Dil Bole Oberoi 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali passes by in his jeep. The dirt falls over Gauri. She shouts did you go blind. He stops the jeep and thinks this voice looks familiar. Some time before, Gauri thinks of Jhanvi’s words. She says what shall I do, I have no job and money for mum’s treatment, I did not talk to mum. She goes to PCO to call her mum. Kaali’s men show her pic and ask people about her. Shwetlana comes to real Shwetlana and says what do you think, you will flop my plan, its time you go to your real place.

Gauri calls her mum. Her mum asks how are you and Om, is everything fine in your inlaws. Gauri says yes, are you taking medicines on time. Her mum says yes. Gauri says you are lying. Her mum says its not like that, after Kaali went, our problems got over, just take care. Gauri cries and asks her to take care. She ends call and says I know mum is lying, she is really ill, I should go to Bareilly, atleast I can take care of mum, now I have nothing in this city, no job and roof, there is no hope to meet Om.

Om asks servants did you see Chulbul. He says where did this guy go. Buamaa wakes up Shwetlana. Shwetlana asks what are doing here. Buamaa asks when did you become helpless woman. Shwetlana says I panicked by smoke, don’t know what I told you. She recalls using chloroform on real Shwetlana and putting her under the bed. She says thanks, I m fine. She sees real Shwetlana’s hand getting in sight and stops Buamaa. She pulls Buamaa and says let’s have some dance, enjoy your bhajan. Buamaa goes.

Gauri cries and walks on the road. Kaali passes by in his jeep. The dirt falls over Gauri. She shouts did you go blind. He stops the jeep and thinks this voice looks familiar. He gets down the jeep. Om says Chulbul is nowhere, I m finding him since long. Kaali walks to Gauri, while she is surrounded by crowd. He gets a call and stops. Gauri cleans her dress. Kaali says no, just came here for seeing Mumbai. He sees the crowd gone.

Buamaa asks what, Om married and did not tell me. Jhanvi says maybe Gauri lied, she cheated us staying here as Chulbul. Buamaa says if this is true, what’s bad in it. Jhanvi says she should have not hidden it. Buamaa says even Om has hidden it, you are thinking as Om’s mum, maybe she was helpless. Jhanvi asks does anyone lie this way. Buamaa asks does her lie hurt anyone, she made Om’s loneliness away by becoming Chulbul, apart from Shivaye and Rudra, who is Om’s friend, Chulbul, she has won Om’s trust. Jhanvi asks do you think I did mistake by making her out of the house. Buamaa says you did big mistake. Jhanvi says I did not wish Om’s trust to break, as he would have broken then. Buamaa says right relations join person, not break, that girl is good values and respects us, she takes care of Om, she kept silent always, I joked with her, if she was a girl, I would have made her bahu, don’t you forget, that girl saved your life many times by risking her life. Jhanvi recalls. They hear Om calling out Chulbul. They see Om. Buamaa asks what’s the matter.

Om asks did you send Chulbul anywhere by work. Buamaa says no, check in garden. Om says I did not get him. Tej asks where did everyone go. Buamaa says he sounds happy, come, we shall see Tej. Gauri buys ticket. Tej lifts Buamaa and says I m so happy. She says bones won’t join on breaking. He says you are not that old. She says I m talking of you. He says good sense of humor, you know Buamaa, I finalized a big deal, I earned a profit of 3000 crores, I m going to give this good news to rest of the family members. Buamaa says we kept Jagrata today and see Mata Rani’s blessings. Buamaa and Jhanvi go. Shwetlana looks on.

Gauri sees Om’s pic and cries. Shwetlana says Om better stop doing this. He asks what. She says you are playing games, spying and all, you are not a kid, you should know you won’t get anything, be a good boy and do what was decided, I dumped Tej because you promised me that you will give me 100 crores and Mrs. Oberoi title, even Tej is ready to give me the title, he has much money and power, I won’t take a min to go back to him, it will be just your mum’s loss, if you want to save family, marry me and get me the money, alright honey…. She goes.

Gauri says fate is strange, when I wanted to stay away, fate got me to your home, when I did not wish to come in front of you, fate got me to your room, when I can’t stay away, fate made me away, I m going away, but you will always stay in my heart, I want Lord to keep you happy always, I don’t want anything else, I know you don’t believe in Lord, but I do, my belief is enough for both of us.

