Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with RV requesting GD not to break her promise as he fulfilled the promies he had given and firmly says he will go back to LONDON. And gives a punch dialogue that… “this only happens in politics that not to take back the promises given” then he leaves the place and turns back saying to ABHAY to send flowers to Nandini home.

@Nandini home,
Ritu opens door… wonders seeing upon a big / large flower bouquet.. All are surprised seeing it. The bouquet delivery man says he has come from PRP office and keeps it inside. Ritu takes the card and starts reading the content written behalf of RV. Nandini smiling cutely seeing the flowers. People start discussing about the flowers. Aanchal doesn’t allow the ladies to not even touch the flowers and confrms them that the flowers are not artificial as those were send by great RV. Ritu teases Nandini saying love will start from flowers only. Nandini too impressed with the flowers.

RV room
RV asks servant to keep gifts in london and he will take those . GD enters RV room. RV informs GD that these handicraf gifts have lot of demand in London. GD seriously says she has com to talk with him. RV allows servant to leave room. GD reminds RV that people hopes are only on RV and how could he now leave all of suddenly. People getting support from RV and he has become Popularity of PRP. How could he leave?”

RV still firmly answers that he has done all these only due to the promise he had given to her. What ever she asked him to do.. he did only the same .. he did nothing on his own. GD tries to convince him that, till now what he has done it has brought things very near to his father’s dream. You have to stay back to fulfill that dream. You have to furnish the responsibility at any cost”

DADi enters criticizing GD. And says A mother is saying her son to take back his promises and teaching a good lesson that not to fulfill promises. Dadi turns angry on GD that how she askd RV to fulfill his promise in same way asking GD too to live upto her promise given to Rv. And she orders GD , not to stop RV from going back London.

@ Nandini home,
A man gives his petition to Nandini. Nandini too assures him that sure RV will solve the problem. Aanchal is worried about Nandini that she is not eating properly since the petitions work started. She asks Mr. Pandey to find out a groom for Nandini. Nandini is not happy with that. Nandini asks all of suddenly how her marriage talk has come. Pandey convinces her saying that one day she has to get married. Pandey also says that Nandini could understand everyone’s pain and he too have worry about Nandini. Nanidni assures that she has lot of confidence in RV and sure he will bring a change and he will prove himself as a big leader then no point of issues. Aanchal feeds Nandini.

GD Personnel room,
Dadi enters GD room. She is very angry. Dadi tries convince GD that to understand RV. GD too explains that RV has reached so near to his father’s promise and Raghuvanshi’s heir should become the light of khaandaan. Dadi finally declares that not to trouble RV. And says Vikhyat and Rajas both has come and meet them. GD asks both has come???

Chachi gives aarti to two new entries.. Vikhyat and Rajas. Blessing and hugging programmes goes on for a while. All will enter into and settle down. Start discussing about dadisa’s birthday.. (happy birthday Dadisa).. RV’s sister-in-law(forgot her name) gets a call and she irritated with answer. She informs everyone that the hotel already booked was cancelled so far and need to find out another withint a short time and how to answer all friends. RV solves problem , “ask eveyone to reach home and it’s the best place for birthday party”

Suryamaan ji reminds about NATIONAL DECORATORS (waaw again Rajveer and Nandini going to meet at a pleasure event). GD agrees to that and asks to book them for decoration.

Rajouri bhagh , Nandini home.
Mr. pandey worries that Nandini didn’t come yet. Nandini comes rushing and asks why did he inform everyone that they are searchig for a boy. Ritu starts talking to flowers calling it JIJU (RV)… Pandey asks whether Nandini have anyone in her mind. Ritu teases Nandini that she didn’t tell about the guy. Aanchal so excited and says starts makign nonsense. Nandini confrms nothing like that.. Pandey says if anything like that she can say oepnly. Ritu starts teasing.. Pandey assures Nandini that without her interest he will not force her to marry anyone . Ritu teasing never ends Aanchal paagalpan too.

GD mansion dining table.
Dadisa informs to invite Indra Raj ji. RV too says OK for tht. Dadi says he is his first son so he has to be invited. Chachi says she will call and invite. Finally invitation went. @ Indra ji’s home discussion about Dadisa Birthday and rifts between both the families. @GD home, Dadisa clears everyone that differences might be many , but nothing should be dicussed in event. Indraji says he is having problem with only Gayatri Bahu. When GD is zid and he too is zid and he will not allow RV to win over . He will become leader of delhi and nation.

@Nandini home
Nandini boss comes Nanidni home so excited and he infroms about the order he has got to National Decorator and Praises Nandini. Nandini accepts. Boss gives sweeet to everyone and asks her to come sharp time on next morning. Ritu teases sayign JIJU (RV) found nice Bahana to meet Didi (nandini). This time Nandini too feels shy.. Might be Butterflies started flying..

@GD Mansion,
Nandini and rahul reaches GD mansion. She informs Security about the purpose she visited. Guard confrms through call inside and allows them inside and asks to enter from the back side gate. Screen freezes on Nanidni face.

Precap: Nandini and Rahul about to step into home. Guard warns them not to enter through main entrance and asks them through servants door which is back side. Nandini is upset and sad , says once the work is over here she will never ever come back.

Update Credit to: Gayathri

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