Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji can’t breathe. Sujata says please buck up Mata ji. Sid says I can’t believe I am that helpless. Mata ji says don’t blame yourselves. I have my whole family. Think about Simar and Roli they ahev to suffer alone. Don’t know what they are going through. Sujata says everthing will be all right Mata ji.
Suddenly a bottle of water is thrown in. They give the water to Mata ji, Food is thrown in too. Sujata asks her to eat. She says i can’t eat until I don’t see Simar and Roli all right. Suddenly Simar and ROli enter the ouse. Their feet are bleeding. Mata ji says they are in these condition because of us. They can barely walk. Sid and Prem and unable to see this. Mata ji says you must be proud of them Sid. mata ji says you have won for us. Roli and

Simar sit on the sofa. Simar dresses the bruises on Roli’s feet. Roli says i hope Meghn a has given food to our family. Simar says she fulfilled her promise last time. She will do it this time as well. Roli says I got a cut on my foot few days ago and Sid was dressing it and being angry at me because I went out of house to buy watermelon for him barefooted. I was satisfied that day and i am satisfied today as well. I can bear anything for my family. Simar says yes. Meghna says in the speaker that this happiness is all useless. There problems will kepp increasing by time. Mata ji says simar and Roli never lose. We are their power. Meghna says time will clear everything.

Scene 2
Next morning Sim ar and Roli do the pooja an pray for their family. Rest of the family pray with them as well. Mata ji isn’t feeling good. She thinks ti drink the water suddenly she falls on the ground. Her breath is disturbed. Jhanvi checks her she says is because of less oxygen. Her sugar level is down. Sujata shouts Meghna Mata ji needs medicine, Rajhnider says please help her Meghna.

Scene 3
Roli says to SImar why meghna hasn’t told us the next task Every moment is increasing trouble for our family. Meghna says correct. Their pain is increasing. I thought detaining your family will give relief but I am getting more than that. Just know that next task won’t be easy for you. Life on a member of your family is based on this task. Door knocks. Roli goes to open it. Its the Verma aunty. She says I want sugar. She says some rice ate my sugar. Mausi ji says why Verma always come on wrong time. Shalu says Mata ji hasn’t eaten medicine since 2 days. Jhanvi says its so important for her. Verma says to Meghna that I have seen you before. Meghna wonders she must have seen me when i came here to build the secret room. She shouldn’t tell anything to Roli and Simar. Verma says you came to save Jhanvi from arresting. Meghna feels relieved. She says wow you are such a nice woman. Roli says you must be in a hurry. She says no. She says look everything happens for good like I met her. I will spend time with her. Let me have the tea here. Roli says no. Simar says why no let me bring you the tea. She says I have heard that the name of yours in business in higher than Himaliyas. Mausi ji says mata ji’s condition is worsening. Karuna says nothing will happen until this Verma doesn’t leave. Mausi ji says please save my jiji God. Meghna says let me make a call. She goes to kitchen and says sen her from here otherwise I won’t be able to save your mata ji. Simar asks what happened to mata ji ? She says she is not well. She needs medicine and hat won’t be given until you don’t compleet your task.

Precap- Meghna says that the next task is that you have to keep two candles on your hands for 24 hours and have too keep the while sleeping or doing whatever. They shouldn’t fall.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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