Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hero Sameer reaching shooting venue and waving his fans who are shouting his name. Shivani sees that and thinks it is the best opportunity to make Raghu jealous. Shivani starts praising Sameer and says he is so good looking and she did not see such handsome guy till now. Raghu asks her what happened to her and to watch properly. Shivani enjoys seeing Raghu jealous.

Sumitra, her parents and Rajesh enjoy alcohol and play cards. Latha says what happend to Sumitra’s mothe who is having alcohol and also allowing her children to have alcohol. Sumitra asks old woman/Latha to bring alcohol. Vivek brings it, but Sumitra stops him and says only budhiya/old lady will bring alcohol. Maya gets angry and says Sumitra Latha will not work. Sumitra asks what did she say. Maya says if she has lost her mind after drinking alcohol and if she tries to misbehave with Latha again, she will bash her. Sumitra says she is owner of this house and how dare she to talk like this. Maya says it takes cruleness, not daringness to steal someone’s house and challenges her to fight with her directly. Sumitra says we will play cards and if she loses it, she will leave this house and if she wins, Maya will have to drink alcohol. Latha asks Maya to not accept Sumitra’s challenge and gambling cannot decide anyone’s victory. Sumitra says when gambling can decide victory in mahabharath, why can’t it decide Saharia family’s fate. She again asks Maya if she is afraid of her challenge. Maya says she is not afraid and accepts her challenge.

Veer introduces Sameer to Shivani and Raghu and says she is your film’s heroine and he is her husband. Shivani says she is very excited to meet him. Sameer asks her to tell something that he does not know. He says in this world there are 2 people, who likes me and who likes me more, says she is lucky to work with him. He says Veer it is a beautiful choice. Veer says thanks and goes from there saying he has some work. Shivani asks Sameer’s autograph. Sameer says everyone needs his autograph and is thinking of making a stamp of his autograph, says howmany autographs can one person give in a day. Shivani insits and gives her hand to sign. He says he will sign, but she has to call him Sameer. Shivani agrees and asks Raghu to give his pen for autograph. Raghu hides his pen and says he does not have pen. Sameer takes pen from his assistant and autographs on Shivani’s hand. Shivani enjoys seeing Raghu jealous and thanks Sameer for autograph. Sameer goes saying he will meet her at film set. Spot lady comes and asks Shivani to come for makeup. Raghu says she is so beautiful that she does not need makeup, Sameer needs it. He then says he was just joking and asks Shivani to go. Shivani looks at his jealous face and leaves smiling.

Sumitra and Maya start playing cards. Baburam sees Maya’s cards and says she will win. Sumitra signals Rajesh who drops his glass and changes her card. While they change their cards, Bela changes alcohol glass with apple juice. Baburam says Maya will win now, shows her cards and asks Sumitra to get out of her house now. Sumitra says old man, see my cards first and then laugh. She shows her cards and wins game.

Raghu is mesmerized to see Shivani in a beautiful saree, wearing makeup. Tum ko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon….. song plays in the background. Raghu is dumbstruck, seeing Shivani coming towards her. Shivani asks if there is any problem, if she is looking okay. Raghu is unable to speak. Spotboy asks Shivani to come as shot is ready. Shivani leaves.

Precap: Raghu gets a bad dream about Shivani and wakes up calling babyji. He gets afraid seeing Shivani not on her bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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