Rang Rasiya 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mala comes to rudra’s room and sasy I brought food fro you and paro, paro had fast today, she wanted you to break it and also you didn’t ate anything, rudra takew food from her and thanks her, she looks at him and goes. rudra comes to paro, paro ask who was there, rudra says you didn’t fast today right, paro says no, actually.. rudra makes her eat and says you don’t know how to lie, paro ask who brought food, rudra says she brought it, paro ask who she? maasa, I told her to not come near you but she doesn’t listen to me, I will speak to her, rudra sasy stop this drama, paro says drama? you knew that we are doing drama, rudra says I didn’t know it, but today when you were afraid and needed you your mother, she was with you, she was holding your hand and I got to know that your thread with her is intact, you were just doing drama so I fight with for her, mad girl, you were ready to be scolded by me for her, paro ask are you angry with me? rudra says no, paro says this means you have forgiven your mother, he doesn’t answer. rudra ask her to sleep, paro makes him eat.
at night, rudra says I am forgetting something, she says you must have to call vk singh sir or aman, he says no, paro says then you must have forgotten to sasy thanks to mala, he says I told her thanks, paro smiles, he brings gift and its blue butterfly, rudra says I always saw you playing with butterfly so bought it for you, paro says yes I like butterflies, you rukmini(butterfly) used to come to me and she used to give me happiness, she used to give me strength that everything is fine but.. I didn’t see her for many days this means something is not good, rudra says that’s why I brought it for you, this gift and I assure you that everything is fine, I am with you, you have faith on me so don’t worry, I wont let anything happen to you.

Scene 2
samrat wakes up in morning, Maithili shows him locket around his neck and says this is gift from my side for you on teej, he says you sold your gold bangles for it, Maithili says no problem, when you can fast then cant I but this for you. samrat gets tensed. samrat tells Maithili that I have grudge of hiding one thing from you, yesterday mohini didn’t take me for some business but she made me meet one girl for my second marriage, Maithili is hurt..
paro shows rudra his shirts and says your cloths are old, rudra says I will bring new one, why don’t you go and buy cloths for me, dilsher comes and says did you forget what happened with paro yesterday, rudra says so will she remain in house, she will go, I will send guard with her, paro says I thought that I will go to mandir too and also mala will come with me so how can we go alone, rudra says not alone guard is coming with you, paro says but I thought you will drop us, rudra says go and get ready and als ask the one(mala) who wants to go with you, I will drop you, he leaves, dilsher says nobody can win against your stubbornness.

SCene 3
samrat says believe me, I didn’t know she was taking me there for that, I scolded her and also was not coming with her, I love you only, Maithili says that’s why you were saying yesterday that we are there for ech other, we don’t need anyone else, please just say it one more time, I will be fine, samrat says I can say that many times that you are enough for me, I don need anything. Maithili hugs him.
rudra, paro and mala comes to mandir, rudra says to paro to be careful, be aware of everything and also keep your eyes open, paro says but my eyes are open, he says I mean keep your eyes, mind open, he says call me if you want to tell anything and one more thing don’t but sharp colored cloths, paro teases him and says I will but embroided yellow color cloths for you, rudra smiles and says have gola( ice ball), he looks at mala and says be careful you both, mala looks at him, he leaves.

SCene 4
man who wanted his daughter to marry to samrat calls mohin, he ask whats your decision, moohini says I feel that samrat and your daughter should meet each other, get to know each other then we will think, Maithili comes there, mohini ends the call and says good you came, I have got ticket for you to go to your home, Maithili says I got to know everything, I got to know that you want sanrat to to marry again, I accepted your family, I tried my best to keep family happy, I never failed in my duties and samrat is happy with me, he loves me a lot then why did you send him to see the girl, mohin says you want to listen that you are great daughter in law but can you give me happiness of my heir, you have out black spot on our family by not giving us child, you cant conceive ever, Maithili says just for that one thing, you forgot what all I did for this family, just for one reason you are saying this, mohini says the thing which you are saying as only one thing is about my family, this one thing can destroy my family name and can bring end to this house, so listen to me, I can do anything to get my heir and I will make samrat marry, Maithili says you cant do that, mohini says you are giving me warnings, you know I can throw you out of house right now, Maithili says I know =, when I got married my mother said that women’s house after marriage is her husband’s house so I will not leave this house neither I am going to my mother’s house, I can do anything to save my mangalsutra, I will fight for my marriage, she goes from there, sumer comes to mohini and says be careful maasa your innocent DIL is ready to attack you or she can fly away with your son. mohini fumes

Scene 5
rudra is getting ready as common man in bsd, he says to aman that paro is in market so I am going there, you tell everyone in bsd that I am busy in meeting, nobody should know that I am going behind her, I feel like someone from bsd is involved in this, the culprit might be getting information from bsd so you don’t go out of this room till I come back, aman says but why did you put paro in danger to catch him, rudra says I didn’t have any choice but I will not let anything happen to paro. he goes.
in market, mala says to paro that he said don’t but sharp colors and you bought embroided cloths for him, paro says he says many thing but don’t worry, mystery man is watching them, he gets the call that rudra is busy in meeting for 2 hours, he says so my way is clear. rudra comes there in disguise and follows paro. paro says to mala lets go and have gola(ice ball). mala says in rain? paro says yes its fun to have it in rain, they listen noise from mandir, paro says look like puja is about to start, paro says we will go there 1st, they goes to mandir. they come in puja, the mystery man us watching paro in mandir, rudra is paro, he sees one man killing the guard who was with paro and is stunned,

PRECAP- the mystery man comes in mandir where paro is doing puja, rudra comes there, man approaches paro, rudra is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Update fast guys

  2. Were is vishal any way good acting by ashish

  3. Who is this mystery man and why does he want to hurt paro she is lovely and rudra make a lovely couple and I love Mathiely and summit they are a beautiful couple

  4. is that man sent by Laila?

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  6. Nice episode.
    But am fear that man, Major sir – save Paro and Mother
    who is mystery man? what u want, why follow paro & rudra?
    am waiting for next episode
    Rang rasiya serial always rokcs……..

  7. who is he ethuku evlo buildup sekira ava facea kamigapaaa

  8. santhiya(tamil)

    i was eager to know who is he?and what does he want?major sab save paro quickly.i am very eager to see his face. i think so laila sent him.

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