Ek Hasina Thi 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev and Durga on the way. Durga says I could not think Ganguly is such a cheap and corrupt man. Dev looks at her and thinks she was smiling that time. He says I found it strange that who did this. Durga says why, he might have enemies, and the one who takes advantage of helpless people, they forget that helpless people are not always helpless. Dev thinks you are not like the one you look, you look like a secret, don’t know what you are hiding, just tell me about Payal and Nitya, I will find out what you are hiding and why.

Rajnath and Sakshi come home. Suchitra asks what happened there, I saw it on tv, whats the truth. Rajnath says we have to stay away from Ganguly. Shaurya walks in. She asks where is Dev, did he not come with you all. Shaurya says Dev went to drop Durga home, it will be a long and tiring night. Rajnath says he will come soon. Suchitra leaves. Rajnath sits to drink. He says I m impressed by Durga today, as she has answered her in our favor. Sakshi says yes, she will, as she wants to trap Shaurya. He asks what do you mean. She says Shaurya likes her and now you too, even I m impressed by her master stroke.

He asks what are you saying. She says what was the need for her to say for us. Learn to see the picture in totality, we are missing something, she accepted Dev’s lift and made Shaurya jealous, I m telling you we should not be late to find a girl for Shaurya, else this situation will be dangerous. Dayal sees the news that Ganguly is exposed. He smiles knowing Ganguly will be counting his days now, and action will be taken on him. Dayal says yes. He asks the nurse how is Payal.

The nurse says she is fine. He says Payal is important for me. He sits by Payal’s side and says Ganguly got punished today. Ganguly is going mad at home and looks for the cameras at home. The servant says AC mechanic came. He scolds her. She says he gave this letter. He reads it. He cries. Durga thanks Akash for his amazing help. She says you told me that Shaurya is making a video for Ganguly. Akash says Ganguly will be hitting his head thinking who did this with him. Ganguly says who has ruined me.

Akash says your idea was good to have cameras at his office. She says yes, its proved that he is corrupt man, he did fake degrees scam, he is ruined now. Akash says this is the breaking news on tv channels, there will be enquiry on him with criminal case on him. She says great and asks about Nandini. Akash says Sangeeta and Sagarika went to help her. Durga smiles. He says Sangeeta will get a good lawyer and she will get everything from Ganguly.

Akash says Ganguly is finished. Durga says I wanted this. She crosses his pic. Akash looks on. Akash asks her why is she doing this, he does not know, but he knows this is right thing happening. Durga says it’s a long fight, I don’t want to trouble you. He says don’t worry, I m always with you. He gets Sakshi’s call. He says Dev dropped Durga and went, she is at home now. He ends the call and says Sakshi is also worried like Ganguly. He leaves. Durga smiles crushing Ganguly’s pic.

Its morning, Sakshi tells Rajnath that she is tensed. Rajnath says relax, let Ganguly worry. She says no, its connected to us, don’t know who will use it now. Dayal and Durga come to meet them. Rajnath asks Dayal to have breakfast with them. Dayal says no thanks. The servant tells Shaurya that Dayal and Durga came. Shaurya says how come in morning. Sakshi thinks she does not like Durga, as she always brings bad news with her. Dayal gives him the newspaper. Rajnath is shocked seeing it. Sakshi checks it and is shocked to read Shaurya exposed in fake degree scandal.

Dayal says I felt Goenkas will put real education , and not buy it, Shaurya is not an architect and you chose him to design our project. He says this says everything to me. Shaurya comes there. He says don’t look at me, I m not responsible for Ganguly. Sakshi shows him the newspaper. Shaurya is shocked. Dayal says I m not taking any legal action as Durga does not want it, as it’s a fraud. He says I thought you are good people, I thought you have earned all this by hardwork, but looks like you bought this name and fame. Rajnath says no, listen to me.

Dayal says you have bought a degree for your son. Dayal says I m sorry, I won’t do a deal with fraud people. Rajnath says trust me, I will solve this. Dayal says no, thanks a lot. Our relation ends here. Dayal says lets go Durga. Dayal leaves. Durga says I m very sorry, I tried a lot to explain dad but he did not agree. She says sorry Shaurya. She greets them and leaves. Maa Durga………….plays………….. Durga smiles. Shaurya fumes.

Karan says there is someone who is taking revenge from us. We have some enemy. Shaurya asks who is it. Karan says Dev. Shaurya says Dev?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow dayal and durga was very what are u going to do sakshi?durga was very nice in today’s episode.I think soon durga will expose raima and rajnat truth.
    Durga was very perfect and planned Dayal was very excelent in today’s episode.

  2. awesome episode… I like this serial a lot as itz not like other boring saas bahu dramas.. Nice story.. Keep it up

  3. yah nice story

  4. durga was brilliant n dayal was too perfect… don’t understand why they break the deal with goenkas… what’s their next plan bt one thing is sure tht it will be awesome… dev was as excellent as always…

  5. Wow. ..nice. ..liked it….

  6. Awesome serial…..

  7. good episode

  8. Sakshi durga and dayal are AWESOME characters…. Especially Sakshi she is so cool as.an.actress and.so is durga…… Love this so much better than stupid sathiya…..

  9. ha ha…wel done durga…i hate dat idiot shaurya…he looks like a stupid baby boy…dev u r xclnt…

  10. the serial is good so far and hoping that durga doesnt marry that stupid good for nothing shaurya….dev and durga are the best pair….

  11. Dev will come on board as NEW Chief architect…. check updates on http://tellyexpress.com/2014/06/17/durgas-identity-under-threat-in-ek-hasina-thi/

  12. This soap is far more better than typical indian serials!!!!$£€¥§¤¡¿

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