Gustakh Dil 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling Rancho that she left the job and gives her two days salary. Rancho asks what, why. Lajjo tells her about Sagar and how she treated him. She tells about her and Sagar’s fight. Rancho laughs. She says what did you think, he will keep you on job. Lajjo says I don’t know what to do now, I did not know he was Sagar, I m worried about Mili. The house owner comes and asks for the rent.

Lajjo gives her some money and says I will give you once I get a job. The lady taunts her. She asks Rancho to leave Lajjo back to village, she can’t stay in Delhi. Rancho says I will arrange money, take this. The lady says I want the rent till tomorrow. She leaves. Lajjo asks now what. Rancho says there will be come solution. Lajjo says I miss my village, no one talks like this. Rancho says when there are many problems in life, you will find solution too, see this city will give you fame. Lajjo says I m worried. Rancho asks her to chill and they laugh.

Mili makes a drawing and tells Ms Ahuja that she is missing Lajjo. Sagar hears her words. Mili says I like her, why did Lord do this, does he not love me. Mili leaves seeing Sagar. Ms. Ahuja talks to Sagar and says Mili is missing Lajjo a lot. She asks him to keep Lajjo back. She says Lajjo won Mili’s heart, what did you get firing her. Sagar thinks about Lajjo’s words. He says you are right, I don’t like anyone interfering in my personal life. He says if she did this in two days, then you are not needed here, clean this bed now. He leaves.

Its morning, Nikhil starts working. A couple comes to buy diamond earrings. Nikhil says please sit, and I will show you. Nikhil works. The man asks the price. Nikhil shows them expensive ones. The man says show some less priced. The man says lets go. They leave. Nikhil thinks what happened. The colleague gives him some tips. Nikhil feels guilty. She says don’t feel guilty and smile. Nikhil smiles. Sagar trains Ratri and she dances.

He is not impressed and asks her to dance like this. Sagar dances to show her. He asks her to enjoy her dance. He says lets do this again. Ratri gets a call and she smiles chatting. Sagar says what are you doing. She says sorry. Sagar says focus on work with a full heart. Ratri dances and stops as her phone rings. Sagar gets angry. He says how many times I have to tell you, go to your boyfriend if you have more interest in him. He says this is sheer hard work, if you want to make this profession, then keep personal life out, its not a joke to be a star.

Ratri nods yes. Ratri gets someone’s call and she makes fun of Sagar. He hears her and looks at her shocked. He says if you want the mistake I did, you do it. I married someone and everyone knows what happened. He says practice and rehearse till you become perfect. He leaves. Rancho and Lajjo think how to manage the money. Nikhil calls Rancho and Lajjo takes the call. Lajjo gives the phone to Rancho. He gives a good news that he got the job without any recommendation. He says I wish to call Lajjo and share this with her, I miss her, she would be very happy knowing this. Rancho says Lajjo will cry also with happiness.

Nikhil says I think every night, what will she do there, I think she would be seeing me in the moon. Lajjo cries. He says I really miss her, I wish she could come to me. Rancho ends the call and pacifies Lajjo. Its night, Sagar drinks and thinks of his wife Arohi. Sagar says why did you cheat me Arohi. Arohi had an affair with someone else. Sagar says was my love less. He throws the glass. Mili looks on and shouts getting afraid. Sagar scolds her and she gets scared. She runs. Its morning, Mili walks on the road thinking about Lajjo. Some men see her and talk to her. She says I want to go to Lajjo. They say we know her and take her. They give her some chocolates. Lajjo is in a taxi. Mili goes with them. Lajjo comes there and sees Mili. She stops them.


The house owner kicks Lajjo out. Nikhil comes and talks to the landlord asking her to keep that girl, where will she go in this city. He sees Lajjo at Rancho’s house.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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