Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi coming to Pankhudi’s room and asks Pankhudi to eat silently as they can’t eat until the pheras/rounds. Kaira tells him to get lost in sleep. Pankhudi asks him to go else people will pull their leg. Adi says he is not afraid of everyone. Adi says he will be tired of all the rituals. Adi says he changed a lot, used to be commitment phobic and says we will be one in few hours. While Adi gets romantic and tries to get closer to Pankhudi. Pankhudi falls on Kaira and she wakes up. She asks Adi to go else she will call mom. Adi leaves. Shanky comes to Kapil and asks about Anuj. Shanky tells Anuj that he have to do the mandap ready for the engagement. Avantika comes and says Harish didn’t wake up early. Anuj says we will handle everything. She goes on to check on Adi. Anuj tells Harish that he feels good to see Avantika’s concern for Adi and says he fears for Rubel and wonders whether he will get a good life partner. Harish says look at the positive side and says they will find a suitable girl for Rubel.

Payal comes and says she is looking for her Kamini bua. Sheela worries and says the wedding planner didn’t turn up. Payal offers to help her. Sheela gets happy. Adi looks at the wedding outfits and thinks how he will manage with the rituals and the clothes. Pankhudi comes to Adi’s room. Adi thinks she came for him. Avantika comes, Adi tells her that Pankhudi came to his room. Avantika asks Pankhudi, whether she got the packet. Pankhudi says she is searching. Latika calls Adi and requests him and Pankhudi to meet her. Adi says he is not interested to meet her. Latika calls again and requests him to meet her once. Adi says ok. Avantika says she doesn’t trust Latika and asks them not to go there. Pankhudi says we will go. Avantika says what I shall say to everyone. Adi says nothing and says we will handle.

Pankhudi and Adi goes to meet Latika. Latika greets them hi. Adi asks her to come straight to the point and asks what she wants? Latika says I wants your mercy and nothing else. Pankhudi asks her to tell straightaway as they don’t trust her. Latika says you said to me to start a new life afresh. She asks for their help. She says she was on the wrong path because of her path. She says she is repenting for her doings. She says she left her mom’s house. Adi asks, do you want to come back to Deewan Mansion.Pankhudi asks, do you want alimony. Latika says I just want a job in Deewan company.

Rubel brings newspaper for Dadaji. Dadaji thanks and blesses him. Rubel tells him that he wanted to apologize to him for his sayings, doings etc. Dadaji asks him to forget the past and says they loves him as they do Adi. He asks him to get married as his family wants him to get marry. Dadaji asks him to think about marriage and move on. He says marriage is a beautiful relation. Rubel says he will think about it and asks him to love him same as Adi.

Latika says she will not get job as she is not having skills. She says I don’t want to malign Deewan reputation and asks Adi to give her a last chance. Adi agrees but asks her to be away from Rubel. Latika thanks them. Pankhudi asks Adi, whether they did wrong? Adi says no and says it is important for them to check on Latika. Latika sits in her car and smiles.

Harish makes the arrangement. Govardhan mama interrupts him. Sheela comes and says Adi and Pankhudi ran away. Govardhan mama jokes whether they ran by plane or train. Harish laughs. Sheela says they aren’t at home. Avantika comes and says they went outside after informing them. Sheela asks,why they went outside. Avantika says you know naa kids. Sheela says she goes with wind. Harish goes to take his cousin sister daughter. Pankhudi and Adi comes home. Sheela asks them to go to their respective room.

Govardhan mama and his wife asks Payal to follow their sayings and says they wants her to get married. Payal says she don’t want to do arrange marriage. Rubel comes and stares her. Sheela asks Adi to eat as he will get tired with the rituals. Adi says he isn’t hungry. Sheela insists. Anuj tells him that your mami is saying right. Sheela asks Anuj to feed Adi. Harish comes with his sister’s daughter. Adi recognises her and says Payal from Pune. Harish tells Sheela that she is my cousin’s daughter. Harish says they are searching groom for her. Sheela likes her and introduces Rubel to Payal. Avantika asks Pankhudi, why you gave job to Latika. Pankhudi says Adi feels she needs to be around us to counter her evil plans. Avantika says we need to find other way.

Chachaji says to Dadaji that they came to take his grand daughter. Chachiji asks him to show Pankhudi’s face. Dadaji asks for Adi. Rubel says Adi came. Adi, all dressed up makes an entry on the horse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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