Madhubala 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu thinks she will no save RK, as he troubled her and her family a lot, but no, if she does the same like him, then whats the difference between them, she can’t let down Dida’s values. She switches the power and rushes to him. RK faints. She puts water on him to wake her up. Bhanu comes there and signs Agni to go there fast. Bhanu takes off the wire cables. Agni throws the water glass and everyone come. Agni says you tried to kill him, now acting like you are saving him. Bhanu says what a clever woman. RK says what are you saying. Bhanu says now Madhu was trying to kill you, after Bai ji.

Dau j comes and asks whats going on. Agni says Madhu was killing RK. Dau ji is shocked. He gets worried for RK and asks is he fine. RK says he is fine. Agni says Madhu gave current to RK, when we came, he was shaking, she was enjoying seeing him, doing nothing. Bhanu says when I came, I saw her running and closing the button. Dau ji scolds Madhu and says Bai ji was stranger to you, but he is your husband, your Lord. He says if someone tries to kill Lord, she gets punished. Agni says you said death for death, she was killing RK, now we will not leave her. She goes ahead to slap Madhu and Madhu holds her hand.

Madhu says I saved RK, I did not try to kill him, how would you know I was trying to kill him by current. Bhanu brings a gun and aims at her. Madhu says I m not afraid, kill me, but first hear a truth. Bhanu lied to everyone here, he came to my house and said Bai ji is ill, he did not tell Bai ji is serious and she needs RK’s blood. She says if I knew this, I swear on Dida, I would have taken case back and saved her, I m not lying, Bhanu is responsible for Bai ji’s death and you are blaming me. Agni says you could not kill RK, so blaming Bhanu, so that we fight among ourselves. Agni asks Bhanu to kill Madhu.

Tara says how dare you blame my husband. She asks Bhanu to kill Madhu. Dau ji says no Bhanu. Bhanu says what, are you doubting on me, I love my wife a lot, I swear on her that Madhu is lying. Madhu says you are taking a false swear, be afraid of Lord. Dau ji says enough now. Agni says before she bites us, kill her. Bhanu says permit me Dau ji to kill her. I will take revenge for Bai ji’s death. RK looks on.

Bhanu asks Dau ji to allow him. Dau ji signs yes and takes his daughters inside. Bhanu loads his gun. RK thinks that Madhu has saved him by switching off the power. He takes off the gun up when Bhanu shoots. He moves Bhanu back. Bhanu asks what are you doing, you are again in her trap. Dau ji and everyone come back. Bhanu says they are fooling us, RK loves her, they are playing a game with us, they show they hate each other, RK does not regret for Bai ji’s death, leave all this, lets go to village. Dau ji asks Tara to bring Bhagwad Gita. Tara brings it.

Dau ji asks Madhu to keep her hand on it and say that she hates RK. Madhu keeps her hand and swers her words that she ………….. RK looks at her.

Madhu says I hate RK. RK is shocked. Dau ji asks the same to RK now. He asks him to say that he hates Madhu. RK is reluctant. Hum hai tere deewane…………….plays…………. He keeps his hand and says its true that I have loved Madhu the most, but this is also true that after Bau ji died, I hated her the most. He says I always feel I should kill her. Bhanu asks what do you mean by you hated her, not now. RK says I saw death today, she would have killed me, but no, she saved me, this life is hers now, and I can’t hate her now.

Dau ji says it means Bhanu is right, you have again caught Madhu’s pallu. RK says if she did not save me, I would have died, how should I hate her now. Dau ji says you can’t do anything now. He leaves in anger. Everyone leave. Agni says Dau ji and we all stayed here for you RK, and you don’t understand she wants to kill you, you got saved today, but not again. She leaves. RK and Madhu look at each other.

Madhu goes to light the diya at Bai ji’s pic. RK looks at the chair and thinks how did he get the shock, if there is no wire. He gets a small piece of wire and thinks. Its morning, Tara gives tea to Bhanu. Agni comes to them. Tara asks Agni to explain him, he is upset since Madhu blamed him. Agni says if RK is not ours, why to talk about Madhu. Bhanu says I can’t see fear in her eyes, we have to grow fear in her. Agni says no, she won’t, as she does not have anything to lose, she will bear everything, if any loved one of her cry and feel pain, then she will break. Bhanu smiles.

He says good idea. Agni says I m going to bring someone. Dida talks to Bittu and asks did he meet people. Bittu says no, they promised they will meet me, I will free Madhu. Leela says he is not understand, you explain her to leave all this now. Madhu is gone now, worry about this house, you don’t know how I managed this house. She says Sweety went for her training for six months, then she will get the job. Bittu says stop it, I know everything. They argue. Dida says Leela is right, Bittu you find a job, stop worrying about Madhu now. Bittu asks how.

Someone knocks the door. Leela checks and its Agni. Agni smiles and greets them. Dida asks Madhu, is she fine. Agni says yes, she is fine, if I knew she can’t live without you, we would have taken you. Dida asks is she missing me. Agni says she did not say, but I saw her crying taking your name, I felt bad so I came to take you. Bittu says Dida won’t go anywhere and about Madhu, I will bring her here very soon. Agni says fine, I will go if you don’t come, but think again. Dida stops her and looks at Bittu.

RK wants to ask something to Madhu but she does not talk. He says what she said about Bhanu, I did not agree, there is something which I m not seeing, that I m not wishing to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. You are right madhubala serial very very fantastic and excellent best of luck” and plz cantiniue show ok


  3. i love tis show alot……..continue it ateast for more 1 yr……i an be a fabulous love story betwee madhu n raja……i pray2 colors 2 put shashri sisters t 7 pm time slot…..plssss save madhubala…

    1. Plz dont end madhubala we hate shastri sisters

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