Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev meditates in the Smashan, and Parvati Devi is dancing the Rudra Tandava (very gracefully and full of anger). She remembers Kartikeya accepting defeat and resigning his post. Vibrations emerge from her and become an energy sphere around her. Mahadev becomes shocked at this anger and asks Parvati to calm down, since these energies can destroy the universe. Parvati becomes even more furious, and Mahadev appears there, absorbing all the enegative energies into himself. Parvati stands looking very upset.


Narada asks his father about this leela. Brahma replies that this leela was to prevent Mata’s destructive energies from engulfing the universe. By doing this, Mahadev has saved even Mata Parvati from her own extreme anger. Saraswati Devi speaks. (Are Waah! Vagdevi boli!)
She says it is impossible for a mother to hold her anger and grief when her son is insulted. But Mahadev’s timely intervention saved the universe from destruction.


Mahadev repeats the above dialogues and says that though Parvati is justified in her anger, Kartikeya has the right to take his decisions. Parvati says how can she ignore her son’s grief? From his birth he has been distanced from his mother. Why is he suffering like this? It is due to Mahadev’s promise to Banasura that Kartikeya is suffering now.

Mahadev replies that it is neither Kartikeya’s nor Parvati’s punishment, but this time in solitude will polish Kartikeya’s understanding, and he will understand his importance in our life and our importance in his. It takes lot of bravery to do what Karitkeya did. Parvati replies that she is very proud of her son, but she does not want to be away from her son for being proud of him. Mahadev promises that he himself will bring Muruga back. Parvati then asks, who will be Deva Senapati, Mahadev replies someone who is capable of upholding the high standards set by Kartikeya. (Hint: No one.)


At Swargaloka, Suryadev asks who will be the next senapati? One deva says no one is as capable as Kartikeya. But Brihaspati says they cannot leave the Senapati position vacant, as Banasura poses threat to them. Agnidev then recounts his meeting with Mahadev and that he is ready to help in any way. If he gets the chance, he will control Bana. Brihaspati asks Indra’s opinion. Indra, (in a very Un-Indra style) says he will decide after talking to Mahadev.
Brihaspati is happy.


Bana tells Vani that Mahadev has sent his blessings in the form of a flag, Usha will be so proud of him for defeating all the people. Only one yoddha is left. Vani is worried that Banasura is mistaking Mahadev’s curse as blessing. She wonders who can be that person to defeat Banasur when Mahadev is himself protecting him.


Balarama orders a search party for searching for some asuras. Aniruddha asks whether he can go, but Balarama says no. Chitralekha secretly sees all this. Balarama leaves, and Aniruddha is restless to do something.


Mahadev tells Indra it his his decision to choose the Senapati, and Indra sugegsts Agnidev as he himself volunteered.Mahadev says it is his decision, but a Senapati shouild be able to keep up the sanctity and reputation of his position. If he thinks Agnidev is the only person, then so be it. Indra thanks him and disappears.


Banasura tells Usha that he has proved his supremacy over all, symbolised by the flag of Muruga. But Usha says no, this is not the proof of his supremacy. This is the symbol that there is a person stronger than Banasura, who he will one day fight. This is the truth, believe it or not. The flag is the symbol of his defeat, for which he should get ready. Banasur is furious.He says that she should respect him for his might. He has done all this for her happiness and the pratishtha of his family.

Usha syas that the respect which she had for him will always be there, regardless whether he is Trilokadhipati or not. He was always her father, and she never wants him to be harmed. She and her mother have always cared for him. Is it necessary to keep enmity with everyone? Can’t he be without any enemies? Whether it is Kartikeya, who is like her brother, or any other king. Whether he is Suryavanshi, Somavanshi, Ikshvakuvanshi, Manuvanshi… or even Yaduvanshi!

Banasura says he can be allies with anyone except those Yaduvanshis! If they attack again, I will once more defeat them! If they are that arrogant, he will continuously break that arrogance!
Parallel to this, Aniruddha is attacking asuras, and Chitralekha is spying. The asuras surround him.

Precap: Narada says, the asuras have not done the correct thing by kidnapping Sri Krishna’s grandson. Balarama storms into court, calling Krishna. Kailasa members are intently waiting for Krishna to come. Mahadev describes Krishna as the Purna Purusha, the one who will teach the world about Bhakti and Karma Yoga, and install dharma once again. (Krishna walking in the background. How many more days will he walk?)

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