Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th November 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with the scene…
Gunjan asks SEEMA to give her the right to call MAA. All get emotional and happy. Seema gets flashes of Gunjan talk about her own mother. Gunjan asks Shaili to say something. Shaili replies that you are always our daugther No need to say specially. And teases like, ask you mother in law, that how she wants to be called , Mother in law or mother. Gunjan says about her brilliant idea M, Douoble M and Tripe M. Gunajan answers she is having many mothers here. Single M is for own mother, Double M is for Shaili, and Triple M is for Seema. All happy. Seema so excited and happy and emotional too and accepts Gunjan as her daughter. Both talk about Mother and Daughter rights and both will hug. Mayank and Rachana also join in the hug. Shaili remebers about Gunjan own mother and says how she is happy now in in-laws home and not to worry about gunjan.
Seema in her room laughing alone. Prabhu comes in and asks the reason for happiness and gives tablet to seema. Calling bell buzz.. Prabhu goes to check. Neighbours ladies will come to see Seema. All ask about her health. One lady asks, why you spoil your health for gunjan and treat her as daughter in law only. Seema replies that she has got the right of Mother with happytone. And denies the words of ladies and talks to gunjan favourable and praises very proudly. Ladies try to spoil seema brain like, daughter in law can never be a daughter. Seema pauses still supports Gunjan. Gunjan overhearing their words while passing the room and she feels very happy for Seema words. Mayank comes there pulls gunjan ear why she is overhearing Seema words. Mayank conveys his happiness by thanking gunjan that she made everyone happy. Gunjan says credit goes to seema. Mayank asks not to avoid him. Gunjan runs frm there saying she is ignoring him.
Rachana picks landline call . Principal from other side informs news that they have planned to make some award function for Gunjan. Rachana shouts and calls everyone to come there and informs the good news that Gunjan Sanman. All feel very happy. Smile disappears on Seema face and worried about gunjan remembering about Shalini Pandey as if she may does something after getting out of jail. Shail says not to worry about anything and assures we all will go along with gunjan. All support it. Rachana comes in with sweets and feeds everyone. Seema too agrees that no one can hurt Gunjan.
Rachana observes a car outside the gate. She gets doubt about the car. Gunjan comes to rachana and asks what is she doing here and what will she wear for tomorrow function. Seema eyeing them happily and says to self she knows what to wear. Seema takes out a saree and shows it sangeetha she has selected it for Gunjan and she will wear that only for the function. Here Rachana and Gunjan are checking for dress models in computer. Gunjan selects a dress to wear meantime Seema enters with saree. Gunjan says so excitedly about how she was desperate to wear that dress and asks about the packet iin seema’s hand. Seema is little disappointed still she will not show it on her face. Seema about to say that the saree was for gunjan, but gunjan interrupts and says is this saree seema and going to wear tomorrow. Rachana and Gunjan get engaged in ordering new dress.
Landline buzzes, Rachana picks call. Rachana wonders as other side was silent and notices the car which she has seen in the morning. Rachana goes to check. Rachana asks a person who was standing near the car. He denies simply saying that vehicle doesn’t belong to him.
Seema and sangeeth in kitchen about Gunjan’s dress topic. Seema says she doesn’t want to force gunjan what to wear and as she cant handle saree, let her wear what she likes. Sangeetha tries a lot to convince seema about what to wear gunjan. Seema lost in thoughts.
Gunjan applying facepack mayank enters teasing her she is looking so s*xY than beforeAND MAKES Fun. Seema suddenly enters room. Gunjan feel shy and covers her face with hands. Seema assures she will not get scared fo seeing her face pack and asks to tell any work is left for tomorrow. Gunjan says the dress color suits on her very much. Mayank too supports gunjan dress. Seema is speechless and leaves room disappointed without saying anything asks them to sleep early. Rachana peeps out of window the car is still at same place. Shail comes in rachana’s room and asks what she si thinking. Shail asks which dress she is ogoing to wear. Rachana says everythng is ready and then raises doubt about the black car parked out of room. Shail goes near window and sees surprised to see no car found there. Rachana comes there and shocked. Shail leaves room saying sm guest might have come to anybody’s house and they might have left now. Rachana lost in thoughts about the car.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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