Dil Dosti Dance 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kriya thanks the press. VP says ending remarks to the press. they all thanks VP and hug each other. Kriya says it was all their support. sharon says they must do something today’s evening. Rey says Kriya has to go to eye specialist tonight. Sharon catches him and tells him to get her eyes checked well. Kriya comes to the resturant. she sees the decoration when Rey comes from behind with red roses. She asks this all? He says you like watching stars, so I thought we should talk a bit like this at night. He offers her seat and tells her she will understand in a while. He offers her juice, She says she doesnt drink wine, he says it isnt wine. he says thanks, she says she must have said thanks because you said a lot in front of media. Rey says it was less, you are very special to me. she looks at him. HE explain she is special for the whole team, and thinks what he is doing. They begin eating, Kriya says she has to go to washroom and leaves. She thinks while going what is he behaving so wierd. He calls someone and asks if everything is ready. Kriya’s cell phone begin to ring, he attends the call. The caller says your New York flight is ready. The man fires, there is firework on sky saying I LOvE YOU KRIYA. It wents away until Kriya comes. She comes back and finds Rey lost. He asks were the tickets confirmed until yesternight. She says yes. He says that then you cant make it up of time. He gets another call, but tells him to pack up. He leaves saying he called you to give surprise. In the morning, everyone tells her not to go. She says she wont be able to leave this way, she says her college will expel her otherwise. They suggest her to delay it but she says she cant do it now. Swayam asks had she told Rey about it. She says he gotta know before she could tell him. Vicky says if she has decided there should be a farewell. she says she doesnt understand is she getting party for farewell or farewell for party. Nil says she wont come back again. She says she understand what she meant, may be she wont be able to come agan. Swayam promises her to bring Rey to party. She leaves to go to VP. Swayam calls Rey, he tells him he is going to VP. He thinks fate cant seperate you, Sharon comes there and asks what he was thinking about. He says he was thinking about Rey and Kriya. Simmi comes in between and tells him had he thought about him and Sharon they would have got married. Sharon runs after her. Nil stops her and they all decide about the party plan.
At VP’s office, he appreciates Kriya. Rey comes there. VP tells him that they should give a farewell to Kriya as its her last day. Rey asks Really Kriya? you didnt tell.
In the corridor, Swayam asks Rey does he want to have something from cafeteria. He was in a bad mood, says No. Swayam asks he is upset because of Kriya but did he tell her that he love her. He says that he wanted to tell her, but what us is it if she is going. Swayam tells him to sit down and explains that we confess love we are not sure about future, but it is important to tell her. Rey says that there are many road blocks. Swayam tells him to leave heart home and come to farewell party tomorrow. He says he wont, Swayam begs him. He says dont expect anything from me.
Kriya was collecting her things from locker. She finds a picture and thinks about Rey. She dials a call, it goes unattended. She thinks Rey disconnected her call and thinks why is he acting so wierd. Sharon comes from behind and says locker is not a place to lock emotions. She wipes her tears and give the keys to Sharon to return to admin. She says she must hide it somewhere so that admin will call her back. They hug saying they will miss each other and cries. Sharon says she must not go please. They refresh their past memories. Sharon says they will come to New York, It’s Rey’s favorite city as well. He recalls her time with Rey, Sharon notices this.
In the party Rey comes but doesnt greet Kriya.

PRECAP: Kriya stops Rey and tells him he is special for her. Swayam and Sharon decides a plan to bring Rey and Kriya close.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. actually kriya shouldnt go rey should stop her and it is so romantic and recalling the past.

  2. I just hope kriya will not go

  3. Kriya plz dont go…. plz dont hurt Rey like this…….

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