Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 19 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 19
Hi everyone. I know everyone is angry on me as i didn’t update from a long time. I am sorry. My health was not good and immediately i was surrounded with assignments. I am really sorry. Now i will update regularly. I will try to give another update by morning. If not possible then by night i will update. Sorry for being late. Now i will not delay and present you the story

San is thinking what to do and how to convince rags that he loves her only. he tries to call rags but the call didn’t connect.(it is switched off by advi).
Viren :bhai her phone is here only. He then tries to call adi but adi doesn’t take his call.
San : did he too left his phone here
Viren : bhai he is angry on u and decided not to speak with u
san angrily glares at viren
Viren sees him and asks now what did i do. You are glaring at me. San nods nothing and goes from there. San is totally irritated.
He goes to her room to feel her presence. He sits on her bed and observes a diary under her pillow
He opens it and finds that she wrote all her special moments with san in it. Everything is about san in it. He reads the diary

San do u know i am so happy today. I was missing u a lot and u decided to come here to spend few days with me during my holidays. For my sake u are doing exchange program here. I love u soooo much.
You know san i intentionally eat icecreams during night. So that u will stay with me taking care of me. I like it when u be with me. I feel like i don’t need anyone other than u when u are beside me.
I know you like to study a lot. So i met many officials to get the form. I thought you will be far from me for an year for ur studies but it is unfair right if i don’t support u. I will support in everything u do to see a smile on your face which is the reason to my breathe.
I am waiting for the day when this exams will complete so that i can come to you. I am missing you so much
I am afraid san to listen from you that you don’t love me. I cant bear it. So i will hide my feelings and be with u as a friend for my whole life. I love u a lot san.
I am coming to Mumbai tomorrow. I will be meeting you after an year. I am very eager to meet u and see the happiness on your face when u see the admission file.
Today i am happy as i saw my san. He is same like before. Always caring and loving
Today i got struck in the building. That manager tried to misbehave with me. No one other than sanky has a right on me. If the manager had done something i would have died. My heart, my body, my soul everything is of sanskars only. He is my life

As always san is beside me when i was afraid of my nightmare. I love u san
Our company is in problem and me and san are working together. Its my dream to work with him. I am living every moment happily. These are the memorable moments
Today all came to know that i love san and forced me to act along with them to make san realise his love. I hope he loves me.
I lost my san today. He loves someone. I am sad but also happy for my friend. He has a right to select his life partner and i hope she is good wholoves my san a lot.
Everyone are blaming san but what is his fault that he doesn’t love me. Everyone has a choice to choose their life partner.
************pyaar ek khoobsurat sa ehsaas na jane kab kaha kis se ho jaye. Phir chale raste mein kitni bhi problems kyu na aye do pyaar karne vale to milker hi rehte hai kyunki unki milna to bhagavan ne pehle hi likha hua hota hai***************
San also reads her poems which she wrote for him
**********************************************************************************San get tears in his eyes after
reading the diary. He understands how madly she loves him and only him. He observes tear marks in the last few pages and thinks how she might have felt after listening his convo with photo.he decides something and goes down
San : you all get ready. We are going to village.
DP : beta we can go tomorrow. Its late
San : papa please let us go today. She might be crying there and i don’t want to be late. She is pagal. If she do something wrong
Viren : bhai she promised that she will not do anything. Its night and roads are not too good. It will be difficult to travel. We will start early morning
San agrees after a lot of persuasion from anyone. San convinces everyone to not inform about his love being rags as he want to see her happiness on that time. All agrees and didn’t inform to either adi,dadi or dadu
Harish, avantika, dp and viren are happy. San is sad as he is the reason for her tears. He turns back to go to his room
Avantika ; sees him and says beta have dinner
San : maa i am not hungry. He goes from there without listening to other 4 calling him
DP : leave him avantika. Something that he didn’t expect happened. Let him come out of it first.
All agrees had their dinner and left to rooms
San is in rags room only and reading her diary. It has almost all their moments and he is remembering their moments
*****************IN VILLAGE********************

Rags is sitting on the terrace. She is crying silently seeing the moon and remembering their happy moments
Rags : i love you san but i will never let u know that.
San : i love u rags and i will confess to u as early as possible

Next day morning
All are ready to start to village. They are in pujamandir and prays for their happiness
They had their breakfast and starts to village
Rags is seen sleeping on the floor on the terrace. She wakes up when adi shakes her
He sees her red and swollen eyes and feels bad but don’t want to mention it to her
Adi ; rags u slept here only. Go and get freshen up now. Today we will go to fields and play as we used to play in childhood
She smiles thinking that he is saying everything to make her happy and nods
Episode ends on her face

PRECAP : may be ragsan confession

Hope everyone liked the story. Will be waiting for the comments. Sorry if there are any errors. Please let me know if i am too slow or too fast in pointing the story. I will update regularly
I want to start a new story. Please say should i write it on ragsan or raglak

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