Om blows off a candle by hitting it. She cries and hugs his pic. Om hurts himself by keeping his hand over the candle. Saathiya…..plays…… Om goes. Buamaa asks Jhanvi to see whom is Om marrying, this Shwetlana who can do anything for money, Gauri just supported Om, she is not clever and cheat, she kept your respect and went from here, without meeting Om, she would have asked any amount if she was fraud, she is right, she is nice, maybe she lied, but I have seen truth in her eyes, you have to decide, what type of wife you want for your Om, Shwetlana or Gauri. Jhanvi says I don’t know. Buamaa says Gauri is much better than Shwetlana, give her a chance for Om’s sake. Gauri thinks why am I crying, I m not going leaving my husband, I m leaving job, I just had relation of friendship, that to Chulbul had the relation with Om, which broke today. Bus conductor asks the people to board Bareilly’s bus. Gauri cries. Om says I need you Chulbul.

She thinks of Om. Om says I really need you… and sits sad. Gauri thinks why do I feel I lost everything, but I did not get anything, neither husband nor his love.

Jhanvi gets Gauri home. Gauri sees the jeep and asks whose jeep is this. Jhanvi says such vehicles come in Oberoi mansion, you come with me. Kaali is around and turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii everyone! !! Again swetlana win??????? Aab toh uski chutti kardo plz plz plz she is irritating me a lot.

    Chalo buamma understand gouri. That is really nice. Chalo ab janvi bhi samjh jayegi.

    Gouri part as usal was really emotional. She always make me senti. Sernu is soooo cute.????

    Omkara really needs chulbul. Acchi baat he. Koi toh ho jis se dil ki baat kahi ja sake .

    Clear my confusion mrs kapoor ki beti real swetlana he na??? Ya fir iss main bhi koi jhol jhapata he???

    Precap-tej is throwing a party that is why kali thakkur in OM. Hope in party om kali will face off.

    1. Rahul96

      Swetlana , Romi Ko lekar mujhe bhi bahut confusion hai ????

    2. Nivedita

      Arpita, I feel Fakelana is Mrs kapoor’s daughter -where because i am sure she took over real Swetlana’s info to get into Tej’s life. And that’s why the Oberois’ never connected her to Mrs Kapoor, because real Swetlana surname and background has got to be different​ from Mrs. Kapoor’s daughter’s last ( Fakelana)..

  2. Pixie

    Good episode! But sad! Looking forward to gaurika reunion!

  3. Nithu

    after many days something sensefull had hppnnnndd…

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    How many more episodes of this chudail…???
    Gouri… you won many hearts here in Mumbai..
    Omkara.. i need you chulbul.. waiting for a little change…from I need you … to i love you journey started here….
    Tej damn you and your business deal.. IB se kaam khatam hote hi aagaya.. deal karne… bada aaya dealwala…
    Buamma is nice and understanding lady… Dolly you rocked darling…
    Yes!! This is what I always wanted….Jhanvi to play Cupid between OmRi..
    Kaali … may be he double crossed Om and gave the same hotel land deal to Tej… I think to checkmate Om, Tej took the same deal from Kaali.. and this new deal Tej clicked will lead story back to Bareilly…

    1. Hey astha … yeh svetlana ka track is like jio offer …. jab bhi jio offer khatam hone wala tha they extended it …. same applies to svetlana track….. chudail dyaain……

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Dhan dhana dhan..Shwetlana (jio)..dha dhana dhan….Ha ha …

    3. Astha tumne bola na jhanvi to play cupid between omri.cupid ka mathlab kya hai.


  5. Arre koi iss svetlana ko bhaahar ka raasta dikhao… she is hell irritating now…. episode was ok ok…. Shrenu part was so loving… Her love for her husband is so pure…. Thanks to Buaama for making Jhanvi understand that Gauri is so pure hearted, and yeh baat jhanvi ko toh samajh he jana chahiya tha….
    Par ab chinta ka vishaya (topic) yeh hai ab two-two villains ho gaye hai Gaurikara ke love ki O my mata aur Gangaram karne ke liye … yeh Svetlana kum pad gayi thi jo ab yeh BLACK THAKUR bhi ab gaya…..
    Gauri ek free advice deti hu:-
    1. Uss half saree-jeans dress wali ( svetlana) se apne omkara ko bacha kar rakhna….
    2. The most important … khud ko BLACK THAKUR se bach kar rehna….

