Dil Dosti Dance 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon asks Swayam does he hate her..Just then the VP comes in and congratulates the team for their efforts.He adds saying the college is impresses seeing them good in both dance and drama.Vp also lets the team know that the funds have been collected more than they had expected.The gang gets happy and cheers for Nana.Nana says that being with the gang even he remembers his teenage days.He adds with its time for him to leave and they will meet again.He asks Aashi to type and write letters and Sharon to see the floor and walk and the whole gang to keep up with their enthusiasm. He then meet everyone and bits bye to them happily.They move out to send him off.Sharon is in BB court thinking about their skate dance. Swayam in his room thinks about the event and says hate is a very strong word and he wont use it for Sharon even in his rebirths.Sharon in the BB court thinks about Swayam having strong hate towards her.She then thinks it cannot be possible.Swayam in his room thinks about the days events and opens his Sharon’s corner and sees her.He feels he will always love Sharon but thinks Sharon does not love him.Sharon in BB court decides to make Swayam realize how much she loves him.She says she understands his reactions and this has made her decisions more concrete.Swayam takes her anklet from his pocket and keeps admiring it and places it in the corner Pehela nasha is the BG score in whole Swaron part.

Rey in his room sees the Ramleela pics and smiles..He opens another folder that has Taani’s pictures in it and looks and them remembering their moments.Kuch kam song plays in BG.Swayam gets a call from his father.Swayam asks is everything good when Rishi replies with it is.Swayam asks about his home when Rishi says she has gone for some Social work abroad and will come by next month.Rishi asks Swayam to take a week leave as he is needed.Swayam is confused and asks what happened when Rishi says its Taani’s engagement.Swayam is shocked and remembers Re.He asks his father that Taani has not even completed his graduation whats the need to hurry.Rishi says the boy is about to go abroad and so its engagement now and marriage will happen later.Swayam asks them not to force Taani when Rishi says Taani came for it willingly.Rishi asks Swayam to confirm with Taani if he wants to.Swayam asks Rishi to pass the phone to Taani when Rishi says how can he when she is infront of Swayam.The door rings and kaka opens to find Taani.Taani comes in saying Surprise.

Swayam tells his father he will speak later and Takes Taani in. They both sit down and Swayam asks Taani what is it.He says that if anyone is forcing her let him known so he speaks.Taani says after going from college she has decided to take her own decisions and asks him what makes him think its forced. Swayam is still not satisfied when Taani says if he knows who the guy is he will know.Taani tells the guy name as Vishwas when Swayam remembers him as childhood friend. Swayam says he knew the guy had a crush when they were in class 7.Taani says he likes her since childhood and his feelings have not changed over the past years,Swayam asks what about hers when she tells uncle has told its better to be with one who loves you.I have learnt to move with time.Taani then gives him the invite and asks Swayam to bring everyone.Swayam asks who the other invite is for when Taani hesitates to tell. Swayam asks if you are uncomfortable why do you want to call Rey. Taani says only if he sees her getting engaged he will move on and this is the correct time.Swayam says he cannot give it to Rey andasks Taani to do it when Taani says she is here for a night and early morning will go to Pune. Swayam says this is good reasoning when Taani replies she came here to See him and call him. Swayam asks is she not expecting a lot from Rey when Taani says she is expecting from Swayam that he will bring Rey along.Swayam says he will try but cannot grantee Rey coming.Taani hugs him.

A new day when Swayam is in locker room thinking how will he tell Rey.He remembers Rey’s broken state.He thinks of getting help from Sharon. Swayam again feels Sharon would think Swayam is coming close and that will lead to increased misunderstandings. He sits down and thinks but Rey did so much for him and now its not Sharon and him but Rey and so he must do it.

Precap: Rey gets to know about Taani’s engagement.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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