Dil Dosti Dance 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th January 2014 Written Update

The compere told that due to some issues Kriya is not there and hence Reyaansh Singhania will perform alone. The Music starts as soon soon as Rey’s does a step Kriya comes in. The gang is shocked.Vicky and Nil think how did she come and from where. Kriya and Rey start sdancing on Khuda Jaane . Once the dance is over Rey holds Kriya’s arm so she does not fall down.The whole team comes on stage. The team is in the green room when Barath says Rey and Kriya danced well.Rinni asks where are Rey and Kriya have they again not run somewhere when Sharon is about to reply but stops thinking Swayam will misinterpret her.Rey comes in and makes Kriya sit on the chair. He tells the gang her foot is injured.Swayam is shocked.Rey asks Swayam to call a cab so he can take Kriya to hospital

Kriya tries stopping him Rey asks her to stay silent. He asks Sharon to tell the HOD that he is going with Kriya to hospital.Rey asks Nil and Vicky to accompany them to hospital.They both get shocked but agree.Sharon thinks if I go Swayam will mistake so its better I stay and handle things here.Sharon tells Rey to take care of kriya and she will manage things out here.

HOD congrats Swayam and Sharon on the Annual day performance. Sharon credits it to Swayam saying he is the one who did it.Swayam says everyone did it equally. HOD asks about Kriya and Rey when Swayam says Kriya got injured and hence Rey has taken her to hospital.HOD tells it was not seen in her dance when Swayam says things are not shown even if it is in front.She did not want her pain to affect in their dance performance. HOD informs that by the month end international Dance academy faculty are about to come here and hence they must be ready with one more performance as that will decide Dance academy tie up.HoD Informs Swayam and Sharon to speak with the media as Rey and Kriya are not here.

Kriya comes to hospital when doctor asks her where did she do he was worried. Rey asks was she here already before performance. So you were late.Rey stops mid way saying he felt she… Doctor says now she will not move an inch.Rey asks doctor to give painkillers when doctor tells let him examine first.Doctor sees and says the swelling has increased and asks did she put strain on her feet.Rey tells she danced.Doctor tells she would be having pain and swelling too.He asks Kriya has she applied Ice when Rey tells he will get it. Doctor tells Rey this is hospital and everything is available here.Doctor tells Kriya she has a caring boyfriend. Kriya tells no he is not her boyfriend.Rey tells they are just friends. Vicky and Nil think what if Kriya tells Rey and decide they would tell it to Rey. Doctor tells Nurse to take xray of Kriya’s leg.

Swayam and Sharon are addressing the media when the journalist says performance was great. The chemistry was great and asks do they have in normally too. Swayam replies saying they both are professional ones and its attained by hard work. They are just batch-mates.The journalist says this is what everyone says. The journalist asks about Kriya and Rey when Swayam says Kriya got injured and hence Rey has taken her to hospital.Swayam says they have to go to see the friend when journalist asks about future plans. Sharon replies saying foreign delegates are about to come at month end to see their performance and other tie up related formalities. Kriya is injured so will they dance without her comes the next query when Sharon says Kriya is a fighter and she will fight it off. The reporters ask if next performance will also be on love when Swayam says its on views some thing love as victory while others presume love as sacrifise so their theme will be selected based on this. Sharon tells love means to forgive others this can also be their theme. Swayam says the coming performance will be their best performance.

The nurse comes with Kriya when Rey says he will help her out. Kriya thanks him. Nurse moves saying she will get the medicine. Rey asks can he ask her something when Kriya agrees. Rey asks you just left college didn’t you think we would be worried. Kriya says she had left her phone in college and hence could not inform. Rey asks how did this happen. Kriya replies saying she was feeling dizzy since afternoon and when she went up ladder to take some thing and fell down. Rey asks why dizziness didn’t you eat anything from morning. Kriya says she had sand witch in morning and afternoon she had energy drink which Vicky and Nil gave everyone after which she was feeling dizzy. Vicky and Nil move out saying they have some work. Rey excuses and moves out in search of Vicky and Nil too

The gang asks Swayam is he going to hospital. Swayam nods in positive. He asks are they going to hospital too. You guys going to meet Kriya is surprising. Barath says they had misunderstood her. Swayam says even he has made mistakes in understanding. The gang says even after being injured she danced for the college. They tell if all are going to same destination why not go together in Sharon’s car. Swayam denies but Amar tells the visiting hours will get over.
Rey thinks Vicky and Nil have done something and finds them at reception of hospital. Nil tells to Rey that Kriya falling cause of powder, her getting locked in store room and fainting is all cause of them. Vicky tells they did all this for him.He had lost the smile he had. Nil tells they had added sleeping pills in Kriya’s energy drink. They tell they were missing old Rey.They wanted to make Kriya go back but not hurt.They tell Rey can give them whatever punishment he wishes for, Rey tells Sorry to them as its not their mistake but his. any friend would do the same. I was having issues with Kriya but I imposed my hate on you guys.We were not coordinating and creating problems for her. It was my personal problem that I did not handle well.Nil tells but whatever they did was wrong. Rey tells their intention was not wrong. I know you can can do prank but not hurt others. Do not worry I’ll handle it.

Precap: The doctor says reports are not good Kriya must be on one month bed rest. Swayam and Sharon tell about the dance in month end. Rey tells Kriya is my responsibility I will try to make her get well soon.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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