The Magical Love ( Chapter 4) ~ chiku

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Hello guys. I am back. Thank u soooo much for all your comments. ???
I am soo sorry i wasnt able to reply to all your comments.

Hope u all missed my ff???



Its been three days, i didnt go out from my appartment. Nobody to talk, nobody to hang out with. I feel like i am dieing slowly and gradually. I video chatted with my mom for four hours each day in these three days. It feels like ages. I am crying continuously and not eating anything. I am sick but i cannot live like this for four more days. So i decied to go out. I wore my normal tshirt, ripped jeans, snickers took my handbag and put my burberry shades and stepped out of my appartment.

I was walking when i suddenly bumped into someone and i feel down with that persons bags all over me. I removed my shades and took those bag and kept then aside. Then i stood and up and suddenly a feeling of happiness spread in my viens, in my blood , in my brain and in every part of my body. Nupur, rishi and kunj were infront of me. I felt very good to see someone i know.
Twinkle your eyes are completely red, did you cry? Asked nupur.
I nodded my head and she hugged me tightly.
Cmmon twinkle dont cry she said patting my back.
Why were you crying?? Asked nupur
I didnt had anyone to go out with. From last three days i am in my appartment. I dont know what to do. I was very upset and i ended up crying.
Awww my baby she said and hugged me tightly.
You dont have to cry.. we are their for you and I seriously love your company girl. So chill and now dont cry she said.
But i cannot disturb you all. What you all will think about me ? I said
No twinkle its not like that. Dont think like this. We are friends said kunj with a wide grin. I also gave him a smile but a very small one.

Your highness stop crying said rishi dramatically which made me laugh hard and the very next moment i heard click. I saw the trio clicking my picture.
Look you look amazing when you laugh said the three.
I quickly engulfed them in a long hug and they also responded to it.
Instantly after the hug rishi made a watsapp group consisting all four of us. You three are very sweet i said with a smile.
Not more that you said kunj with a wink.
Twinkle lets go for shopping. Come said nupur.

Now the fun beginsss… we did hell lot of shopping. Rishi and kunj were caring our bags. They were completely frustrated with this thing. Although half of the things were of kunj and rishi. Who said boys dont do shopping?? They do and they are more shopohollaic than girls. I have alive example too.

Lets go to my home i said. Okay said nupur insntantly. Nupur is a very sweet girl, very bubbly, cute, outgoing, extrovert and a fun loving girl. Rishi is same as nupur. Perfectly made for each other.

We went to our home and nupur ordered some extra cheezy pizzas and pastas and coke. I switched on the tv and had put songs on loud sound.

Breakup party song started and rishi started dancing like a poll dancer. I was recording his dance, nupur had a shocking expression on her face , I recorded that too. Kunj was laughing hard seeing his brothers new shade.

I never knew my lovely brother who earns in millions everyday will give complex to pole dancers said kunj chuckling.
Thats not funny kunj, i never knew my too be husband is like this said nupur with a kind of annoyed face.
Oh jaan how was it asked rishi sitting next to nupur looking completely drained.
Suddenly the door bell rang and we all shouted pizzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa like a small enthusiastic kid whos mother let him eat pizza after ages.. i am feeling good now.

We ate our pizzas while playing, dancing, telling our secrets and childhood stories which we loved once. Sharing our memories and creating new ones. We clicked pictures, made videos, musically, captured each and every weird expression of each other. I had one regret for tonight and that i was unable to make kunj dance. Whenever he showed some courage and agreed to dance , some raunchy or item number played and he would end up blushing like a newly wed bride. I will surely make him dance one day I thought and chuckled on my own thought. How cute he will look dancing on a raunchy or item number. I shared my this thought with nupur and we both laughed like manicas making boys completely confused. They had no hint what we were imagining about them. They both dancing on item numbers and me and nupur wistling like a road side romeo.ohh gody god, i dont know why I always imagine weird and stupid things.

They stayed tonight with me because it was pretty late and they would have got scoldings fromuncle aunty, so I became their protector and save them from their villan parents. Nupur live with rishi and kunj, the conclusion is i save three innocent kids from two villans. Oh god i dont know why I always think that i am a superhero and all those stuff. Side effects of reading novels I thought and chuckled standing alone in my kitchen.
Good night kunj and rishi i said.
Good night said rishi and kunj.
Me and nupur were in one room and rishi and kunj in the another. I layed next to nupur who was already asleep. I pulled blanket over me and closed my eyes.

