came here to accept that Taani is getting engaged and move on but why is my heart not ready to accept it all. Sharon comes in dressed in indo-western style.The girls asks sharon first western then fully tradition and now indo-western.Sharon says different. Sharon asks Simmi will Swayam’s family like her.Simmi says ofcourse they will.Mr.Rishi sees the girls and tells them they are looking beautiful.He says he feels strange doing girls stuff for Taani.He is getting the experience as he has the responsibility but feels odd.The girls say they will help him out.Mr.Rishi inform them that its a night when they have to stay awake whole night and he wants some entertainment program planned too.Sharon says its Swayam’s family and hence anything would be done.Simmi explains like Swayam works hard for college they will do it as its Taani’s engagement.Rishi says he knew what Sharon wanted to say.Sharon walks thinking Swayam’s dad did not note his daughter-in-law when Rishi calls he.He tells Sharon she is looking different both in looks as well as her attitude.Sharon asks is it in a good way or bad.Rishi says in good and Sharon gets all excited and Thanks him.

Rishi asks Sharon whats the secrete behind all this is this the result of her emotions towards Swayam. Sharon says she has much more than liking towards Swayam.Those emotions that made him fall off the treadmill has brought her down to earth from sky.Rishi says Shekhawat family will be happy making her a part of it.Sharon thinks me the daugher-in -law of Shekhawat family as in wife of Swayam as Sharon Shekhawat .My plan is going in the right direction. Rey comes wanting to speak with Swayam.Before that Rey asks is he speaking with his friend or someone’s brother. Swayam says I’m your friend first. Rey says he is confused and does not know what to do.I came here to move on but seems like my heart is pulling me back.I do not know what you will think or how to make you understand but my heart wants Taani back.I have no intentions to hurt you or your family or anyone for that matter.Swayam says he is happy that Rey told him honestly and even i’ll tell you things honestly what is the pain of wanting your love I can very well understand.Your heart wants Taani and the whole world can do nothing to it if she belongs to you she will come else if she gets engaged means she is not yours my friend.Rey thanks Swayam for understanding him and says he could have not shared this with anyone else. Swayam replies you understood me more than my family and its my turn now.I hope I could make you understand.Rey tells Swayam he is best when a man comes and call them down.

Swayam asks the boys where is Barath when they inform he is not well.Simmi address people saying the bride is about to come and make way for her.While Taani enters Rey keeps seeing her.Simmi continues since its special day there is going to be a special performance for the bride and the bride must perform too.Rey asks why bride she is just getting engaged.Simmi says in future she is would-be bride .Swayam says its makes her feel old and so address her as Taani itself.A video of Taani’s dances is being shown in different posses.Taani thinks let Rey not tell anything but his silence speaks that he is affected.Rey thinks if she is not affected why is she seeing me or is it just my imagination.

Precap: Sharon’s dance.Rey and Taani speak about happiness.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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