Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vedika leaving looking at Vidhaan. He looks on. Vedika is in her room thinking about Vidhaan and smiling. Music plays…………… She hears Satya getting angry on Manohar and goes to see. Manohar argues with Satya. Satya asks him to do what he said. Manohar says this is not right. Satya says its decided you will go with Manjari tomorrow, I will go and final the colony deal. Manohar says fine, but why can’t I come in the meeting. Satya says you are growing old, do the puja or go in inaugurations, you will get respect. Satya turns and sees Vedika. He says even Vedika will go with you. He tells Vedika to go with them tomorrow.

Vedika says my mood is off, please. He says ok promise me you won’t go out from the house. She says promise, but can I go for music class. He says no, ask him to come here. She says fine, good night and leaves. Vidhaan is awake. Vedika comes on the terrace and looks at Antara’s house. Geeta calls him and asks how is everything. He says everything is fine, I m going tomorrow to Naik Sadan for Vedika’s class. She asks is there any progress. He hears Vedika playing the violin and goes to open the door. He sees Vedika on the terrace and ends the call.

She smiles looking at him. She signs you taught me this. He does not reply and turns. She is puzzled seeing him close the door. He says this is wrong. He sees the mouth organ and thinks about Vedika. He says I have to control myself. Vedika says what happened to him. Its morning, Satya is with Vedika. She says you have become old. He laughs and asks why do you want to stay alone at home, come with me. She says what will I do there. He says sit in the car hearing music. She says amazing and jokes. he says fine, do one thing, keep this emergency number’s list, call on this of anything happens.

She says its my house, who will dare to trouble me. He smiles and says take care and leaves. She thinks of what to wear for her violin class and rejects many dresses. Atlast she dresses up and looks cool. She takes her photos and smiles. She sees Vidhaan’s photo and he comes calling her name. She smiles and runs to him. She asks him why did you close the door without telling me how did I play the violin. She says we will have food before the class. He says no need. She jokes and laughs.

She says I went to your house and saw two potatoes in your kitchen, have this pasta made by me. She holds his hand and he leaves and says I come to teach you violin, don’t waste my time. She looks at him and is annoyed. He smiles seeing her upset and says why are you crying. She says you can leave. She says you can’t leave without answering my questions, else I will call everyone. You have to say whats the problem.

Manjari comes home and Vedika asks Vidhaan what problem do you have, why do you behave rudely with me. Vedika holds him and gets close. He says why do you do this. She says you tell me. Music plays………… He wipes her tears and she holds his hand and says you can’t go now without telling me. Vidhaan says please stop crying. She says tell me why am I hurt. He says even I m hurt. She asks why. They have an eyelock. Vidhaan gets closer to Vedika. Manjari comes to them. Vidhaan sees her and moves away from Vedika.

Vedika asks Manjari why did you come here. Manjari says I was looking out for you. Vedika says are you keeping an eye on me. Manjari sees Vedika holding Vidhaan’s hand and says are you doing something that I have to keep an eye on you. She says Satya asked you to get ready. She says some people are coming. Vedika says what should I do. Manjari says Satya has chosen a guy for you. Vedika is shocked.

Vedika admits to Vidhaan that she loves him. Vidhaan looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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