Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajath calling someone, informing that he is in India and will need some more time to come back. Rahul asks Rajath that he needs help from him to find out if Sammy did a deal with Sid or not. Rajath says it does not make a difference now. Rahul says though Sammy is not with them now, he cannot see his name spoilt like this. Rajath asks if he is doing it for Vikram. Rahul says yes and says Sid and Vikram had a tiff and he would not like his son Sammy having a partnership with Sid. Sid tried to create differences between Ram and Vikram. He wants to say Vikram that his son Sammy was right and did not make any deal with Sid. Rajath says he will call his lawyer and find out what to do.

Priya remembers Ram’s words that god does not listen him and wants them separated, he will be with her in next life, and she telling him to believ her and she will not let him happen anything. Priya says she is feeling very helpless and is not able to prove Ram’s innocence, but she will fullfill her promise and her love towards him in every life. She then goes into flashback about the time spent with Ram. Serial’s title song plays in the background…

Mamaji runs on the exercise and thinks of breaking his record of 20 minutes. Rajath comes and praises mamaji for being so fit at this age. Mamaji says he has to be strong. Rajath says he is looking insecure and is practicing to run away. Mamaji asks Rajath if he can read his face. Rajath says he does not know about others but can read his face. He says he is looking confused and tensed. Mamaji says he is teling 100% right. Rajath says he is writing a new novel and in that novel, murder happens and doubt goes on an elderly family member. Mamaji gets tensed. Rajath gives him water to drink and asks him to relax. Mamaji thinks he should be careful about Rajath.

Priya informs about the proofs she got to the lawyers. Lawyers says without strong proof, they cannot win back the case. Rajath comes there and asks if she got any more evidence. She gives him another glove she got from Suhani/Khush’s cupboard and says she cannot believe Khush has done it. Rajath says she must feel bad, but wants to tell something and says Khush must have done it for Suhani’s sake. He asks why did he target Ram then. Priya says he did not give importance to money and came with her and did not want to come back, then why did he do that. Rajath says we should investigate further and check.

Priya sees Pihu having dinner and Khush taking care of Suhani and asking her not to eat spicy food. She also sees mamaji and other family members and thinks they cannot do that as they are very close to Mr. Kapoor. Lawyer comes there and meets Priya. He informs her that Ram had called him in jail and wanted to inform him about his business power of attorney. He says he gave his power of attorney to Khush. Everyone is shocked to hear that.

Rajath checks the will and gets happy. Priya thinks Ram gave Khush power of attorney as he believes Khush and does not believe Sid and mamaji. Khush says Priya that he does not want all this as he is happy without it. Mamaji hugs Khush and says he should not reject this offer. Khush says Priya that he needs her well wishes and says if she is not happy that he is handling Ram’s business. Priya says him all the best and says Ram must have thought well and give you this opportunity. She asks him not to give importance to money than relationship, if money is lost it can be earned, but if relationship is lost, it is very difficulty to earn. She says she knows he is the only one who can handle this responsibility. Khush asks Suhani to trust him and says he will not change.

Kady sees Vikram looking at something. Vikram says he had 3 sisters and did not have brother, but Ram fullfilled the gap and was there since his childhood. He says he was worried with Neha’s pregnancy with Sammy, but when Sammy was born, Ram pushed Vikram and took Sammy himself and used to play with him a lot. Kady asks if he believes Ram can do that. Vikram says they fought many times, but now everything is over. Rahul sees Vikram going from there and asks Kady if Vikram is okay.

Priya is tensed thinking about something. Natasha comes and asks Priya why did she come up, if she is not happy about the news. Priya says she is confused why Ram gave business responsibility to only Khush. Natasha says he would have tought a lot and gave it to Khush. She says Khush used to go to office with Ram and he cannot belive Sid or mamaji. Priya says he would have given it to Vikram, he helped Ram a lot. Natasha says that does make sense and if something is bother her as she called her last night. Priya says she is worried that relationships may break as she does not feel good about Ram giving responsibility to only Khush. Natasha asks if she is meeting Ram any time. Priya says she wanted to meet him, but with him having murder charges, it is getting difficult. Priya then gets lawyer’s call who informs her about the permission. Priya informs it to Natasha and says permission is granted, but she should meet Ram at night.

Precap: Khush says Juhi and Sid that his parents are Ram and Priya and he will handle Ram’s empire. Sid says he is doing it as he is getting Ram’s money and forgot his real parents. Priya scolds Sid for trying to create rift between family members.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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