Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru cries and asks Gautam if he even thought about her. Gautam cries as well saying she is magic and can come out of every solution. Aru tells Gautam he has really done wrong, she is letting him leave only thinking about his mother. She understands he needs money for her operations, she tells him to collect as much money as he wants to but not to break someone’s trust. He never realizes how much her family was dependent on these money. She would still not let her dreams break because of money. Mukhi heard this conversation and watches Aru cry. He stood behind Aru when she gets Papa’s call. Papa asks if she found Gautam. Aru says she got Gautam and her replies both, but not the money. She assures her father she would never break. Aru turns to find Mukhi stand behind her but doesn’t speak to him. He drives her back home, crying silently.
At Dharamshala, Papa speaks to Kaka and cheers. He comes to Savita (Aru’s mother) and tells her Lakshman is coming to take them along by himself. Dharmi was moved hearing this.
In the room, Mukhi was deep in his thought about Aru. Mishri comes to Mukhi and speaks to him about Deep’s suggestion. She was about to discuss with Mukhi about Dharmi when there is a knock at the door. Mishri was first curt over Dharmi, then forces herself to think well about her. Dharmi tells Mukhi they are leaving tomorrow, and wants to meet Mishri. Mukhi leaves the room. Dharmi had brought her a medicine chart to paste it over Mukhi’s wall. Dharmi assures Mishri she would always be like Aru for her.
At home, Lakshman tells his wife they would bring his brother and children tomorrow. Rashika curses herself for being unlucky to have them back. Aru returns to find her parents pack the bags. Papa tells Aru that Lakshman called himself to call them back. Mummy notices Aru was upset. Papa tells her God opens many doors when one is shut. Mummy also assures Aru that everything would soon get well.
Deep calls the timetable as cute and asks Mishri what she thought about Dharmi. Mishri says she was leaving tomorrow. Mishri shares with Deep about her ex-husband. Deep tells Mishri that for Mukhi her being a divorcee doesn’t matter. He tells Mishri to find a spark between them the next time they are together.
The next morning, the manager was speaking to foreigners. The manager says they can only get a room here, but the foreigners demand Daru. They insist their friend live here. Mukhi comes there and understands they were asking for their friend, Aru. Aru comes from behind and cheerfully welcomes them inside. She explains to manager they were asking about her. The foreigners tell Aru her friends were really impressed by her, they wanted to hire her. Mukhi stops Aru and asks if she is going to office? Aru says only two days are left for him to find a girl. Later, Mukhi and manager were planting together. Dharmi comes downstairs and finds a chance, she looks towards the telephone and rings the bell with her mobile. The manager comes to hold the phone, then return to Mukhi when the call had been cut. The phone rings again, the manager decides to stay beside the phone for a while. Dharmi comes to help Mukhi with watering the plants. She tells him to forget what happened in hospital. Mukhi says he has forgotten. Dharmi asks Mukhi what he was smiling about. Mukhi says there is always a drama when Aru is there, he tells her about the confusion between Aru and Daru. Mishri comes behind and watches them giggle together, thinking there is a chemistry.
Aru comes to office. The boss welcomes her angrily.
Dharmi helps Mukhi wash his hands and promises to meet for breakfast. She goes inside. Mukhi asks Muneem who was the call. A boy comes to Mukhi for his proposal. Mukhi says Aru is taking care of him, the boy says Aru is no more in their company. Mukhi comes to office and hear the boss warning everyone that it shouldn’t happen in his office again. An employee tells Mukhi about Aru’s betrayal to the company.

PRECAP: Mukhi goes looking for Aru and watches her climb up a case besides cliff.

Update Credit to: Sona

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