Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Pragya that whatever she said is right and tells that she has given the max of sacrifices and says I can understand your helplessness. She asks her not to accept her defeat and says how can you leaving Abhi for someone, he is your husband. She says you have fought for him since many months and asks her to fight for more. Pragya says I would have fought for him, but he has chosen tanu and decided to marry her, now my strength and reason to fight is broken. Dadi asks her not to lose hope and says you have done everything, and asks her to support her once. Pragya says nothing can happen now. Dadi asks her to come with her and reminds her of the seven vows of marriage and says if we do something then this marriage will stop. Pragya says how we will stop this marriage. Dadi tells that Sarla trusted her and sending her with her, and says I can’t see Tanu with Abhi, says Jodi is made by God and it is our work to keep the jodis together. She says I will not see tears in your eyes, but in Tanu’s eyes. I will make her go far from Abhi, and says he will marry fuggi and not Tanu. Pragya is hopeful again.

Beeji is playing game in her mobile. Sarla tells that Dadi went to talk to Pragya. Beeji asks why she is tensed and says whatever Dadi will do is for Pragya’s betterment. Dadi comes out of room with Pragya. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks Pragya to come.

Mrs. Mehta gives chuda to Tanu. Tanu says it is beautiful. Her cousin asks where is your sautan? Mrs. Mehta tells that she must have gone to search guy for herself and they laugh. Aaliya comes and asks why you are teasing her. They tie kalire to her. Aaliya says everyone in Pragya’s house is single. Tanu says she will drop Kalire on her so that she gets married soon. Aaliya collides with Purab.

Dadi returns with Pragya and asks her not to be worried. She asks her to come to her room. Pragya looks at the decorations for marriage. Dadi tells Dasi and Purab that she brought Pragya with her. Dasi asks where is she? Dadi says she was with me, where did she go? Pragya is shattered and steps back. She collides with Abhi. Bolna Song plays………Abhi hugs her and cries. Pragya also cries. He asks her to say something and scold him for not hearing his heart and marrying someone else. He says I was missing you this morning and wanted to hug you and share my heart talk. He says don’t think that you have any defect and that’s why I refused to marry you. He says I am bounded by the promise and can’t break it. He asks her to say something else he will die. Pragya keeps her finger on his mouth. Mahi Bolna plays….Dasi comes in balcony and sees them. Mrs. Mehta looks on angrily. Abhi tells Pragya that he couldn’t give her love and rights which she deserves, and says I will love you all my life. Pragya thinks I couldn’t see your pain in my anger, and doesn’t know that you have chosen me for love, and it was your helplessness to marry Tanu. She thinks we will stay together and gets strength to fight for her rights. Mrs. Mehta tells Aaliya that Pragya is shameless and came here to give tension to Tanu. Aaliya says who called her here and looks at Dasi. Mitali tells Tai ji that MPL will begin now.

Dasi tells Dadi and Purab that Abhi is talking to Pragya, but a thorn is there…Tanu. Tanu comes to Pragya and says wow you have come. She says everyone was saying that you will not come, but you came. She says she could have make her best girl and asks her to do the arrangements and takes Abhi with her. Tanu shows the gift to Abhi and says mom loves you and that’s’ why presented this gift to you. Abhi says it is good. Tanu asks him if he is searching Pragya. Abhi says no. Tanu asks him to go and get ready for marriage and says we will meet directly in mandap in our marriage clothes. Mrs. Mehta comes to Tanu and looks on.

Mrs. Mehta tells Tanu that you did right to separate them and asks her to more alert. Tanu thanks her for informing that pragya and says this marriage was impossible without you. Abhi wonders where is Pragya and thinks Tanu came and interrupted their talk. Purab comes to his room. Abhi says I thought…Purab sits beside him and says you will feel this all life. Abhi says I was talking to her and that talk was incomplete. Purab says not talk, but love….He asks how you will complete the love as it will be left incomplete. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya tells Pragya that you will die with each phera which Abhi and Tanu takes. She says I will be happy fulfilling Tanu’s dreams and will fulfill my dream seeing your condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. shameless tanu and her parents hate them pragya yar moveon leave abhi plzzz grow up abhi is a dumb person you deserve better than abhi i wish if pragya gets kidnaped someone else save her plzzz writers fulfil my this wish i wish u read our comments and stop this nonsense but alas nobody can fulfil my these two wishes. hmmm

  2. I hate abhi when we hugged pragya. He doesn’t have any right on her how can he touch pragya. shameless boy. He is planning to get marry tanu. why he thinking about pragya. its discusting I hate u abhi. atleast be faithful to tanu. I just saw in instagram where pragya wearing marriage dress. I hope it should be a dream of someone. I really don’t want abhi to get marry pragya. I just want tabhi wedding and end this track. atleast writer make this bhagya to tanu. she was one who abhi loved her first before pragya. I am fed up of it. end this track make tabhi marriage as soon as possible . pragya should marry some nice guy like purab.

