Qubool Hai 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the graveyard
Sanam comes to seher, in the graveyard, and they both hug each other. they are surprised to find that the stranger who saved them is actually the new bride. They all confront each other. Sanam thanks her profusely, for having saved their lives, and doing the noblest work, and that she hasnt just saved their lives, but also saved a relation thats invaluable. Seher too thanks her. The flashback shows how she saved both their lives by giving them the antidote. The bride says that their thanks isnt necessary, when she should be apologising for what she did, and that she didnt want their marriage to break, as she was forced by tanveer for this. sanam says that she neednt clarify, as she knows tanveer and her traits, to use others’ helplessness. seher asks when did she know that they were two. She says that she saw when seher was taking food. They are shockjed, and outraged when she saw that they were planning to poison her. She says that she tried to say, but latif came and interrupted them, and then she saw that they had been poisoned. She gave them the antidote. She also clarifies that she knew that this is their secret, hence she had to take one of them out. She says that by the time, one got caught by azhar’s parents, she saved sanam. she says that she saw them coming out with one of the sisters, and followed them when she couldnt stop them, in the dicky of the car. Seher says that she got conscious due to the antidote, and she didnt alarm them, as she just wanted to be a dead body for them. The bride says that she pulled her out, the minute they went after burying her. sanam says that when she woke up, she got to know the truth, and scared the hell out of them, by pretending to be a ghost. Seher asks why is she taking this on herself, and where did she get the guts from. sanam says that she would have done anything for revenge. She says that they are in this together. the bride continues to blame herself for ahil leaving, and also for spoiling sanam’s marriage. but sanam says that she indeed did them a favour, by saving them, and not letting them be lost again, as she wouldnt have been able to meet ahil again. seher is furious at tanver, while the bride says that she would do everything to help them have their revenge on tanver. They determine to find out about ahil first, wondering where could he be.

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Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse.
Faiz drives a trailer on the road, and arrives at a farmhouse, and asks for unloading of the case. As they get to doing so, he asks them to be super gentle and careful, as he has something very precious of his in this case. As faiz pays off the guys, he asks them to be lost, and never see him again, saying that he doesnt need anything, in this desolate area, as he has what he needs. He locks the door. Meanwhile, faiz evilly eyes an unconscious haya, lying inside the box. Faiz starts singing a lullaby, as haya is asleep

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
The police start investigating around the house, and interrogate rahat about faiz’s kidnapping of haya. One of the constables find a paper and a letter. rahat is shocked. the inspector surfs through it, while rahat gets impatient, and surprised, when he finds that its written that she went on her own. As the police gets to searching the house, rahat reads the letter from haya saying that she doesnt have the guts to face him now, and their relation can never materialise, hence she is going far away from him, forever, and by free will. She says that whetever happened, after that there cant be any relation between them. She asks him to sign the divorce papers, as she has already done. Rahat is frustrated and distraught to read this.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Sanam looks at the moon, thinking that the moon can see where ahil is, but she cant see him, the one who desperately wants to, and that she cant even narrate the torment that she went through being away from him. she hopes that the relation joined by the lord, shall not break, and he shall have to come to her, to prove her faith in him and their relation. she hopes that ahil returns back for her, and their love, both waiting desperately for him. She begins to cross the road. Suddenly a car stops, its flashlights blinding her, while she is unable to see who gets down from it, after the car screeches to a halt. As she turns her eyeys, she finds an angry ahil staring at her, with blood shot eyes. She becomes overwhelmed with tears, and smile on her lips, as she eyes him. they both confront each other, as ahil remembers her betrayal. She gives him a smile, through teary eyes, and begins to go towards him, while he stands eyeing her venomously. she finally makes a mad dash, but he stops her midway, with his hand, tears splashing across his face, torment writ all over his face. he pulls his hand down, while she is shocked and tensed. She tries to speak, but he shuts her with his finer, asking her not to even try, stunning her. The screen freezes on ahil’s face.

Precap: tanveer asks ahil to remember what sanam did, and asks him to throw her out of the house. as ahil grabs sanam by the hand, and begins to take her out, sanam starts protesting that he cant do this. tanveer smiles evilly. tanveer smiles, while he says that he also doesnt want to do this, and adds that she would stay here, but as a servant. tanveer gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Yes its time tanveer got punish

  2. I am so frustrated and disappointed with this soap what the ass is going on it is about time that faiz be killed off or thrown in the looney bin you script writers you better not let faiz have his way with haya and do not let stupid rahatt take his own dare time before he finds out where faiz has haya get rid of faiz please take him out of the picture he is only forcing himself on haya all to no avail a I feel very dizzy this soap is going around in circles tanveer doing a whole lot of shit and getting away with it look how razia died do the same with tanveer and ahil gone back putting sanam as a servant shit again I am really fed up please bring this soap to an end

  3. Soooo Happy to see Ahil..i know he is angry but he is jaan of the show with Sanam and Rehaan need to see sher n rehaan soon

  4. what the heck?
    do they think the viewers are fools to see all the nonsense on the screen?
    qubool hai has become a new mess in zeetv
    direction is …..

  5. yeah ,Aihl is back. I like the story so far. I like to see aihl and sanam .
    yeah story is bit slow and sometimes silly. but the story line has held Itself fine.

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