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  ” I can’t able to judge what’s happening in my life .. though I am not intrested in this marriage i am getting ready  but how can dev accept for this. I know he loves di and could not live without her but suddenly how his mind changed .. ” sona was thinking while getting ready in her bridal wear. She looks herself in the mirror,  with that orange lehenga she looks beautiful with her light makeup and moreover she loves a simple wedding but today her marriage gonna happen with one of the top most businessmen and she never likes a heavy dress but today she is wearing a heavy lehenga as it was designed by anjali for her wedding . She likes to be more elegant but sona never likes to wear like this… ” you are looking beautiful di. ..sorry bhabhi..” Riya tells which brings her sona to the reality.

   Neha asked her to be ready as she will be called anytime down and covers her face with the dupatta.  Sona,  why you are covering my face? Riya, di .. mumma asked us to cover your face as it’s a ritual chill. They took pics with her when niki comes there and the trio takes pics with riya. Riya never found it’s sona as she had no time to enquire about it she runs from there looking for dev.

     Dev gets ready in his dashing style while arya was helping him. Niki shows the pic of sona to dev and dev was blushing while arya starts to tease him.
Ishwari comes there and praises dev and asked him to come as pandit asked him to come.

The pandit was chanting some mantra’s and Dev comes there with arya who made him to sit in the mandap and he sits restlessly waiting for his love. Bijoy and asha comes to sona’s room who was looking at the mirror with tears and asha hugs her saying i am sorry beta..but Ishwari promised me that she wil take care of you and you can also continue your college. Sona nods her head as words are far away from her while bijoy stands silent. Sona hugs him saying don’t worry pappa..I am om with this decision as I am doing for my babba… bijoy hygs her and neha comes there saying let’s go bhabhi…pandit asked us to bring you down.. sona walks with neha after she left bijoy tells asha that he lied to sona that dev accepts this marriage. Asha shocked,  how can you say like that ..she will feel broken when she comes to know..what’s the need to lie to her. Bijoy,  I am worried whether I could arrange another groom for her one will marry your daughter after knowing that her sister eloped . Asha stands quite while niki comes there saying aunty..mumma asked you to come . Both leaves from there to the mandap.
    Sona sits near dev and he was staring at her with smile. Soon the marriage rituals finished and the pandit tells now you both are husband and wife. Everyone claps for him and Ishwari thanks god.  Riya in happy tone , sona bhabhi..ek selfie .. Dev was shocked to hear the name while sona removes her duppata . Niki , sona di. here.. arya,  sona…where is bhabhi. Everyone thriws question on her which shocked sona but the big shock for her is dev’s reaction. Dev in anger ,why you are here? Where is anjali.. sona looks at bijoy who hungs his head down. Ishwari, let’s speak about it once we reach home. She makes sona to stand and  they performed the last ” send off”  ritual.sona cried more as she gonna leave her parents as it’s her sudden change in life as she was not prepared for this as well all happened suddenly.  Ishwari asked neha to go with dev and sona and they left from there.
  On the way,  Dev was anger and sona was crying . Neha was consoling sona which irks dev. Dev in anger , now why you are are not leaving them permanently..if you want go now itself.. sona looks at him shocked. .

Sona’s pov
    I never expected that word from him. I know he is little bit angry on anjali but it’s right to show that anger on me…what I did. I wanted to save babba and accepts this marriage it doesn’t means I have to bear his anger…akadu..he never asked what happened ..?come on sona, as he knows everything you should not expect this from him..oh god how I gonna live my life with him..I always want a husband who will care me, love me more than I do but what happened in my life ..he loves my di and not me. I broken down inside while neha was convincing me. I too somewhat consoled my heart that I saved my baba ..

By the time we reached his home ..sorry our home. Ishwari ma does arti for me and i was taken in by his sisters. They are such a sweet people and I was thinking how on earth he got such a nice persons in his family. Something made me to think that my sister escaped from this idiot but another thing popped in my mind that because of her I am here married to him. I could not judge anything as around us all ladies were teasing us. He got irked and left from there in anger. His anger made me to feel happy that finally he was irritated. When he was irritated I think..I am the most happiest man in the world.  I dont know why when he got anger I felt happy . I think it’s due to his harsh words in the car.

I was literally dancing inside when one of his sisters asked me to come with them. I left with them and soon I reached his room’s door. It was locked from inside. Niki was continously knocking the door and he opened after three minutes. His eyes were red and I could not judge what happened and while I entering my mind says welcome to the help Mrs. Dixit.  I looked around not glancing at him. Soon they left leaving me and Dev heart was beating high as I could not see him in pain…why sona..past few minutes you  enjoyed seeing his anger now why your heart is feeling a soft corner for him.I looked at him who is now drinking alcohol…” no alcohol boss ..” my mind cursed him not to have but I don’t have the gutts to say….I stand there looking at him… he never looked at me as I am alive or not…he never wants to check whether I am here and he behaves as I didn’t exist…tears started to flow from my eyes….

Will be continued….

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  6. Aarti32

    Kya yaar..Dev is so harsh

    1. RiyaDcruz

      He’s harsh coz hw can he be nyc to her he doesn’t knw nythng abt anjali he was very happy tht he’s gng 2 marry his love bt when he gt 2 knw tht d 1 who he married is nt anjaly her sister….

      1. Aarti32


    2. sare dev aese ni hote… ma’m

  7. Erina

    Nyc part waitingggg for next….. Happy after seeing something new n fresh……
    Plzzz post soon…..

  8. Amazing….? dev is too rude but yeah…his situation can be understood

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    Finally devakshi got married post next part doon dear

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