Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 23 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 23
Hi everyone. Thanks for the wonderful comments for previous part. I didn’t expect that i will get good response for my new ff too. Thank you so much everyone for the support. Today i will introduce pankhuri and also there will be ragsan romance. few asked will jeevika too come, she may come but not this much early. Now i will stop my bakbak and give you the story

Next morning:
San is sleeping and rags comes to him to wake him up. She tries to wake him up but he covers his head with duvet. She tries to open his duvet and he pulls her. She is on top of him and both had an eyelock. He moves close to kiss her and she closes her eyes. He is about to kiss her and just then alarm rings and he wakes up from his sleep.

(heyyy its a dream. You all thought it real. Naughty girls still there is time for such scenes. They are in starting stage only. So don’t over think ha)
He sits on the bed and rests his back on headboard. He hugs the pillow and thinks i am waiting for that day. When it will become true. Such a wonderful dream and this alarm woke me. He curses the alarm and sees towards it. Its 8:30 AM. He runs to washroom by seeing the time as it is late for morning aarti.

Other side:

In rags room she is sitting infront of the mirror and combing her hair. She is thinking about how her life changed in just a day. She smiles remembering their moments on the terrace. At that time only Avantika comes to her room
Avantika : what happened beta. U are smiling. Say to me also. She stands back to rags. Rags turns and hugs her mother by keeping her hands around her waist. Nothing maa. From yesterday i am very happy. I didn’t expect that a day will come, when i will be this much happy
Avantika smiles at her and kisses her forehead and says :beta everything happens for good. So don’t think about past, live in present and dream about future
Then they listens viren calling maa from downstairs

Avantika : see i came to call u all for puja and i forgot it. Today actually what happened to u all, daily u three used to be for puja and viren will be late. But today u 3 are late and viren is ready.
Rags : bhai and sanky are late. They will come from jogging by this time right.
Avantika : beta we are not in Mumbai. So they didn’t go to jog but they hadn’t come downstairs also. They might be sleeping. You go and call san and i will see adi
Rags nods and both goes to san and adi’s rooms

Avantika enters into Adi’s room and sees him sleeping. She is surprised as he is an early riser. She gets panic if his health is good or not and takes a sigh relief after checking his forehead (he doesn’t have temperature). She sits beside him on bed and runs her fingers in his hair asking him to wake up. He keeps head in her lap and says : maa i want to sleep for some more time. I slept late last night. She says ok and is about to go but he stops her and says maa i want to sleep in your lap for sometime please. She nods and he sleeps. She thinks he never sleeps in my lap unless he is upset. There is something wrong and i need to know it. If i ask directly he never says. So i need to speak to sanskar. She caresses Adi’s hairs

Scene Changes
Rags enters san room and sees him combing his hair. (he got ready). She stands there only and ses him. He turns back and sees her. He thinks again it is his imagination and continues his work and ignores her. She doesn’t understand why he is behaving that way. He moves from one corner to another in the room and she too follows him. San thinks it as imagination and says ; what mishty, why u are not leaving me and following me. This is too bad
Rags doesn’t understand anything and says what happened sanky. Why u are speaking like that.
San : mishty stop coming into my dreams yaar. Morning itself i am dreaming. Please god leave me. If anyone sees me like this they will think i am mad. However i am mad in her love but no one should know that right.
Rags understands that he is thinking that she is his imagination and listens to his talks. She giggles and when he says mad she bursts out laughing.
He says mishty now why u are laughing. She pinches him and then he realises that it is not his dream and she heard his selftalk with god. He feels embarrassed and shies a bit. Rags again laughs and pinches his cheeks

Rags : u are looking cute sanky. He pouts and says u are laughing. I thought u are my dream and spoke all those. You should have stopped me and made me realise that i am not dreaming but u are laughing instead. He keeps a puppy face and sits on the bed. Rags too sits besides him and says sanky i am happy that u dream about me, u feel everytime that i am near to u. By listening this i am very happy and sorry i shouldn’t have laughed but what to do, u were looking funny while speaking to god. By saying this she again burst out of laughing. After few seconds he too laughs imagining himself.
After sometime both stops laughing and san says: u came here. Do u need anything.
Rags : see when i am with u i will forget everything. Maa sent me here to call u for puja and i am speaking with u. Chalo lets go. And they both goes down.
All are waiting for Avantika and Adi. They too joins and alldid puja. After breakfast everyone are in living room and elders says (Dadu says) : as u all are going to Mumbai tomorrow evening, so dP and harish let us see farms and come. They both agrees. Dadi says me and Avantika are going to mandir and then to some relatives house.
Viren says u all go we will stay in haveli only. We came after many days and like to spend time here only. Rags and sanadi agrees to him. Elders left.
These 4 are playing caroms and at that time only viren gets a call from DP saying to get a car as their car brokedown on the way. Viren agrees and leaves.
Rags goes to kitchen to get something

San : what happened Adi. Did u think of any plan to propose her. Don’t do late. Adi says i have a plan but i am scared.
San : don’t be scared. If your love is pure and selfless then noone can separate u both. Adi nods. Unknown to them rags heard everything.
After sometime everyone returns and had their lunch. Rags want to ask san about adi but she didn’t get time

At evening ragsan are at the backside of house and alone
Rags :sanky i want to ask u something. And u promise me that u will say truth
San : i promise ragu. Ask what u wanted to
Rags ; does adi bhai love anyone and haa i listened everything, so don’t dare to lie that he doesn’t
San :its true ragu and i thought to say it to u after reaching. I need your help to make them one
Rags : who is she and what help can i do

San : actually ragu she is Pankhudi and she works in our company
Rags ; she was your classmate right.
San : haa ragu and she is very good girl. She is sincere and truthful. Adi likes her but is afraid to tell her about his love. He also thinks that our family doesn’t accept her as she is not so rich.
Rags : kya? Has bhai gone mad. Why is he bringing status between love. Our family will definitely accept it. What say?
San : i also said him same. He is planning to propose her after we go there. So let us help him by saying it to our parents. Rags agrees and says but bhai shouldn’t know that.

San nods and both goes inside.
Episode ends on their determined faces.

PRECAP : they return to Mumbai and family knowing about adi’s love

Its done. I thought to post 23rd episode on jan 23rd and i am posting it. But i don’t know how much time it takes to get updated in telly updates. Hope everyone like the part. Will be waiting for your response.

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