A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 18)

Anika holds her head and cries saying”You are mad!! Completely a mad Anika!! How can you love a person at first sight?? And.. Ok..leave that…But what was that?? How can you kill him after you know that you love him!! You are not in mad…You are just!!…” She walks around the room and sits in her bed and says “Is this the weirdest dream ?? I don’t even remember his name and … Why cant I see his face…It was completely blurred!!??”. She now stands near the window and sees the tree…”What will happen If touch the tree?? I wish I could go now…but that voice is not letting. me to do that??”.

She realised something and with a determined face she says”So… To know all this truth…I need a sleep…actually a long one!! Oh my God!! Do I need to die for that!! No I can’t lose my life that easily…SureI have To know the truth…”.

She sees Ishana entering the room and asks “How was the day Ishu?”. Ishana thinking something worriedly says “Its was…”.She stops for a minute And says “Good..”.Anika looks at her weird and asks “Are you ok??”.Ishana manages to smile and says “Nothing Ani…I am ok!!.She goes to her room and sits keeping her face sad…she says “Still …I can’t!.She holds her face and cries asking “How can I live without you!! Always I will tease Anika..

That she loves a man from her dream!! But!!”. He takes out a painting and asks “How can I love a man in this painting!!?? Very crazy!!”.She keeps seeing those eyes and says “Why I felt missing you after losing you… If I felt while painting you…Sure I wouldn’t have left you…What did you do to me?? I am going mad seeing you!!”.She asks “When I am going to find you?? O am trying my best..Sure will get you The Incredible Man!!”. She hugs the painting and sleeps…We can see those eyes had tears like two twinkling stars…Oh My God!! How did those tears came in that painting!!??

  1. Awesome !!

  2. Nansshivika

    Awesome so ishana is in also going through almost same phase like anika superb yaar

  3. Its awesome….loved it…. 🙂

  4. Awesome episode…

  5. Anah

    nyc yaar…

  6. Mrunal

    day by day it’s becoming hell interesting…
    i have to admit it… U R really UNIQUE

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