Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Shivani suddenly sees Raghu hiding and starts walking towards other side of the pool when Karan stops her and tells her there is noone around but Shivani says she feels as if Raghu is present there only on which Karan says its just her imagination while Raghu in the meantime manages to escape from there ; Shivani in disappointed tone then tells Karan to go and hv dinner after realising Raghu is not around ; Raghu on the other hand tells to himself that Shivani is just like a kid who is feeling sad today because he dint turn up for dinner but tomorrow she will realise that he is doing all this for her happiness only and then he even apologises to his own self for lieing to Shivani about the dinner date but feels he did right thing by arranging this dinner for her and Karan

Roopesh is shown hving a argument with a paanwala as he was unable to pay him back ; On returning home Bela further hands over the electricity bill to him and asks him to pay it while she will go and visit Shivani to ask her about the date ; Seeing the Electricity bill ,Roopesh wonder how can he pay this one when he has no money to even buy a paan …

Shivani returns home and sees Raghu enjoying his dinner with Sumitra and seeing this Shivani feels all heartbroken ; Raghu starts to pretend and tells Sumitra about how he could not go for dinner with Shivani making sure Shivani overhears it ; Sumitra tells Raghu that she is happy to catch up with him ; Sumitra sees Shivani standing outside the door and addresses her when Raghu too sees her and asks how was her dinner with Karan on which Shivani is further shocked and disheartened and asks him in sarcastic tone how can it b good without him ; All this while Bela was standing there only overhearing the entire convo between Raghu-Shivani and Sumitra and feels bad for Shivani

After Shivani leaves , Bela confronts Raghu and questions him in anger about why is he playing with Shivani’s emotions and making fun of her love in this manner ; Sumitra tries to interfere when Bela shuts her up by saying that this is a convo between brother and sister , so she better stay out of it ; Bela then further tells Raghu that its better to break this relationship and throw Shivani out of the house than giving her false hopes and playing with her emotions in this manner … Raghu remains quiet while Bela leaves ; Sumitra then tells Raghu not to feel bad about what Bela said because he is doing right by uniting Karan and Shivani for Shivani’s happiness only which Bela will later realise in future … After Raghu too leaves from there , Sumitra gives her usual evil smirk and tells to herself that Bela said one thing right about Shivani leaving the house but its more fun to see her suffer in this house itself

Upstairs Shivani tries hard to remove her earrings but not able to do so and feels the pain while doing it ; Raghu sees her in pain and also tears in her eyes when he comes near her and tells her that let him remove her earrings ; Raghu then slowly removes both her earrings while do dil song plays in background and Shivani feels good ; While removing the earrings Raghu tells to himself that he wish Shivani could understand why he is doing all this ; Shivani too asks to herself why is Raghu pushing her away from him ; Raghu then tells to himself that they both r like shitij (horizon) who can never unite or come together but he will b always there for her like a shadow and will always want to see her happy from a distance ; Shivani then tells to herself that her real happiness is with him only and all her love is also for him , she wanted to look beautiful today only for him but if he only does not appreciate or accept her love and beauty , then all this is of no use since she is nothing without him ; Finally Raghu removes both r earrings and their self-talks too come to an end here ( Silent Convo between both was good actually .. they were answering each other’s questions silently to their own self as if they already knew what the other person wants to ask even without really talking to each other directly ) ; Before leaving Raghu turns back and tells Shivani that she is looking beautiful in his mother’s saree that she is wearing on which Shivani’s face brightens up with the compliment and she gives a pleasant smile to Raghu ; Even Raghu feels relaxed seeing her smile (Even then Raghu dont realise what makes her real happy )

At night Karan calls up Raghu and tells him that he tried a lot but he feels Shivani really loves him(Raghu) only and so there is no point playing this game as its not right to play with Shivani’s emotions in this manner when he can clearly see that even in that date Shivani’s eyes were nonstop searching for her Raghu only ; Karan says he cannot go ahead with this anymore and puts down the phone …

When Raghu is deep asleep at night , Ginni silently comes there and steals Karan’s mobile number from Raghu’s phone but after coming downstairs she gets caught by Maya ; Surprisingly Maya supports Ginni’s crush over Karan and encourages her to call up Karan

Next morning Karan at his house is drawing a portrait of Shivani and telling to himself how much he loved her but its his bad luck that she never loved him back when Raghu comes with some files to meet him up at his house ; Raghu asks Karan why he dint come to office today when Karan gives an excuse of not well and says he will come tomorrow on which Raghu tells him that he wants to talk to him about something but Karan says he knows its about Shivani but he dont want to talk about that subject anymore and asks Raghu to leave for office now while he will meet up tomorrow …

After Raghu leaves , Karan once again starts talking to Shivani’s portrait and tells how he wanted to propose Shivani before leaving for America but that time Shivani told him about his marriage to Abhimanyu and so he was left all heartbroken when he leaves for America , today after so many yrs when he returns back , he finds Shivani is in love with Raghu now , sighh my destiny ; Just then Raghu comes from behind and says Shivani is your destiny .. Episode ends

Precap : Raghu says look at destiny , if he dint forget these files then I would hv never come to his house and would hv never known about his love for Shivani on which Karan tells Raghu that I never wanted you to know about my love for Shivani but Raghu assures Karan that now I will make sure Karan and Shivani unites forever …

Update Credit to: jyoti06

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  3. poor shivani feeling very bad for her cant raghu see that she truley loves him and can do anything for him

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