Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer’s father giving his wife flowers and informing that Raghu and Shivani have rest of flowers. Raghu and Shivani give her flowers. Veer’s mother asks if they are Raghu and Shivani and asks since how long they have been married. Shivani says a few months. Mother says they look good together and says she and her husband love each other and see same love between them. Veer comes there and invite them for prayers. They all go and join Madhavi in prayers.

Madavi sings religious song/aarti. She gives prasad to everyone. Shivani says Madhavi sings aarti well. Mother says her younger bahu also sings aarti, but Madhavi is the best. Veer’s children touch elders feet and also Shivani’s feet. Shivani asks why are they touching her feet. They say their parents taught them to touch elder’s feet and take blessings. Shivani asks what the will become when they grow up. Kids say they will become pilot and bus driver. Everyone laugh. Raghu says kids are very cute. Kids ask Shivani why Raghu calls Shivani as Babyji. Shivani does not reply anything. Veer’s father asks kids to go and have their breakfast. Shivani says Madhavi that her kids are very cute and look exactly like her. Madhu gets sad and goes from there. Shivani asks why did she go from there. Veer says she must have gone to prepare breakfast.

Raghu says he will not call him babyji. Shivani insists he has to call her Shivani, else she will call him Raghu ji. Raghu hesitantly calls Shivani ji. Shivani repeatedly calls him Raghu ji. Raghu calls her Shivani then. Shivani laughs.

Raghu comes out of house with papers thinking of getting loan. He stumbles and all his papers fall down. Veer comes there, sees him picking papers and helps him pick papers. He asks why did he come to Mumbai from Jodhpur. Raghu informs that Shivani is not well and doctor asked to change the environment, so he came to Mumbai. Veer praises him that he and Shivani take care of each other well. He asks Raghu where is he going. Raghu says he is going to bank. Veer says he will drop him.

Shivani sees kids standing out and asks them to come in. Kids say they have brought her a surprise gift. Shivani opens the gift box and sees a dummy lizard in it. Shivani gets afraid seeing lizard. Daadi/Veer’s mom comes there. Shivani asks her not to come near the lizard. Daadi picks lizard and says it is fake. Shivani then realizes it is fake. Daadi says kids are very naughty and asks Shivani not to feel bad. Shivani says even she was naughty in her childhood and tells her stories. Kids say they must become friend then and shake hands with Shivani.

Kid plays football while Madhavi is gardening. He sees Shivani’s medical report on ground, makes its paper rocket and throws. Madhavi catches it and is shocked to read that Shivani has a hole in her heart.

Raghu feels sad that he did not get a loan after roaming a whole day and thinks of trying again tomorrow. He comes home and sees Veer and Madhavi tensely sitting with Shivani. He asks if everything is alright. Veer says he should say if everything is alright. He asks why did he lie in the morning, shows him Shivani’s report and asks what is this. Raghu says he did not want to trouble them. Madhavi says they are feeling guilty that he did not think to take their help. Raghu says he is arranging money. Veer asks him how will he arrange the money and says he saved his life. He gives him 5 lakhs cheque for Shivani’s treatment.

Precap: Veer’s younger brother and his wife come and see Shivani picking broken glass. They scold her that she will dirty the floor with her blood. Raghu comes there seeing Shivani picking glass strands with her bare hand. They tell that Veer must have kept new servants. Raghu says they must have mistaken.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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