Ishqbazz ( two shots ) by pari episode -2 *last part*

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Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Guys if you didn’t like it. Sorry for boring you all. But still thanks to them who comented. Sorry due to some problems i couldn’t replied you back.

Link for Previous episode

Episode 1

Okay let’s start it

Ishana was doing all her work like always. But till now she has hope that one day om will definitely come back to her. It’s already 1 month passed but no news of him. She has tried to access inquiry about him but in her nearest place no one knew him. But still she didn’t lose hope.

One day morning

Ishana pov

Today lata aunty came near me and asked me to do her job . Actually her brother is getting married so she need to go to her brothers house but she can’t take leave. So she request me to do her part when she wasn’t here. She told me that she’ll give me half money but i refused her as much money i’m earning it was enough for me. So I told her yes. She told me that from the next day i can join there.

Lata -sun yaar sir was very strict so…

Ishana – that’s okay yaar tell me which of our boss were not strict.

Lata – no its not like that he was a khadoos so

Ishana – don’t worry I’ll handle it.

Lata -he was khadoos but very much handsome yaar.

Ishana – what I’ll do?

Lata -if you like him…

Ishana – are you mad?You know how much i love om then hoe can you even think about this.

Lata -sorry i was joking. But i didn’t see him.

Ishana – at that time you are not here na . I know he’ll definitely come back. My love will force him to return. You will see..

Lata -I also pray that only. Okay now i’m going. Bye and here is the house adress.

Ishana – okay bye. She took the paper and read that adress.

Next day morning

I reached the place early because i don’t want to make a bad impression on the first day itself. When i reached there i was shocked to see the house. It was like a bungalow that i have seen in the movies. I entered the house and one man come near me and introduce himself. He was my senior there. He also repeat the same like our boss was very khadoos. I avoid it and went to the kitchen to make the breakfast. The chef told me to make only salad as our boss eat only that. But i told him that today our boss will eat something extra. I made puri. He went to serve that one. I was scared hearing because he was getting scolded. Finally my turn came and i went infront of him bending my head down. He scolded me alot then suddenly i raised my head. I was again shocked. He was none other than my om. When i entered the house i feel something strange but i avoided that. Now i understand why i feel like that. Seeing him i feel my tears had already started coming. I saw into his eyes ,he was also shocked to see me. Suddenly i realised that now i’m at work.

Ishana – i’m really sorry sir, I’ll not repeat the same mistake again . Please forgive me this time.

After saying this line i run to the kitchen again without waiting for his reply. I run there and started crying.

Ishana – why god? Why you are doing like this?Why you always separated me from my relatives. I was a stupid how can i believe him. May be my life was full of like this.

Om pov

Today i saw ishana. She was working in my house. But after i left from that place i had never been courage to face her. But again i hurt her. Today im ashamed of myself.

Then I went near her. She was crying. I feel to run near her and hug her tightly. But i stopped myself. I went near her and send all other people. She saw me but she also started leaving. I hold her hand and stopped her.

Om – i’m sorry.

Ishana – it’s okay sir,you all rich people are like this only. You never respect your servants. How can I expect some more thing from you.

Om – i’m not like that.

Ishana – sir, I’m here to do my friends work. So please bear me till I’m here. And saying this she left from there.

Om – I know you are very much hurt ishana. But…

Then he also left from there.

Ishana pov

I tried my best not to talk with him. But i failed. It’s after three days of my joining date, I went to his room to call him for dinner. I saw his hand was bleeding. May be he had hurted himself. I couldn’t stop myself. I run to him and gives him first aid. And hugged him tightly. Finally i did that.  He also hugged me. I cried my heart out. He just pacified me. And then we started talking. Then again we started spending time . I think i forgave him.

Om pov

Again my life became full of fun. I’m enjoying my life again. Me and ishana we both spent some quality time. I’m feeling my house was became like previous one. But I know these are of short lived. When she’ll come back… god please stop her. I don’t want her to return . I thought to tell ishana the truth .

