Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2014 Written Update

All pray near Dadaji and Dadiji pictures and Rubel and Adi hug and then Adi hugs Anuj .
Someone tells Nirmala she cant become dadi and Sameer will also feel bad in his mind but does not tell and Preeeti listens and goes away from there upset.
Media Get together and all welcome the Dewans Anuj Aditya and Rubel .Anuj starts the proceedings of the conference and starts with Purushotam Dewan’s saying the group as a never ending dream he tells he decided to retire and give the reins to younger generation and introduces the new MD to media Aditya Kumar . Adi wants to take Rubel he refuses and Adi starts his speech.

Sheila is sad and his brother and Bhabi come and switch on TV which Adi’s speech is coming and keep provoking saying Rubel is nowhere

to be seen. Sheila is very angry and upset and both of then instigates Sheila saying power corrupts and say like Avantika put down Anuj Adi will also do the same to Rubel.

Adi introduces the CEO Mr Rubel and Shiela closes before that when Rubel thanks Adi. Avantika is also proud of her son. The media interview and Adi gives good answers and says he has the help of his brother. Preeti rings up but Avantika talks about Adi interview she keeps it. Some journalists ask about why Rubel is not the MD and Rubel praises Adi. Kaira hugs her Bhabhis.
Guptas are also pleased and Nanaji tells a plan to placate Goverdhan babu.
Kaira has a photographer friend who comes for photshot and Sheila does not want and is jealous when it’s the photoshot for Paya for the profile to be published in their industry report..
Pankudi and Payal come and Kaira praises them as Pankudi comes in saree and Adi says he is already ready but they want him to change Sheila is worried about Rubel and her brother again instigates her.
Photshot of Paya and Sheila gets more wild upset and jealous. Just then Rubel comes with a carton Rubel is carrying some big carton and talks to someone . Avantika tells Adi to TC and no late nights. Sheila compares Rubel and Adi.
Avantika comes and praises Rubel and asks Shanky to takethe carton and praises him saying he is the backbone of the company while Adi is the face .
Paya have a tiff regarding him not reading her message
Goverdhan is asking his wife to get ready who keeps praising Adi’s interview and he is angry over Paya not telling him and they both go
Sheila remembers and compares Adi and Rubel when they came and takes her own pictures with her mobile Anuj comes and asks what she is doing and takes her mobile Sheila bursts out and Sheila and Anuj have a fight over his decision of making Adi the MD which Pankudi overhears. Mami is telling he made a big mistake and he will regret it one day.

Precap Punkudi tells Adi Rubel Payal that Mamiji is not happy with the decision to make Adi MD

Update Credit to: chalhov

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