Swasan: I love u only u (epi-8)

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Hello guys I’m Back with another chappy I’m sorry for the late I have kept bet with my friend that I will score 2cr in Temple Run 2 bcoz of that I involved in that game anyways finally I got succeed in that I’m happy for that but I’m sry for not updating till now
I know I’m very late but sorry for the late wishes guys wish u all a ” happy sankranti ”

Thank u for all readers for loving my ff Im unable to thank individual I’m sorry for that but thank u so much for comments

Guys I’m from south and u all know south and north relations will be different
1st I’m sry for my mistake in south we call our partners mamu has Babai (chacha) I don’t know even in this relation is also differs from north and south thats the reason I wrote swara mamu has papa for Sanskar but now I will change it and give mamu in that
I hope I have cleared all ur doughts

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Screen starts with
Prathap observe Ayush in hands of sujata (sujata was holding Ayush in her hands)
Prathap: who s that little kid
All smiles
Sumi: he is my son bhaiya
Prathap: Matlab he is Ayush ( guys I told u prathap know everything about Sanskar family issue)
He went near Ayush and try to take him in his arms
But Ayush was not going bcoz he was prathap 1st time so he was feeling little uncomfortable
But prathap is prathap he took chocolate from his pocket he was. Tempting Ayush showing ? to him
Ayush: arey uncle u arl not kild to eat ? u have to give me to eat (angryly)
Prathap: acha u want ? then come to me
Ayush: 1st ?
Prathap forwarded ? to him soon Ayush went in his hands he played with Ayush sometime

Soon All completed their dinner (sumi made Ayush slept in one of the room )
All went near garden to spend time with each other
Soon Men’s business talks not prathap and ladies their stupid chit chat expect swara

Swara: mamu shall we play a game I’m getting bored with their stupid talks
Prathap: ha Swara even me getting bored chalo we will play hide And seek
Swara: hide and seek We are not kids mamu to play hide and seek
Prathap: so wt we will become kids now
U know when I’m small I wished to play hide and Seek with ur mom but she was too small to play and that to it was my favorite game plz hide and seek Swara
Swara: smiles and say okie now Wait I will come. Saying this she went inside and got and plate and spoon

Prathap: y u got this plate and spoon (confusingly)
Swara: arey mamu u don’t know if they involved in their talks na they come out easily now see my magic
She went near them started to make sound so that they stop their talks

All: swaraaaaaaa
Y u r making this stupid sound
Swara: bocz me and mamu wants to play a hide and seek game
Sumi/sanskar: wt hide and seek game are u kid to play hide and seek game swara/shona
Prathap make pout listening Them
Swara: ohhh hello u both stop And play with me and mamu
Saying this she went near Sanskar and whispers if u don’t play na then u will be out of the room for month
Sanskar: (listening this) nooo
Swara startled for his sudden act and sumi confusingly wt happen Sanskar
Sanskar: maa ntg chalo we will play game (glaring swara)
She chuckles for seeing him

Swara: okie now chalo all should play this game and ha no cheating and Mamu will count no. We all should hide
Soon prathap started counting numbers
1,2 …….10
All hide Swara went and hide at the back of bed But same place Where occupied by some other person that is our hero
Swara: u monkey y r u hiding here go and some where na
Sanskar: no I will hide here only and wt u said U will throw me out for month ha
Saying this he holds her through the waist tightly And hugging her Swara was in his laps now And Sanskar leaned to the bed

Swara lost in his touch she was feeling heavenly soon she came to senses with his love bite on her neck she gasped in pain
Swara: ahhh Sanskar
Sanskar smiles sheepishly
Swara glare him angrily Sanskar smiles sheepishly Both soon started staring each other lovingly

On other side prathap Was searching for all he founded all of them except our swasan
Prathap: are you I got all but where is swasan
Uttara: hoga kayi ek saath
Sumi: no no beta they went in different ways I have seen them going in different directions
Uttara: but sumi. Maa u don’t know bhai I’m sure they will be somewhere doing their romance
Sujata: arey chori wt r u talking chup kar
Chalo we will find them
Uttara makes pout
All started searching them uttara saw swara Saree pallu back of bed

But our both swara where lost in their own world
Uttara smiles naughty went near them and shouted loudly In their ears
Uttara: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Swasan came to senses Listening uttara sound all came near her
Sanskar: Uttara pagal Hogan’s go kya y r u shouting
Uttara: to get u both to this world
Both where embarrassed listening her All are controlling their laugh Seeing their expressions

Prathap: arey va I don’t know That khadoos and strict business man like Sanskar will be this much romantic (teasingly)
Listening this Sanskar was more embarrassed and left from with phone excuse
Sanskar: on phone hello hello he left the place
All laughed seeing him soon swara went from there running

After sometime it’s almost 12:00
Sanskar: mama ji we will leave now
Prathap: arey Who said u ppl will leave today no no u ppl have to stay here (he wants to spend time with sumi)
Sanskar: mama ji (before he completes sentence he was Interpted by swara)
Swara: okie okie mamu we will stay here
Sanskar looked at her she nodded to keep him silent
Prathap smiled widely and showed their respective room for all go them

Swasan room
Both are sleeping on bed cuddling each other tightly swara was doing patterns on her love chest
Swara: Sanskar I’m so happy today maa has a brother Sanskar
U know wt when ever I see uttara na I feel that she was so blessed that she got a brother like u u care for her protect her Kaash even I have brother (teary eyes)
Sanskar: (teasingly)Swara y r u crying u also have na ur little body guard if he Come to know u crying na he definitely kill me
(dramatically) God plz save me from her body guard still I didn’t even became father
Swara: stop ur drama okie
Sanskar: acha madam I will stop now we have to sleep I’m very sleepy saying this he tighten his grip on her soon both dosed off

Screen freezes on swasan……

Precap: don’t know……

Okie guys bye ?
Keep smiling…..

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        Ohkk..I am frm AP…I stay in vizag

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  5. Amazing update… just a request to see swara pregnant… pls post next update soon…

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      Thank u dharshaini

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      I will give swara good news but after few chappies darshaini till then stay tuned

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