Dil Dosti Dance 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaka wakes Rey up for college. Rey gets up saying he is already late, he stops as he recalls about his suspension. He tells kaka that he isn’t well and is not going to college so close the curtains. Someone opens the curtain, he turns around to see everyone there, they shout surprise, we are all going for picnic. He argues and tells them that there is no need to bunk college. They all say that they have done it all together, so they wont also go to college. Rey says they shouldn’t leave the battle-field as such. Swayam says he is right, we should stay in the college aswe are being impulsive. Sharon argues that what we should do then, go study in college. Rey says he is just saying we shouldn’t get distracted with the goal. Sharon asks when he always took front for them, why shouldn’t they fight for him. He says he is just saying that they shouldn’t leave the college and tell the authorities and they will fight staying inside the college. He looks at Kriya and finds disagreement in his voice. They all agree that they will go to college. Kaka brings the pizza that Vicky ordered.
Vicky comes to Kriti’s house and comes inside without saying anything. He asks can they start the rehearsals. She says first he must tell her the problem due to which he is upset. He tells her about the problems of college, and the expulsion of his friend. She tells him that problems are like spice, life isn’t tasty without them and they are as big as the dream is.
Swayam finds Sharon lost in thought. Swayam asks if he should help her. She says she must help everyone but she feels blo*dy helpless. She hugs him and cries hard. He tries to make her relax. She says it’s all her mistake, she thought her mom will sort it all out if she comes here. He tells her to be positive and asks her to stop crying.
Kriya tells Rey that she thought positively before. He asks is she really leaving NYU, you are under contract, what if they take legal action against her. She says she doesn’t care. He says she must promise him she won’t do any such thing, if she doesn’t he will take off his clothes one by one. She tells him to stop, and promises. He says their dream has been fulfilled only because of her, and today when they are so close to it he can’t think to back up. He comes nearer her and tells her to smile.
Rey and Kriya begins to dance, while there Swayam and Sharon dance.
Simmi tells Nil that she is depressed that first Rinni went away and now Rey also had to go. She says she can’t understand how to cheer them up. Nil says she can cheer him only by smiling. Vicky comes there, Simmi leaves for library. Nil asks Vicky where he went after Rey’s house. He says he went to Kriti’s place; she did everything to cheer his mood up. Nil and Vicky argues that Vicky is getting involved with an elder lady in such depressed times.
Kaka brings some things of Rey from store room to check if he needs them now. He looks for them and finds something in it. He calls Swayam and tells him to come to his home straight from college. His dad comes there, he asks him he didn’t go to office. He asks why he didn’t go to college, he thinks does he know about suspension or not. He says he is not feeling well. His dad says he must take care of health as his studies are near. His dad says he is proud of him. He is about to tell his father but Swayam comes there. Swayam tells rey to inform his dad soon. Rey shows him the proposal he once made, he says to Swayam the he will revise it and take it to people again.
Sharon is worried as she thinks about her mom, and what she is doing. Her mom comes there and asks politely how her college was today. Sharon begins to leave, her mother says sorry as she never intended to be rude. She says whatever she said about her friends was in stress. Sharon says she thought that Rey was better than her other garage friends. Her mom says she tried to defend Rey but there were other board member as well. Sharon asks had she been there, she would have done the same. She says she is sorry but she now wants to help her friends, and asks will Sharon help her with that.
She asks will she really help her friends. Her mom says I promise, Sharon asks what she must do for this. Her mom says they must first make the college realize that they are on their side. Sharon disagrees; her mom says if they want to say something in the board, she will have to show that her daughter is their side. She says only then she can get Rey’s suspension back and make Kriya’s contract void. Sharon hugs her mom. Her mom asks her to sign the papers and get them signed. Sharon eagerly signs them.
Swayam wakes up at the horn of a car; he thinks who it can be. He tries to sleep but can ignore the horn. He goes out to see who it is. It is Sharon; he shouts from the window what she is doing here. She tells him to come downstairs. As he comes downstairs, she jumps and hugs him saying she is so happy as all their problems solved. She says you were right, I misjudged my mom, she will talk to board of directors and will get out case sorted. She says she signed a document that assured their support for the affiliation. Swayam is skeptic about it.


PRECAP: VP tells them that Rey’s suspension has been cancelled and Kriya’s contract has been declared null n void. Sharon asks what about the recruitment of only four members. VP tells them that no one talked about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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