Bigg Boss 8 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 87 (continued)
Pritham, Karishma and Gautam are sitting.
Praneet says to Upen that Gautam wont let Karishma to win, Upen ask whom you are supporting? Praneet says both Karishma and Pritham, Upen says so we should gang up and attack Gautam, Karishma can handle Gautam but Pritham is strongest, he is king, Karishma and Gautam are pawn and horse, you are coming with me? Upen says we can a lot of things with Gautam mentally.

Praneet gives pillow to Pritham, Karishma says this is nto allowed, Pritham says its is, you can use too, Praneet says I am giving cushion to Karishma, Upen takes the cushions and throws it away, Pritham ask what are you doing? Upen says I will do it, I am supporting Karishma, you support Pritham, Praneet says I am supporting both, why you are throwing things? I am giving to Karishma too, Karishma says to give her rule book, Praneet gives her, she reads that rule is that they cant cover themselves, Praneet says now agree that you can use pillow, he gives her pillows too, Upen leaves from there, Praneet says what happened to Upen, why he is throwing things, Karishma says Pritham got up from his seat little, Pritham says how, my bum is on seat, Karishma says his seat belts were open and his bum was half off seat, Karishma says I want to appeal, Upen says to camera that Pritham opened his seat belts which is against rules so give order against him, Dimpy comes there and says to Pritham that you are disqualified, she snatches pillow from him and says why you are using this, Pritham says don’t do this, I will throw pillow on your face you will fall far, Dimpy says try me, I will throw back at you, Dimpy says he is technically wrong, Pritham says that’s why I eliminated Dimpy, Pritham ask Dimpy to not touch, he says don’t get physical, Dimpy keeps touching him with finger, he holds her hand and ask her to not touch, Upen ask Pritham to not do it, Dimpy says I was not physical with him, Sonali says you cant touch him, Dimpy says it is not written there, I cant pull him, this is written in rule. Pritham ask Dimpy to come near him and then he will tell her.

Dimpy says to Pritham that’s why you eliminated me, Pritham ask her to not touch him. Ali stops Dimpy from going to Pritham, Upen drags Ali from there, Upen and Ali enter in scuffle, they charge at each other, Karishma shouts Upen to stop, Ali says Upen have gone mad, he is psycho, Ali says you have pushed me, Ali ask Upen to beat, Dimpy hugs Upen to calm him down, Ali says I didn’t do anything but he hit me, Upen is a dog, he has gone mad, he ask Upen to come and beat, Upen says I didn’t beat you, I am very strong, Praneet tries to stop Ali, Ali ask Upen to hit, Karishma shouts Upen stop it, Sonali ask Upen to calm down, Ali keep shouting to hit, Ali says Upen is saying slangs to me, Ali says he was doing this with Gautam too, he he hides behind girls, he is not a man, Praneet takes him from there. Pritham says now happy, Sonali says I know Ali has got hurt.
Ali says in washroom that Upen is doing this with everyone in house, he say bad things to girls and elders, he say in English so he can say anything. Upen comes in washroom and says what, Ali says hit me, Upen and Ali again enter in scuffle, Puneet comes there and take Upen from there, Praneet says why did he comeback here, what is problem with Upen.
Upen comes in garden and says I will punch Ali, Karishma says that what he wants, don’t do that, Pritham says this all started because of Dimpy. Karishma says she was right, she was poking you, irritating you, Pritham says she cant get physical with anyone, Karishma says she just touched you.
Sonali asys to Ali that I didn’t stop Upen because I know he wont stop, Praneet says why did he come inbetween Dimpy and Ali.
Dimpy says to Pritham that its my work to irritate you, in earlier thwy did waxing of inmates too, I just touched you, Pritham says you are right, say to bigg boss and I will leave house, he says you touched me not once but many times, Gautam ask Dimpy to not cry, he hugs her, Dimpy says you are threatening me that you will hit me. Pritham says yes you are right, Dimpy says ofcourse.
Upen again comes in washroom, Ali says he has comeback to hit me, Upen says I will come, Praneet takes him from there.
Sonali says to Dimpy that when Pritham asked you to not touch then why you kept touching him, Karishma says to Dimpy that Sonali doesn’t know about task, don’t argue with her.
Ali says to Puneet that if Upen wants this then ok bring it on, he comes to Upen and ask him to hit, Upen hugs him and says leave it, Upen says you have hit me, Ali says you are my friend, I didn’t hit you, I cant hit, I swear on my mother, my parents will die if I have hit you, Ali says you get out of control in your anger, is it only you have anger, I was doing fun with Dimpy, why you came in.

