Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda’s teacher informs her that she is going to london for an international literacy conference. Sakshi and Sharda get excited hearing that. He asks Sharda to bring water for her. Sharda and Sakshi go to the kitchen. Sakshi asks Sharda to go to london and meet queen there, etc. Sharda says she has to take permission from Suresh.

Teacher says Suresh that Sharda is lucky that she did not get an egoistic and rigid husband. He praises him for supporting Sharda. Sharda brings water for teacher. Teacher drinks water. He again praises Suresh for sending his wife to london and says once again his students will make a documentary on him.

Sharda says she will not talk to Suresh as he will not agree to send her. Sakshi insists to go and ask him. Sharda agrees and goes to the room. Suresh asks what happened. Sharda asks if he thinks she should go to the conference. He says if she is mad to accept the proposal and says London is not a next road, she has to travel in airplane to reach london. He says her children and he need her, so to reject the proposal. Sharda says he is right and goes out of the room sadly. Sakshi asks what did papa say. Sharda says Suresh is right and he reminded her that this house needs her, so she has to forget about going to London.

Sakshi brings tea for Karan and says she has to talk to him. He asks what she wants to talk. She informs that Sharda has been selected for an international conference, but Sharda does not want to go as it is in London. Karan gets excited hearing about London and says Suresh must have not permitted her to go. He says he will speak to Suresh. Sakshi says he should convince Sharda first. They both go to Sharda. Karan says Sharda that Sakshi informed about the conference and she does not want to go. Sharda says Suresh is right that this house needs her and she cannot go. Suresh asks how did she made Suresh agree to send Lathika to a good school. Sharda says she wanted her daughter to feel proud in the society. Sakshi says she should also feel proud and it is her responsibility to attend the conference. Karan says he has many friends and relatives in London and Sakshi will take care of the house. He says he will speak to Sharda and she should be ready for the conference.

Karan asks Suresh if Sharda should go to conference. Suresh says she should go, but she has not gone out of house alone and we are talking about London, so Sharda will not go there. He says she does not know London’s culture and how will she find vegetarian food, she may also feel home sick. Sakshi says Karan friends and their relatives are there take care of Sharda and she will teach Sharda everything before she goes, so he should permit Sharda to attend the conference.

Suresh says Sakshi is right, Sharda should get out of the house and look at the outside world. He permits Sharda to go. Sharda gets happy and asks if he is telling true. Suresh says Karan and Sakshi are more excited about her going to London, if they are confident about her, then she should go. Karan congratulates her and says her friends will take care of her there. Sakshi says she will show London on laptop and takes Sharda with her.

Dadi asks Suresh why did he agree to send Sharda to London. Suresh reminds her about his childhood incident and says he is doing the same to Sharda. She will get frightened and come back soon.

Precap: Sakshi thinks she should do something for Sharda on mother’s day. She informs Karan about it.

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