Paanch 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with a devastated Zaara on the stage and the gang comes upto the stage concerned ,they all ask her to calm down and in short try to comfort her when they realize Rosh is missing.

Rosh is in her room looking at all the names and crosses Zaara’s ,she’s thinking about her revenge etc when Nikhil calls up to inform her that the 5 have called a doc and she needs to rush there..on the other hand, the doc diagnosis says that her throat’s swollen and her vocal cords are hurt badly..which is unusual in the middle of a performance..he asks a restless Zaara if she’s allergic to something…and then says the only other option could be that she might have had an overdose of a chemical which gives the same symptoms when taken in excess..doc asks Yudi to come aside for a minute,that

when Rosh makes an entry..Zaara is totally out of control and hysterical..Rosh eyes Zaara’s bag and realizes that her swapped pills are still there…she tries to swap them again..while Nihaal in his frustration says ” tujhe uss manhoos Neha ka naam hi nahi lena chahiye tha” which doesnt go too well with Rosh…when she’s just inches away from taking the bottle Zaara’s phone which is placed right next to the bag rings and she hands over the phone instead..its Zaara’s mom..and Zaara says she cant talk to her right now so Gauri takes the phone and replies rudely..Rosh says she shouldnt atleast talk to aunty like Gauri hand her the phone to deal with Zaara’s mom..Rosh leaves the room with the phone and while talking to Zaara’s mom feels bad and guilty but then says to herself that Zaara’s only lost a singing competition while she lost her Sister!! When she’s done calling someone places a hand over her shoulder,its Gauti and he says why does he have a feeling that she expects someone else all the time and enquires where she’d been she covers up saying she couldnt see Zaara in such a condition.he enquires abt Zaara when they hear Zaara shouting at the top of her voice..they rush in…Yudi tells them that the doc told that Zaara’s voice is permanently damaged and she cant sing…Zaara’s all hysterical and Yudi tells her to calm down lest she damages her voice more..they ask Zaara if she had anything..and its revealed that She’d taken Roy’s Anti-depression pills..all the men at once start blaming Roy..and get into a small brawl Gauti breaks the ice between them and calmly n affectionately calms Zaara who says its nothing to do with anti depression pills she’d had them before too and it had only calmed her down..Gauri says what if someone replaced her pills her sixth sense says that someone did just that..and asks Yudi to get the pills tested in the lab

Next scene, Rosh is completely tensed as she was the last one to meet Zaara..she’s on a tight spot..but Nikhil ‘s all cool and asks her how she feels on revenging her 1st target Zaara..she says after talking to Zaara’s mom she felt bad but now she feels that what she did to Zaara’s nothing in front of what they did to Neha,Nikhil changes the topic and asks who her new target is…she says just before Neha’s death she’d told her abt someone blackmailing her, Zaara was the one to setup the cameras but a guy had started calling her up and blackmailing her that he’d release the footage..Rosh had asked her to back off Neha was adamant to deal with the guy and tell her who it was later..and that later never came!! RoHil are still discussing when they realize someone’s spying on them and its none other than Shivani who’s eyeing them suspiciously ,they cover up saying they were deciding which spa session do they gift Shivani but shivani says shouldnt roomies be knowing everything abt each other? that Gives Rosh an idea and she leaves abrubtly…

Rosh comes in Gauti’s room..and extracts Neha’s roomie’s name from him ( how lame can one get..Neha literally talked abt everything on skype with her li’l sis but never told her roomie’s name? seriously? whr’s the logic CVs ??? for the 1st time I found an epi which was draggy and boring just Zaara going hysterical!!) who had left after 1st semester.
on the other hand the lab reports confirm Gauri’s theory and the guys go searching for a chemist who might have sold these 2 drugs…Yudi asks one of the shopkeepers who refuses to have sold but when he’s leaving he is talking to someone that he doesnt want to get into such things ..Yudi gets mad and pins him…threatens to get his shop closed ..the shopkeeper in turn gives him the cctv footage

precap : Yudi puts the CCtv footage in his lappy and the 5 see it and are shocked to see the guy buying it..
Rosh calls up Nikhil and asks him to find out the whereabts of Amrita kak..Neha’s Roomie.
Shivani is checking out Nikhil’s room and realizes that he’s from Nagpur not Pune like he told her…she is looking around more and finds a pic of Nikhil-Neha-Rosh !!
Gauri has a taget in her hand and Nikhil’s photo on the bull’s eye..she says Nikhil Shukla..u’re on my target now!! ( and like always the epi ends as a cliffhanger…Looks like Nikhil’s stay is numbered…I really like his character dont want it to end so soon…but I m sure because of Rosh’s sake..this guy’s gonna leave… and whats wrong with Shivani why’s she turning into some crazy,creepy spy…???)

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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