Suvreen Guggal 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode start with Puppa Guggal and Yuvraj arrives to Suvreen’s place where she was sitting. But they can’t find her. Puppa asks where is she? She was sitting here. Yuvraj tells him to try on mobile. Puppa phones Suvreen but she forgot her phone. Yuvraj says how can she go without her mobile?? Puppa says if Manani does something bad?? Yuvraj get shocked and tensed. Puppa says that Manani came to him.. I had to tell this to Suvreen. I’ve done a bid mistake! Puppa gets tensed. Yuvraj tells him to now worry and says to sit. Puppa tells him what Manani told to him when she came to him. Yuvraj says please don’t be tensed. I’ll search for Suvreen and bring her to you. You don’t worry. Puppa says that’s ok.

When Yuvraj wants to go to Suvreen he sees a man who wants to make fire. He gets shocked and runs. But the man hits him. They are fighting. They are fighting badly.

And then Suvreen and the girl come to Puppa. Puppa gets happy to see her. He says are you ok?? Suvreen is confused and asks him why he is asking that. I’m fine. And suddenly they hear some voice. They run to Yuvraj. They get hurted by the fire. The man who made the fire escapes. They watch it how it burns. The woman starts crying. Yuvraj says it was not an accident. I heard how Manani was talking to someone. He tells everything what he heard. Puppa asks Suvreen are you ok?? Suvreen says that she is fine and then she says to Yuvraj to bring Puppa back home. Suvreen says that she will come. Yuvraj goes with Puppa Guggal. The woman watches how it burns. Suvreen takes her out from there.

A woman tells that it’s her marriage and all the guests came already. What will you guys do now? Suvreen says relax. We have time we will do it. Suvreen says your all costumes will be there don’t worry. And then the girl goes.

Yuvraj comes and tells that he brought Puppa back home. Suvreen says ok please wait na? And then Yuvraj sees how Suvreen’s arm brunt. He gets angry and says I’m going. Suvreen asks where will you go? Yuvraj says he will go to Manani. He can’t wait and watch what she is doing. Suvreen says no. Yuvraj says I’ll kiss this Manani. Suvreen says no.. don’t go! Yuvraj shows her how she burnt on her arm. And he can’t see her like this. Suvreen says you won’t do anything! Yuvraj says ok I won’t go.

The girl tells that it’s good coz she needs extra help. Yuvraj says only few days that Manani will be out!! Suvreen asks what does it mean? Yuvraj says that they didn’t sit and waited they have a plan. He tells everything what he did with Samar. Yuvraj says we didn’t tell you anything coz you won’t let us do that. Suvreen says you can do your thing and I’ll do mine. This time I won’t let her go so easily. Yuvraj says how can we do it? We don’T have so much time. Suvreen tells to the women to not tell it to the manager coz she is sure that he is working with Manani. You can’t trust him.

In few minutes she calls everyone to come here and bring what she needs.. In few minutes everyone came and doing the designs. In the background the happily tune plays. Everyone is working on the designs. And then they finished with it. Suvreen gets happy.

In the next scene. Puppa and Mumma are sitting . Mumma tells that Suvreen called her. He asks what did she say? She says that everyone helps her. And then the door rings. It’s Maddy. He comes in and says that he met Suvreen. She is fine. He wanted to tell them what Suvreen said to him but Mumma says that she knows what she said. She said that to not worry about her.. Maddy says yes. Mumma and Puppa are happy.

Suvreen tells to Yuvraj and the women that Manani shouldn’t know what they are doing. She has to think that they are failed. Suvreen says that she will get to know. And then Mansi calls Suvreen. Suvreen tells her to tell the everyone that she fired Suvreen Guggal.. But then she says that she doesn’t have to worry. Her dresses will be there on time. Mansi says ok and hangs up. And then Geeti comes and tells that everyone came to know about the designs.

Suvreen says that she will quit . The girl says that she has already fired her. And everyone gets shocked. Manani and Alisha are watching them on TV. Manani gets happy.. And alisha too. Alisha says it’s awesome plan.

In the photoshooting. Yuvraj thinks if Manani gets to know… Samar says please let me think and do not think anything. And then Samar’s phone rings. He goes. Yuvraj sees Soni. She says hi. Yuvraj doesn’t talk to her and want to go but she stops him by saying Yuvraj I’m sorry. Yuvraj asks what sorry ?? how can you do this to Suvreen? Soni says that he too worked with Manani. Yuvraj says that it’s not the same thing. You were her best friend. How could you do this to her?? Yuvraj tells everyone were happy just because of you this all happens. I think you did the plan with Manani the plan about Fire. Soni gets confused and asks which fire??? She says that she doesn’t know anything about it. She asks what happened? Yuvraj tells her what happened. Soni asks how is Suvreen? Is she fine?

In the next scene. Suvreen s phone rings. It’s Mansi. She tells that everyone came. Suvreen asks for more time. Do give me the dresses in an hour if not then you can take your dresses with you. Suvreen gets tensed.

Manani sees an article and gets angry. Alisha reads it . it writes: that the designs arrived to Mansi at the time. And she is proud of Suvreen Guggal to make it true. After the fire svreen Guggal made all the designs and gave it to Mansi. Manani shouts.. (The next part is not there.. I’m sorry)

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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