Dil Dosti Dance 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Seema wonders who the stalker is. Swayam says to Sharon that if someone really is stalking her she must complain in police, she must take care of her. Sharon says she will keep her care, and she doesn’t need his help. She would find the stalker. Swayam says we both can find the stalker. She must invite him to café. She asks how we will recognize him, Swayam says she must ask him to wear red shirt. Simmi leaves sa ying that Sharon must catch him now, as it is effecting all their routines now. Sharon calls the stalker, to come to café in an hour and red is her favorite so he must come wearing red.
Karma comes to the boys, they ask how he is alone. Karma hands them the bet money, and says he is so ashamed that he hurt Huma a lot in the quest of the bet. They ask what happened. Karma leaves. Sara comes to them, they all ask Sara to sit on a near by bench. Sara says this is so sweet of them. Nil says they all do what Rey says. Sara says Rey is sweet. They all wink. Sara says the air so fresh here. Nil says she might be needing more air these days. She goes saying, anyone needs fresh air.
Sharon orders coffee for her, and hot chocolate for Swayam. He says he has left hot chocolate, and orders coffee. Sharon fights with him, couldn’t he drink hot chocolate. Swayam says he doesn’t want to sit with her, but has to prove himself. The stalker texts Sharon, she texts him to come to café. Swayam says this is someone recognizable. He wonders who this new boy is. The hair cut of the boy was also the same as him, he denies the idea of his twin.
The goons get Rey in the café. He asks them why they are following him. He dials the number of the property owner, Oberoi. He says the two of them will stay with him, as his guaranteers. Rey asks that he will write the guarantee for himself, but call them back. He agrees. Rey thinks where he is getting caught.
Sharon asks how they will recognize him. Swayam asks her to call him. They were about to give high five, then stops. Sharon calls him, the boy picks up the call. Sharon and Swayam get the boy, Swayam is shocked to find it is Teelu. Sharon asks he is her stalker. Teely stammers, then heads to run. Swayam stops him, he apologizes Swayam and promises it won’t happen again. Sharon shouts, how dare you do this to me. Teelu says he likes her. Swayam slaps her.
Nil and Simmi enjoy while Rey angrily scolds them that they aren’t getting serious. Sara comes to him, and promises to rehearse from tomorrow. Rey apologizes for over reacting. She says she understands, and asks for a long walk. He says she asked for movie. She says her mood changed, as she is having mood swings. She goes to washroom. Simmi comes behind. Rey wonders what he will say to Kriya, if Sara is really pregnant.
Teelu apologizes asking Swayam not to tell maa. Swayam was angry at him, he apologizes Sharon. Sharon says it is easy for him, his brother is stalking her and he didn’t know. His family talks about value, these are the values. She is warning him the last time, she isn’t complaining the police because his family is involved. But if he or his family cross the limits, she won’t stay quiet.
Simmi and Sara come out. They all apologize Rey. Sara says he is worried about the 2.5 crores. Rey apologizes them all, Nil says they have to practice even more but Rey says they will do it tomorrow. Sara asks Rey if he is alright. Rey thinks he will be ok, when he knows she is alright. Sara asks if he is missing Kriya. Rey asks her to drop home, but she says she will drive as he isn’t focused.
Rey makes the breakfast and misses Kriya. Sara comes and asks for orange jam. He says it might not be here. She says she is having a lot of craving for it. He offers strawberry. Sara says she wants to eat orange jam, with mushroom and cheese bread. Chintoo comes there, and asks about craving. Rey thinks that the last thing was craving in the list. Sara and chintoo go to sit on table. Rey thinks his doubt must not be converted to reality, he can’t live without Kriya.

PRECAP: Swayam blames Sharon for not watching out the step. Sharon blames him. Bua shouts from behind, that it is all false. She says since she has entered her family, everything is getting wrong.

Update Credit to: Sona

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