  3. Same crap kept on repeating itself…????

  4. Amna

    Spoilers are wrong. Aliya will never change??????????????

  5. Amna

    Don’t repeat the same track over again

  6. Amna

    Tanus character and her mom disgust me and Aliya. But I think Aliya has some heart left in her.

  7. kkb is such a ridiculous seria crap writers keep on dragging this serial

  8. cvc create bridge swap as nikil kidnapped tanu intense of pragya then pragya marry abhi

    when abhi come to know marry marry pragya that time angry on her it make aliya make great misunderstanding by say pragya make plan kidnapped tanu so she marry u get as u rich popular fame money n so on …………then abhi hate pragya lot yaaaa as abhi drinking

    tanu aslo join as mom going die as divorce drama n mission on pragya out of mehra mansion gain start

    so again pragya waiting 4 lot test as over come thief,charter less, gold digger…ect…

    in between as we have same or again eye lock,,,catching,, care 4 each other..romance start as always disturb by tanu n team…

    so them of story no bhagya in pragya….

    ****abhi never ever get his memory back****

    1. hi Diii

      i swear if this happens, then i will quit KKB PERIOD!!

      1. Pratiksha could this be real. because if it is then its a nightmare

      2. Savita for now it’s just a prediction or guess but if we believe on past history of kkb then it can be true too but abhi will hate Pragya that’s not possible. Ya he may upset with her becoz of misunderstanding created by to Aliya but if he will start hating her then what will happen with the show? Already audience r unhappy with this ml track and with tanu’s useless presence in abhi’s life and between abhigya like always. It will drop the show more if love and romance between them gets missed and if it continue goes against abhigya and keeps them apart.

      3. hi my dear friend ,,how r u,,,,,,,,,,

        how is u job as u rock it dear………..

        miss u n u ff lot yaaaaaaaaaa

        love u n always waiting 4 u dear……

      4. as kkb as always made by evils n devil favour

        they never ever union abhigya……….

  9. Tanu’s mother call pragya shameless to create tension in Tanu’s marriage but she can’t feel that how shamefull mother she was who allow her daughter to marry someone else husband n who give money fame but never give love to her daughter in his whole . She is so shameless mother who destroy her daughter life with their own hand n feel happy about it n think that her daughter will be happy in her whole life.

  10. From the past 1 year same thing is repeating again and again and again…i wonder how this serial still remains zee top show..and among top 5 shows of television in trp…are we tv viewing junta idiots..lf everything has to be made corrected by abhi memory return then what is the use of building up the new abhi pragya relation again…it is better that abhi marries pragya even before his memory returns

  11. The writers of this show should go kill themselves

  12. Oh really abhi again

  13. The time Abhii was with tanu there was no love at heart with her bcos Abhi thooght there was no need to fall in love but be with someone….. now pragya made him fall in love and she deserves this bhagya. But kkb writers can there be a new twist bcos this Tanu marriage thing is boring and draging.

  14. Same shit over n over …no story line jus drunk writers writing crap n more crap …writers you all are hopeless .

  15. Lopez

    Nice joke ,,proceed.

  16. We are all getting upset. Yet watching! I just read updates and still get upset. We want good to win over evil but in reality we always see good people suffer power.

    It is also very very slow moving. I leave reading the updates for 1eeek still nothing has moved. By now the wedding dhould be over. Guys ans gals love reading all your comments. Bahu Accha.?

  17. Hmm kkb is very disgusting how can abhi do dis to pragya.she has been trying her best to expose tanu and dis was her last chance ofgetting abhi back…..why cant tanu understand dat abhi n pragya will be together no matterwhat she does nothing will seperate dem n even if so thier love will never be broken.

