Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu being brutally beaten and falling on the ground by his opponent in a boxing match. He remembers his promise to Shivani that he will not let her happen anything and will repay Veer’s debt. Raghu wakes up. His oppent beats him, but Raghu does not get knocked out. He instead beats his opponent who falls on the ground, winning the match. Shivani and everyone happily clap for Raghu. Lady gives him money and says his opponent won’t wake up from hospital bed for 1-2 weeks and says if he fights like this, he will be a big fighter soon. Raghu says this money, paper bits have a lot of power in them, he would not have agreed to fight if she would not have met him at this stage of life. He then reminisces lady telling him she can help, but he has to fight in boxing ring and risk his life for dear one.

Baburam gets tired after working as Sumitra’s maid and says Latha that he did a big mistake by signing on property papers. Bela says until we get an opportunity, we have to wait. Maya says clever people don’t wait for opportunity, but will create one. She says we all servants can make Sumitra’s life hell. She takes a brinjal and says Sumitra’s condition is like this brinjal which does not know it will be made. She says we will trouble Sumitra’s guest today.

Raghu sees Shivani dancing like a bar girl and people throwing money on her. He gets angrily near her, beats people dancing around her and drags her from there. He asks her how can she do that. Shivani asks her not to get angry and says she heard his and that lady’s conversation that he is risking his life for money, now she can sell herself for money. Raghu asks her to stop. Shivani says even she felt same kind of pain when she saw him in a blood bath.

She says he is her life and how can she allow him risk his life to save her life. Raghu realizes his mistake and apologizes her troubling her, but what could he do, he does not want to take someone’s help for her treatment and wants to take her responsibility alone. Shivani emotionally hugs him. Kaise kab judgaye hum…. title song plays in the background. Raghu asks her not to cry and promises he will not do like that again. Shivani says he said same last time when he went to sell his kidney. She asks his phone and says she will record all his words. He asks why is she acting childish. She says this childishness will make him remind his promise. Raghu says he will not risk his life again while she records his words. They both leave for Veer’s party.

Rajesh brings Sumitra’s parents home. Sumitra gets happy seeing them and greets them in. Rajesh scolds Baburam’s family for not cleaning house. Sumitra’s mother asks who are these people seeing Saharia family. Father says they are Saharia family. Mother says now we are rich and should believe like one, rich people don’t identify poor people. Father asks Saharia family to wish him. Sumitra asks Saharia family to wish her parents. Saharia family don’t wish them but agrees when Sumitra warns them to throw their bags out.

Madhavi is decorating wedding cake. She sees Shivani coming back and asks her where was she. She says her in-laws specially asked to decorate 40 sign candle on cake and goes to her room to bring them. Shivani sees someone walking near the window and goes to find who is it, but does not see anyone. She turns back and is shocked to see chill and lemon on floor. She supsicouisly picks it.

Precap: Shivani/Raghu with other 2 couples dance on mann mast magan… song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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