Ishana pov

It’s already 10 days I’m in om’s house. Now I think i can not live without him . all the other servant were telling me that because of me his boss was finally living like a good person. He wasn’t arrogant now. That day when I entered i saw everyone is preparing the house . I understand some party was going to held. I tried to remember but it’s not om’s birthday. I didn’t ask anyone and started helping them. I was in the kitchen the whole day. I tried but couldn’t meet om. He wasn’t there in the house. In the evening all people started coming. I was serving everyone. I saw it’s a birthday party. It’s written that happy birthday Ridhima. I tried to remember who is she but have no idea. Suddenly i heared the host welcome a couple. Wel come Mr and Mrs oberoi. I was shocked because om was coming down with a girl beside him. She was holding his hand tightly and then they give photos to the media people. I ask one of the servant he told me that she was om’s wife. I couldn’t believe myself. Again he ditched me but why? What’s my fault that i love him . Om saw me . Then they both cut the cake. I couldn’t control myself more and by making a sick excuse i run from there .

Om pov

I know i again hurt ishana alot. After sometime i also searched for her. One servant told me that she has some health issues. That’s why she left. But i know the reason. I tried to find her but was in vain. Then i went to the sea shore. I was right she was there. The same place where we meet eachother for the first time. I saw her sitting. I went near her but seeing me she started leaving.

Om – ishana please listen to me.

Ishana – why you did it om?what was my fault. I love you may be it was my mistake. You hide such a big thing om.

Om – i’m really sorry ishana but just listen to me once.

Ishana – no not a single word Mr. I was mistaken. And she started leaving but stopped hearing om.

Om – Ridhima was the reason because of her i took drugs.

Ishana – she turned towards om with a lot of having questions in her mind.

Om – yes,ishana she was the reason. My father was a selfish person ishana. He never cared for me. In fact it didn’t matter for him. To get a big contract he let me get married to Ridhima as her father kept this condition. I was missing my mom if she was here na then she will definitely stop that. After marriage I thought to do samjhota and did friendship with her. At the starting everything was fine. Then we fall in love. I thought for the first time my father had taken a good decision for me. I was thanking him. But my happiness didn’t stated for a long time. One night i saw ishana with an another boy in my bedroom. When i asked her she told me that he was her love. My dream,my happiness everything ended. Then i started taking drugs. She didn’t stayed in my house it’s depend on her mood. She wasn’t here when you got me. When i stayed with you i came to know what is life and how to live it. I fell in love with you. But the day i sudden vanished from you because Ridhima had returned from her trip.

Ishana – she hugged him tightly. I’m sorry om. I never thought that what you are going through. But why didn’t you divorce her.

Om – it’s because of money. She doesn’t want to leave the lavish life style. And i don’t want to stay there ishana. I want to live with you.

Ishana – you don’t worry I’ll think something. Tell me one thing if you will get some prove about her second life I mean how she was cheating you then …

Om – then it will be easy for me to divorce her.

Ishana – I’ll talk with you tomorrow. Now I’m not going to leave you Mr. Now you go that dayan was waiting for you.

Om – okay bye. And he kissed her forehead.

After six months

Om pov

Today I got divorced from Ridhima. Finally she was out from my life. Don’t know but somehow we get some photos of Ridhima and her bf and it made my case strong. Now I’ll do only one thing. Want to get married ishana.

And then he proposed ishana. And after some days they get married and then they stay happily with each other.

It ends. …..

Guys love was very much easy because people get fall in love easily but if they had passed the test made by destiny then their love became example for others. In this story ishana and om’s love was so true that finally they win. They face many problems but finally get United.

So friends it’s the last part. I know I bored you all. Sorry for that. Okay guys bye and take care. Wish you all the very best for your life have a wonderful life ahead.

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  1. Shivika

    Wowwwwww…..loved it….a true heart touching story

  2. Kavya347

    Hi pari. You and your story both are just so so so sooooooo awesome. Really very beautifully expressed. Loved it to the core. ?????Ishkara fighting for their love and Omi married with Riddhima.???…..Those were really interesting twists yaar. Characterization was great too. And the e happy ending-???…yeah????????….Tysm for this beautiful story. Hope that you will again come back with another one☺

  3. Awesome amazing

  4. Fabulous.. loved it to the core…

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