  18. The writers in this show is showing one thing over and over, pragya always getting kidnap, alia and tanu win and never getting caught come on writers, get over those episodes let the show move on like other shows and bring in other actors with other episodes get rid of these alia and tanu episodes, let abhi be a man on the show for once instead of a sissy fool

  19. I don’t want to see abhi hating pragya again for marriage
    I hope this time it should be a pure marriage which should happen out of love
    Not out of anger or compulsion
    I hope abhi should understand pragya’s love and realise that he can’t live without her
    Hope abhi should be a caring husband which we didn’t see from him whole heartedly and I hope he should gain his memory
    Can’t bare aliya and tanu anymore
    I want them to be kicked out

  20. Because pragya had enough of them now she only needs love which only abhi can give
    Same with abhi also know one can be true to him like pragya
    I hope this idiot should understand and he should not accept tanu and aliya’s lies as truth
    I want abhigya unite because it is a very high time
    Many of them thought that abhi will get his memory back while doing the marriage rituals with tanu but again this directors made us fools by doing something else
    So now I only want to see abhigya marriage which should be out of love not of hatred
    And want to see tanu And aliya to be get caught and punished and abhi to regain his memory

    1. Shrilatha

      Exactly what I feel is Tanu has taken Pragya’s mangalsutra…may be Abhi will remember everything after seeing the mangalsutra…it was special for abhigya….abhi is dumb yaar but Abhigya r made for each other….

  21. Abhi’s speech to Pragya was more like diplomatic speech than real one. If I m not understanding wrong then according to Abhi: you know pragya i love you and i know i love you too but guess what I won’t marry you!!! Lol Pragya, y are you shocked?? Don’t you know ,i have usool.. i have never wronged anyone..So i have to marry Because i can’t break my promise ,yes but i can break your heart..I know you’ll understand.. yes ,but you don’t worry ,i will always love you… What are you thinking?? I know what it is.. don’t worry,it won’t be against my usool.. Because it’s my life ,my rules.. usool are very flexible..So it’s ok.. i will always love you.. and yes, it won’t be cheating to the person i married.. and even if i get married ,i won’t let you move on..I won’t let you get along with someone else.. i will keep calling you.. i will keep showing my love that will hold you back..I’ll get married , be husband to someone else but you’ll be kept waiting forever by me why should am i the only one to suffer?? You love me too..So you should suffer too..If doesn’t matter whether you are at fault or not.. I’ll do all kinds of nonsensical mistakes but we’ll suffer together..After all you love me..

    What Bullshit is this? If we forget its Tanu who is the bride, then I’ll always love you to Pragya sounds horrbile. How will Abhi fulfill dreams of a new bride when he continues to love Pragya even after becoming someone else’s husband and keeps dreaming about Fuggi every where?

    Abhi needs realization to hit him strong that its ethically wrong three lives and their families happiness is at stake. He is not just crushing dreams but completely ruining future of two girls along with him at one shot, for no fault of them.

    Another thing is this that if he can clear it with Pragya that he loves her but can’t marry with her becoz of already given commitment/promise to tanu so why he is not clearing it with tanu too that I m ready to marry u for saving ur respect but I can never love u becoz I m deeply in love, my heart all belongs to Pragya now that’s why I can never give u love and complete right on me as a wife should get from her husband. I know tanu won’t care for this becoz she only needs his status and money with life long secure future. That’s it. But it looks bit OK if he clears it to tanu too becoz then she will b responsible whatever her condition and relation will b with abhi after marriage. But no, he is keeping not only tanu in darkness but he is cheating with everybody along with himself by hiding this truth from everybody and other side by saying that he loves Pragya and will always love her. What kind of usool/ morals r these? He is completely wrong and it’s a crystal clear for anyone but only he is confused like always. Abhi’s character is looking most unrealistic character in this track.