Dimpy is crying, Upen gives her tea, Dimpy says what kind of people are here, they are seeing everything silently and also defending him, Pritham is always like this with me.
Sonali says to Ali that I am not supporting Dimpy on this thing, Ali says you are women too, Sonali says yes and I have supported her all this while but if she have guts to poke others then bear consequences too, this poking habit of Dimpy is not good, now cry.
Pritham says to Praneet that this all started because of Dimpy, Dimpy comes there and says you coward, saying it all started because of me? you become a man first, Pritham says you lost the task so saying all this, Dimpy says you ****, Pritham gets up from seat and says dare you say slang for me, Upen says Pritham she is girl, Pritham says so she can say any slang, he gets angry, Pritham says you ********************, Ali shouts on Dimpy that nobody will say slang in this house, he ask Upen that you wanna hit me, hit me, Upen says no just calm down, Ali says to Pritham that give slangs, we will both go out together. Ali takes Pritham in washroom, he ask him to clam down, Pritham says I was ready to say sorry if had hit her unintentionally but why she is saying slangs, Ali says these kind of girls have no religion, that’s why their house break, Pritham says if she had point that I had hit her then say to bigg boss why saying slang to me.
Upen ask Dimpy to relax, we wll go back home, Dimpy says nobody talk like this, he was saying that because of me it started. cant bear one slang.
Sonali says to Pritham that I told her that if you start it then you will have to bear the reaction, Pritham says if she can say slang then she will have to bear slang too, Dimpy says you don’t have so much guts, Pritham comes to her and says dare you.. Praneet takes him out, Pritham says its not like that every girl will come and say slang to me, Dimpy says you are not pure soul Pritham, Sonali says on which level this is gone.
Karishma says to Upen that Ali is very balanced and he is doing this to provoke you, you get angry, don’t do any mistake, Upen says no I am calm, trust me, Karishma says you wont do anything.
Pritham says this Dimpy become strong and then in fights, starts crying and become week, Ali says why Karishma was ordering to hold Upen, why she is not getting up from seat to stop him.
Upen says to DImpy that all provoke here.

Puneet says to Dimpy that I told you not go to Pritham Dimpy says I am wrong, she is still crying, Puneet ask why did you go to him, I told you that you are not going outside, you told me that you will provoke him, irritate him as he get it, Puneet says I told you to not do this, Dimpy says I wanted to supported Gautam, Puneet says it was you who used slang first, why did you start it, Dimpy says I have said slang, Puneet says who is loser in this? Dimpy says I don’t care, Puneet says I was afraid of this only.

Puneet says to Upen that your image was that you are gentleman, you are nice with girls, do pooja and then in fifteen week, he is saying slangs, snapping at everyone, this is not Upen Patel. Ali pleads to Audience that make Upen evict this week as he is aggressive. Puneet says your image that you are nice, you have good body and do good task but now it all changed.

Upen says to Ali that you provoked me, you asked me to hit, Ali says you started it, I was stopping Dimpy but you came inbetween, Upen says I was just doing fun, Ali says It was not time to fun, Upen says I give you guarantee that I am not leaving this show, you want this but I am not leaving this show at any cost. he starts singing, Sonali wake up and ask Upen to shut up, Upen says you shut up, Ali comes in garden and says I will sleep here, Upen have gone mad.

Gautam says to Karishma that you are using blanket, you are breaking rules, you always put rule book in your feet, he says you remember anything from this task, this task is given back to make you realize that its not must to apply chili, we can naturally do this task like if you want to go to washroom, this way task will be done peacefully, Karishma has her head down and not reacting, Gautam asys you are not reacting what happened? he ask Puneet to see Karishma, she is not moving, Puneet says she is sleeping.
Dimpy says to Ali that

Day 88
day starts with a song 1 2 4.. my name is Lakhan. all inmates wake up and dance to the tunes.

Sonali says to Pritham that Upen is doing all this deliberately, he was said that he hide behind girls so he is angry on that and he is on ego trip, Puneet says I talked to him and he said that my mind is out, they all corner me, I asked who is cornering you? Pritham says he is not victim, Gautam was victimized at one time, he is trying to gain sympathy, Puneet says he said that Dimpy cornered him, I told him that Dimpy just asked you to work but you say no to every work, so fight will happen.

Puneet comes to Upen and says your duty was to wash utensils of dinner but you didn’t, we both will wash it now, Upen says I will not do work for these people, there is not friend of mine here, Upen says I have said to Dimpy that I will not do work, they cant bully me, puneet says no one is bulling you, UPen says I have decided I wont do work. Pritham and ali see Upen and says he is doing all this deliberately, he is flop in industry because of this behavior, Pritham says he is in industry for 10 years but he didn’t even learn hindi. Karishma and Upen talk in English, Gautam ask them to talk in hindi, Upen says we will not, what will you do, Karishma ask to ignore him as if he doesn’t exist, Upen says I don’t know hindi, teach me, Gautam ask then what you are doing here, Upen says oh bigg star of tv is here, you are zero, Gautam says I am happy in everything, yes I am zero, Upen says you used a girl, you broke her heart for game, Gautam says you have dirtiness in mind. UPen says you don’t respect a girl, Karishma says you got know this now? Gautam says did I disrespect her? I respected her decision, Upen says she went over game for you, only I know what she said about you, you used her, made angle with her. Pritham says to Praneet that if Gautam used diandra then what diandra did? she also used him. Upen says to Gautam that you used a girl to be on indian Tv, Salman reacted on this too, Gautam ask to listen, she is my friend and will be, Gautam says you are going on cheap level, Upen says we all wish you to be happy, Pritham ask Gautam to keep sitting.