    Abhi tak toh Gaurikara ki love story suru he nahi hui aur unke life mein ek par ek free summer offer ke doo villians aur bonus mein Misunderstanding ka raita phaila hua hai…
    Cvs kuch toh taras karo…. kum se kum svetlana ko toh bye bye bolo…

    And sry guys couldn’t post my shayari because I am very busy with my assignments and project these days so won’t be able to post shayari daily ….. Srry dear who are waiting for it…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi Black Thakur!!! lolz.. ha ha…..

    2. I am with u, really pain in neck to see Sweat lana, and why everytime she says raaz chupana hai, god so tired of that word. She will be winning everytime.

  6. dragging and dragging…how much they want to drag?????????once again that chudail escaped.makers have two wonderful jodi gaurika and rumya.they can create magical episodes using the pairs.but no they always want to show swetlanaaaaa.by the way asthu which ff do you read in swaragini?
    good night to all.may gaurika come in your dreams.

    1. Aasthu

      I read a few raglak ff’s…. I love all the stories of Sally and Bela…what about you??? you didn’t tell me the name of the ff you were looking for…..which is it????

  7. Hi ishqies..
    I am counting the days when this svetlana chap is over…
    And Maahi dii when you get time then post your shayari… And astha dii you are awesome and your comments is superbbbbbb…
    Thanks to buamaa to give some brain to janvi…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..count down shuru karte hain…then Shwetlana ki toh bang bang!!!
      Yeh chudail ne kaha ki usse paise and Mrs. Oberoi ki title chahiye soon to omkara.. then Tej won a deal.. Kaali is inside Oberoi Mansion…This only indicate one thing…ki Kaali is tired of finding Gouri and he then remembered Omkara… and gave the same hotel land deal to Tej of 800 crore and Tej took the same deal to show Om lower then him…
      Now that the actual owner of the land in Bareilly is Gouri Sharma…Om need his wife to check all Tej,Kaali and Shwetlana..and Cvs make Jhanvi bring Gouri back to home will be proved as the advance step for Om … now Gouri will come out to protect and support her husband…and the MU can be cleared that way…just my assumption..I don’t trust Cvs…

    2. Nivedita

      I want this to happen too..

      I only hope Kali didn’t give the same deal to Tej, that would be weird.. i think he must have given a different expensive deal to Tej, to gain entry into OM to get in touch with Om and trace Gauri..
      But then if he was already going to happen b entry to OM via Tej and find about Gauri from them, why was he on the streets searching for her?
      Was he trying to get a confirmation on weather Gauri has been seen around Oberoi mansion ( OM)?

    3. Nivedita

      If he was already going to *gain entry to OM…
      Confirmation on *whether Gauri

  8. LIBA

    Episode was nice

  9. Good episode???????.hope that om find chulbul reality soon and misunderstanding got clear.
    Love you buamma ;you are the best sensible person in oberoi family. Thank you.
    Guys ;there will be few days to start our gaurika track. Get ready for that
    Love you gaurika……
    Yesterday saathiya moments was superb and some heart touching scenes .???????????

  10. Friends;
    Only 14 comments are there.
    Hey ; where are you friends? Pls all are ready to active. DBO will intresting soon.pls promote DBO; so just comment and enjoy.

  11. This episode is very emotional but nice? mixed female & male version of Saathiya is awesome…Just loved the buamaa understanding… Shrenu’s acting is superb… Waiting for today’s episode…

  12. amazing epi….love u buamma….i read somewhere that buamma has bad intentions on revenging Oberoi’s…..but she is so sweet….She was 100% right…Finally Jhanvi recalled what Gauri did for them…But I don’t knw what will Om do when he finds the truth?????? But before that I think Kaali Thakur will kidnap Gauri.

  13. Nivedita

    Yeah, I hope Swetlana is out this week..
    I am glad Buama gave some sane reasoning to Jahnvi and hopefully Jahnvi will be provided Gauri from now on..
    Thoda drag kiya again today..
    Why because that KT not seeing Gauri after she shouted at his driving ( i expected that)..
    But seriously speaking in mumbai- people don’t care about anyone getting murdered on the streets- why on earth would they care about a women’s dress getting dirty- that whole scene was ridiculous.. it would have been more believable if people were around her for some other reason–
    A) she could have been at a road crossing and traffic light had changed..
    B) a truck full of goods starts unloading in front of her.
    C) she starts walking away in a huff after the shoutout to KT and then some vehicle comes in between her and KT and prevents his seeing her..

  14. yeh fake shwetlana ki kahani kab khatam hogi

  15. Very nice???????????

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