    1. In short, Abhi wants to keep satisfied and happy both the girls. Tanu, by marrying with her and Pragya, by his love. One side he was saying to Pragya that he will always love her and other side when tanu and purab was asking from her that if he is missing or looking for Pragya then he is lying with them. So how he will keep continue loving Pragya by hiding his feelings from tanu after marriage. How he will remain loyal to his love for Pragya when tanu will ask for all the rights of a wife on him? In starting when he did same mistake by keeping affair with tanu and hiding from Pragya and others before wedding, it was acceptable becoz abhi was so much ruined in the company of tanu and Aliya. Then after this when when tanu trapped in her lie of pregnancy then his decision of marrying with tanu there even after loving pragya also was acceptable. But now he has nonsense and completely unacceptable reasons to marry with tanu leaving Pragya alone. In this ml track, Abhi is behaving most unrealistic and immaturely. His first mistake and immaturity is this that he have no interest to know about his past which he has forgotten, about which he never did struggle to know continously and moving in his life easily without any care. He is continuously doing mistakes one by one and behaving so immaturely , which seems like he has just not lost his memory but his mind too. I know bride swap plan doesn’t suits Pragya but at least she is trying her best to get her love back till last moment, where abhi is doing nothing except showing his helplessness towards nonsense reasons and morals. If nikhil mistakenly kidnaps tanu and Bride swap ends on abhigya’s marriage then dadi should take this responsibility on ownself when it will reveal that abhi got married with Pragya not with tanu. She should use tanu’s absence and says it that she took this step for saving their family’s and abhi’s reputation and respect in society and public becoz if wedding doesn’t happens and people gets to know that bride is missing then they starts talking and starts raising fingers on them. That’s why she forced Pragya and made her ready for the marriage or she should say that she never wants abhi to marry with tanu and saw that abhi too was not happy with her but was lost in Pragya that’s why to save his life for getting ruined she forced Pragya to marriage. I don’t want that after abhigya’s marriage when it will reveal then she watch everything silently with pretending as shocked like she always does cleverly. Otherwise it will b more better if she gets kidnapped by nikhil and it will become the reason of Tabhi’s marriage postpon or Tabhi’s marriage should cancel by some other reason. Becoz I don’t want to see her as culprit by listening this blame on herself that she was keeping eyes on abhi or she was desperate to marry abhi that’s why she chose wrong way to get abhi. I don’t want to see tanu pretending as victim like always which she is never.

    2. Yes ur right prathiksha sis if pragya marry abhi by kidnapping tanu than that aliya will cookup a fake story in abhi’s mind then again d same thing happen n it wont be right coz we want our abhigya to get marry with full love n rights not like this but prathiksha sis this cvs will always make us dissappoint n as per d instagram post abhigya marriage will happen for sure n tanu will be kidnapped but d kidnapper is nikhil but d blame will goes on our pragya but there is a possibility coz last time abhi did a revenge marriage n he misunderstands her but i think this time he wont coz that abhi loves only money n he didint know anything excep money but this abhi listens to his heart n he know abt pragya n he know abt true love also what u think sis if abhi believe pragya or aliya????

      1. Aishu, abhi loved Pragya after seeing her all qualities and gudnees that how much she is innocent and pure hearted and what her belongings and upbringings so if abhi loves Pragya really from the bottom of his heart then he will never believe on anything in front of his heart. And he has been done this mistakes a lots of time even in this ml track too by misunderstanding her so he should better believe on her. And if dadi says that Pragya did this marriage on her request to save his family’s reputation but they were not aware from tanu’s kidnap in fact they thought that tanu was missing or herself has been back out from marriage that’s why they had to force Pragya and made her ready for this marriage. Then also abhi will believe. But Aishu like I have been said it before too that if abhigya gets married then also CVS won’t let them unite completely so it’s possible that anything can happen to keep tanu between them and to keep them separate even after marriage. Usually it is difficult to believe that Pragya can b behind tanu’s kidnap but if Aliya makes goons confess it that they kidnapped tanu becoz Pragya bribed them for this. Then it may go against Pragya. And abhi will again get confused like always that whom to believe or whom not or whom he should support, whom should not. One side his heart will not let him go far from Pragya becoz of his intense love for her but one side his mind will not let him unite with her becoz of tanu and Aliya’s created evil trap or rift. Becoz of this dilemma of him between his heart and mind we will see sometimes same reputated romance between abhigya of same eyelocks, falling on each other, catching each other, getting close to each other but then suddenly next moment it will get vanished and we will again came back when his mind will push him away from her and near to tanu and Aliya. So like this, story again will come on same track, Abhi, Pragya and tanu’s triangle like always. That’s why it’s better that if nikhil kidnaps Pragya. So I mean to say Aishu it’s unbelievable for audience to believe on it that abhigya will get unite or we can see them happily together at least for sometimes. So until we doesn’t see the climax of the Tabhi’s wedding sequence that how things will unfold during it and after it, to then no body will expect any positive and gud outcome of this whole Tabhi’s marriage drama. Aishu the day when abhigya will move towards next level of their story and relationship after consummation or they will show some other thing rather than repeating same triangle of abhi, Pragya and tanu and same marriage track again and again. Then I will say that story finally did progress. But till then whatever they will show on the name of progress I will not accept it.