Puneet says to Praneet that Dimpy said to me that washing utensils is your duty, Praneet says to Dimpy that you change my duty everyday, Dimpy says I told you that if Upen will not do his duty then you will do it, Praneet says fine its not his fault but our, I would have washed it, he said no to his duty but you are asking me to do his duty, do not argue on every single thing.
Ali says now Upen will brainwash Dimpy, UPen comes to Dimpy who is again crying, he says they all are like this, you don’t take tension, he covers her with blanket, Pritham says to Puneet that he is not doing his duty but is supporting Dimpy and she Is also taking is support, what is this? Punee says he is hugging her but then saying that he will not work.
Dimpy says to Upen that Praneet is very lazy in work, atleast you clearly denied for work but he is running from work, UPen ask her to relax.
Ali says now there is no captain now, we will follow our rules now.

Dimpy says to Gautam that whole house is supporting you, except Upen all are in support of Gautam, did you listen this Karishma? Karishma sys good if he wins, Dimpy says you didn’t support Pritham and he changed party, gautam says all are alone here no party, Dimpy says its my, your, Karishma and Upen’s thinking while all others run party like Puneet, Gautam says I know Puneet is with me. Dimpy says all are special here, like sonali, Karishma says Sonali is totally different, she changes party with convenience, atleast we are doing something but she.. Gautam says her care free style is different, Karishma says she is not loyal, Dimpy says she is with one group in morning and other group in evening, she is balancing, Karishma says that is art too.

Puneet says to Dimpy that KArishma said that she cant stay in cold, Pritham was strongest so they used Dimpy for it, karishma fully supported you to get Pritham out, but I still think you were wrong last night, Pritham comes there and says Dimpy I am really sorry for whatever happened last night, I have hurt you, I am sorry, he get in tears, Dimpy says don’t cry, she hugs him, he says I lost my control, I am really very sorry, I am so sorry for it, I shouldn’t have got to that level, Dimpy says I only wanted this, Puneet says but Dimpy you were wrong, Pritham says leave it, Puneet says Dimpy shouldn’t have gone to him, Pritham says ofcourse she is wrong, she said slang but I unintentionally hit her by hook, it happened in anger, It was accident.

PRECAP- Pritham says now P3G member will go forward only. later captaincy task is given, three inmates take part in it after getting votes from inmates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why is upen acting like a dog??? He thinks that he’s very good looking but nooo he looks very ugly and old !! He always pretended to be all gentlemen type but now he’s truth is getting exposed !!! He’s the worst of all !!! He should be evicted this week sooo please don’t vote for him guys

  2. Stay calm and keep loving GAUTI πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ …

    1. How about we keep love Gauti & you πŸ™‚

  3. Who won this immunity task?

    1. Praneet

  4. Upen n karishma r shits in da house…..Hope one of them gets evicted this week.

  5. Gautam rocks

  6. Upen gud for nothing loser.

  7. Yeah pritam said now only P3g

  8. I think p3g will back soon..

  9. Upen said he wont leave the show at ny cost letz c wot happns on sun… thiz puneet cant even stay without backbiting karishma this budda mus b in the nxt week’s nomination…

  10. Dimpy ne Pritham ko utha hi diya …. v. Smart!!! Diimpy was not only entertaining all this while but for manipulation too one needs to hv some serious brains. Along with that the fighting spirit which makes her do every task so well, she surely is on her way to becoming a v.strong (lethal) contendor! I somehow have a new respect for her, its not easy whatever shez doing! Evry1 is manipulative but shez subtle in it and entertaining too! Superb!

  11. Upen shoult evict this week…plzzz high boss

  12. Me apni maa ki kasam I love this show Ali..;-)


  14. gautam is rocking…he deserves to win

  15. Gautham such a big cowarddd

  16. We love we love goatyyyyyyyy. Mehhhhh

  17. Xyz u b*t*h how dare to say Gautam like that . U stupied

  18. I love gutiiiiiii& dimpy

  19. Puneet is an old b*t*h….
    Its only for him that Gautam had been such an underdog….
    Puneet sucks
    Puneet has been disgraceful through the season
    I hate Puneet
    Rest all are on and off nice
    But Puneet haggard b*t*h is a shithole

  20. Puneet never let Gautam be nice frienz with the other group by stiking his anger and wrong side of his ego
    probably not to lose a loyal dog to others
    Gautam js a good fellow under the wings of an old b*t*h

  21. Eunice uneed to hear tht again u f**king creature,, WE LOVE WE LOVE GOAAATYYYYYY MEHHHHHH

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