I hope it was not boring. Guys plz do comment. Its only my support system ????

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Guys i am hell busy thats y i am very late. Ill try posting soon. Doo comment??

Love u all???

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  1. Sameera

    Haha so cute yaar Sachi kunj on item number hahaha loved it to the core …
    So sweet episode seriously nupur and rishi is so cute …
    Loved it so cont soon …

  2. Sohi

    Wow it was amazing
    They share good bond
    Hahaha twinkles were funny ?
    About kunj and rishi
    Do continue

  3. Hey chiku,
    Wowwwww its AMAZING,????? Reading it i had a smile on my face ☺☺ Love their bond ?? nd weird thngs to ?? aww kunj blushing like girl’s while dancing ?? LOVE It,❤❤❤❤ Now Plz post soon ?? Love you ???

  4. SidMin

    Loved it …..?
    So sweet ….. ❤
    I really liked the pole dance part it was just too good …..?
    Are you on hangout ?????
    I have your email id I have sent you an invite but no reply ….. ? chal koi nahe
    Love you post soon ….???

    1. Chiku

      Sorry yaar for no reply???i am not on hangout. I didnt check my email id from months??

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Chiku
    it was really good
    please post soon

  6. Presha

    Hey chiku awesome yaar loved it
    But u r very late
    Plz post soon

  7. Aamna_2690

    CHIKU!! It is fab dear??…. loved it??uff! There fun was awsum…. post next one soon…

  8. SidMin23

    It was super waiting for next post

  9. Fabulous episode chiku I loved it

  10. My ID is sushmitha2689

  11. Baby

    awww…….shooo sweet dese 3 are♥
    they made twinkle laugh smile n masti all was too cute hahhaaaa
    n pole dancer rishi hahahhaaa osm☺
    maza hi aagya bindass☺☺hahhaaa still laughing coz
    kunj dancing on item number hayee maine toh ma rhi jana hai…………☺☺☺
    loved it adorable cute♥♥☺☺☺♥♥
    love u shoooooo mch chocopie♥♥

  12. Mahi

    Sweet one like u chiku

  13. Kruti

    Hey chiku
    That was amazing….kunj on item number???
    Continue asap

    Loads of love

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous funny fantastic epi

  15. Aksa_Nikoria(NFT)

    Sorryyy I am very lateeee
    The epii was superb
    Bechari twinki she was feeling very lonelyy

    And this trio are superb yaarr
    And rishi lol
    Love ya post the next one ASAP

  16. RUTU.....

    Hey chicku amazing awesome fantastic episode dear just loved it post next one soon and are you like if I follow you on instagram do tell me about it, love you ???

    1. Chiku

      Offcourse. I would love if u follow me??nd u will get a follow back too???

  17. Shalini15

    Hey Chiku episode was awesome marvelous nd funny too…twinkles thoughts are very funny nd kunj item dance hayeee soch kar mujhe bhi hasi aa rahi hai… loved the episode… too cute… try to post next asap…

    Nd I’m only on FB n TU… nd my fb name is SG SG so if you are there you can contact with me….

    Love you♥♥

    1. Chiku

      Sorry di i am not on fb???mom doesnt allow me

  18. Awwwwww chiku
    Awesome amazing sooooooo cuuuttteeee
    N u know even I think always about wierd things like twinkle
    Superb just loved it
    N sooo cute
    So sry fr late busy this
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Amazing episode
    Twinkles thoughts are funny
    Do continue

  20. Aanya_pandey

    Yrr wat an update just loved that aweosme foursome bond.. really soo good!!!

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    Amazing chapter! Post the next one soon! Love you! x

  22. Affaa

    Chamcham I’m back tu… I just going to post my second season.. Intro… I know ur bzy… But I’m proud ur taking care of ur ammi.. I’m proud to that ur my sis… Not only bcoz ur taking care of ammi.. Because ur amazing writer… U made me speechless… Superb… I hope ur ammi will get well soon… I’ll do dua for her… U don’t worry… When u get free pls try to next episode… I’m waiting…

    With lots of ur di Affa

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