      2. Aishu to keep abhigya separate they can use thousand tricks. They can use abhi’s ml too against Pragya as he haven’t remember anything about his past except those wedding flashes with Pragya. So taaliya may use this too to make abhi against Pragya by telling him half truth and bundles of lie like how she got married with her and becoz of her Aliya got separate from Purab and about mogambo track that when he left her then she snatched his all property from him. After this when abhi will ask that why they didn’t tell him before then they will say that they were worried for his health as it could affect him badly. Dadi can too open her mouth and can tell him complete truth to him but if she will tell then how abhigya will keep separate. So Aishu they have thousands of ways to keep abhigya separate and they have millions of reasons to keep tanu too in the show and between abhigya whether it makes sense or not. That’s why I m telling that when they will show something new and different rather than showing same crap again and again, story will roaming around same place back to square one and audience will not satisfied with same reputated romance between abhigya instead of showing other level of their relationship.

    3. Gosh Pratiksha, you took the words right out of my mouth…

    4. U r 100% right Prathiksha….Abhi behaviour is d worst one in this serial….he doesn’t deserve love r Marty anyone in his life…nowadays I totally hate his character..
      And if Abhi marry Pragya by mistake too n if Aliya blame her abt Pragya character also…Dadi never open her mouth as usual she just watch all d crap n ask Pragya to fight..

      First Nikhil should kill tat Dadi…useless character….

  22. shrilatha,i like ur comments am also thinking abhi will get memory when he will take 7 vows with tanu,i hope after then tanu and her family,aliya are insulted and punished heavily…they will anwer the pragya’s sacrifies…but i think abhi also punished for somewhat reason..because he cheating pragya.what a shameless character like tanu’s mom,she have a daughter but she don’t understand another girl’s heart and her life.she thinks only her daughter’s happiness,don’t bother about snatched another’s mangalsutra..

  23. I decided to check in on this drama occasionally as I don’t have patience to watch daily anymore. Still no real development. Unfortunate.

  24. i m now fed up this kumkum bhagya scene …..i don’t understand where is this show going and what is in mind of director and writer whatever you r showing is totally rubbish i was die hard fan of this serial but now i hate watching it

  25. SBS HOT NEWS –


    They showed Pragya’s pic on bridal dress with mitali, dadi, dasi and purab and says that they heard and According to them, abhigya will get married instead of Tabhi becoz Pragya will sit in mandap instead of tanu. So Pragya will get win this chance and ends up marrying with abhi.


    So guys if abhigya will get married then get ready to it’s aftereffects. Becoz I don’t believe that abhigya will get unite so easily. Ya it’s plus point for Pragya and abhigya fans that they will again see abhigya as married couple but we will see them happily together after union!!! It will b so soon and difficult to belive. So if SBS is saying true then possibly some other problem or obstacle will b create or waiting for us and for stopping abhigya to get unite happily. Becoz kkb’s past history is stopping us to getting happy or to expect anything gud. But ya fans can b satisfied with abhigya’s marriage becoz they were living in a disgusting relationship. They postpones abhigya’s union it’s OK but if they will again come on same teach of abhi, Pragya and tanu’s triangle then how it will b tolerable, I don’t know. I wish at least this time abhi’s love for Pragya will bend him towards Pragya more than anything instead of falling in trap of evil taaliya’s.

  26. I don’t want the swap to happen for one reason. If the swap happens Abhi will be angry with Pragya. Nor do I want to see a kidnapping scene again. Tanu, Nikhil and Aalyia need to get exposed now, it’s been long enough. Let Abhi regain his memory . Tanu’s greed and jealousy must expose her. To take another woman’s marriage item to get married in must be a taboo. If this does not bring right to wrong…i don’t know what will. Please put some sensibility in this show, this nonsense has gone on too long..

  27. Cvs is going to repeat the story as it was in first year of kkb…abhi first hate pragya then love…now it will happen again. Abhi will be angry on pragya

  28. Let abhi and pragia marry not tanu. This issue of tanu is irritating

  29. Just a thought… So why they dont just sneak Nikhil to take rounds with Tanu?!

  30. this is totally nonsense….

  31. Impossible pargiya will difenately stop this marriage am very sure because the love is strong

  32. I just want to see abhi and pragya together .or pragya get married to someone else

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