Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Ayesha to come and talk to her. Rubel and Payal argue about Nafisa. Rubel says there is nothing between me and Nafisa. Nani and Harish ask why did she come back from airport. Ayesha says my mum is ill, so …. Nani says tell us the real reason. Harish says share the problem with us. She thinks about Adi and that she loves him, how to tell them this thing. Harish says Nani I don’t think she came back for Adi. Nani says its hard for a girl to admit her feelings, she came for Adi. Anuj talks to Sheela and says I think Rubel is right, Payal should trust her husband. Sheela says I m wife, so I can understand Payal’s pain, every husband is same. Anuj argues and defends himself. She taunts him.

Payal says I don’t want any explanation, I know there is someone, Nafisa told me everything. I m not a fool. He says fine, if you are sure about this, I m helpless, think what you want, I don’t care. He says I m not going outhouse, you can cross check too. He leaves. Payal cries. Ayesha cares for her mum. Nilofer asks Ayesha to tell Nafisa not to worry for her, after all this happened because of her. Ayesha defends Nafisa. Nilofer says your dream to go London broke, Ayesha says so what, I will see a new one, I m happy that I m close to the one I love.

Sheela says Payal is right, Ayesha and Nafisa are trapping our sons, why did Ayesha came back, I m here because of Nani and Harish, I will kick them out before Avantika comes. Anuj says you won’t understand. Nafisa comes to Ayesha and cries. She hugs her. Ayesha asks her not to be upset, everything will be fine. Nafisa says this is the problem, I always kept myself away from you. I m sorry. Ayesha asks why are you sorry. Nafisa says don’t ask me, just forgive me.

Arif sees the MMS he made for Ayesha and says this pics should be published tomorrow morning. Jackie says but Arif………. Arif says now no one can stop you from becoming Mrs. Arif Sheikh, not even you. Rubel talks to Adi about Payal making this a big issue. Adi says she is hurt, give her some time, its good everyone knows, they will solve it, everything will be fine now. Rubel says I won’t go in my room. Adi says then go to guestroom, as I will not share my room, go to your room and face the problem. Rubel leaves.

Ayesha sees Nilofer’s fever not becoming low and says I have to take her to hospital. She says will it be good to call Adi. She calls Adi and tells him about her mum having high fever, they have to take her to hospital. Adi says fine, don’t worry, I m coming. Adi calls Rustam and tells about Nilofer, and asks to make the arrangements. Rustam says fine, come. Rustam asks the nurse to arrange the papers at his desk. Ambika talks to Mama and he wants her to pray that Pankhudi is back, but Ayesha is in our lives. She is like our daughter. Ambika says no, she can’t take Pankhudi’s place in my heart.

Adi says I will talk to Rustam and come. Ayesha says I will inform my sisters. Adi says I will inform. He goes to Rustam’s cabin where Pankhudi’s death proof is there. The nurse asks him to sit. The wind blows and the power goes. Pankhudi’s pic flies and comes to Adi. He arranges the papers. Adi is shocked seeing Pankhudi’s pic.

Ayesha comes there and the power also comes. Adi says this report is wrong, nothing happened to my Pankhudi, I will talk to Rustam. Ayesha says its true. Adi says shut up. Rustam comes and says I was coming to you, we did graphic reconstruction of some people whose faces damaged, is she related to Ayesha. Ayesha says no, she is Adi’s wife Pankhudi. Adi says you mean Pankhudi is….. Rustam says yes, she is no more. I m sorry. Adi is shocked. He thinks about Pankhudi.

Ayesha says everyone that Pankhudi won’t come back, as her death proof has come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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