Dil Dosti Dance 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Rey helping Kriya tie the band aid around her wound. He tells Kriya that he has to leave for college and if she needs any help she can call him. Rey asks Kriya will she write the truth in the report. Kriya tells there is no point in lying. Kriya prays to universe ji to help her. Rey is in college when the gets Kriya’s call. Kriya asks for internet dongle when Rey says there is Wi5. Kriya tells Rey she is good and he need not worry. Rey tells he is not worried.He was late and hence spoke faster.The gang is waiting outside Vps room where the boys thing what has happened.They doubt if VP sir came to know about the issues and has kriya informed.Simmi tells with acts they do they cannot expect others not to react. Rey comes there and the team goes into VP’s

room. Vp tells them that he has called them to inform the they need not practice for the International dance academy concept.VP tells the gang that they have seen their annual day performance and are not satisfied. He adds that the Dance academy wants to have tie up with South East countries and will be sending Kriya there. The gang is shocked. VP adds Kriya wont have issues in conducting workshops there. Sharon thinks which means Kriya will go from hear. The team is about to move out when VP sir asks Sharon and Swayam to stay back.

Kriya is shocked seeing faster reply and is even more shocked seeing the mail which reads she will be called back.She thinks what will happen to Rey’s dream the whole college is excited for this affiliation. Kriya calls Dean to speak but in end she feels they have decided it already. She thinks of calling Rey to inform but stops. Rey calls her and asks about her health. He tells her that he will be there before doctor arrives to check her up. Rey thinks Kriya will leave back to New york in few days while Kriya thinks she has not come back to go..

Vp tells Swayam and Sharon that a new student is about to come to asks them to help her in college. Swayam and Sharon agree on it. Vp tells its his niece who will be coming to college within few days. The team is upset in canteen thinking about Dance academy. Simmi says for what the boys did this can happen. Two boys of college are discussing about Makar sankrantii and when they see Swayam and ask him for the same. Swayam discusses with the gang and plans to have kite flying contest after classes. He allocates Vicky and Nil to manage the food and Simmi to help them,Rinni with spreading the news. Amaar and Barath with arrangements. To get kites Sharon ends. Sharon tells she will call Simmi and help with food. Swayam tells its Ok and she can help him as its college work. Swayam thinks about budget when Sharon says she will pay.Swayam says its more about protocol and sees Nil and asks him to take the permission.They move out to get kites when Swayam calls Rey and asks him to come to Kite flying event. Swayam says him and Sharon are going to get kites when Rey teases. Rey tells he wont be able to come as Kriya’s doctor will be coming then.

Precap: Swayam cuts his hand.Sharon gets concerned. Rey blindfolds Kriya and is about to give her some surprise..

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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