Gustakh Dil 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo seeing a thief at home and thinks what to do, as she is alone at home. She says I have to see Mili first, she can get afraid and shout. She takes Mili and hides her in the room. Mili gets scared hearing about thief, and asks her to call police. Lajjo says no, first we will catch him, then call police. She asks Mili not to be afraid and not make any voice else the thief will run away, and she knows how to catch thief. She says police will come late, now we have to catch it. Mili asks how, we don’t have any gun. Lajjo and Mili make a plan to beat him. She says he is trying ti steal Sagar’s trophies, I will catch him like a cat catches a rat.

Lajjo makes a plan and asks Mili to see what she does now. Nikhil misses Lajjo being at the hotel room alone. He thinks about her words and thinks soon we will be together and I will show you the world, I will come to meet you when I come back. He gets his boss’ call. He says congrats, you did good dealing, we are happy with you, keep it up. Nikhil smiles. The men talk that Nikhil will be not knowing what he is doing, if he gets stuck, he can’t prove anything that we have used him, no one can point on us, he will go to jail. The thief is leaving. Lajjo and Mili try to stop him and he falls. Lajjo goes to him and beats on his head. She laughs catching him.

Ayesha is sleeping. Adhiraj comes to her and she wakes up. He holds her mouth and she says you. He says don’t make noise please. She asks what are you doing here. He says he came to talk to you. She asks what is it. He says he is hurt. She says she is hurt, He says I love you Ayesha, I m sorry. I was hurt knowing about your marriage. She says yes, I can’t forget you so I was marrying someone else to go far from you. He says I made a mistake, and apologizes to her, I can’t live without you, promise me you will not marry anyone else. She cries. He holds her and she says promise.

He says promise me you will never leave me. She says yes. He says I don’t want to lose you. She promises him and asks how did he come up. Its her dream and she wakes up saying Adi…… She cries. Lajjo ties the thief. He asks her to leave him, she has already beaten him a lot, forgive me. I won’t do this again, this is my theft, I did know its tough. He asks them not to call police. Lajjo questions to him and comes to know he is from Sikandarpur, her neighboring village. They catch up a good talk and laugh. She asks his family details and gives him a lecture of what wrong he was doing.

He says I will go village today. She says fine, I will leave you, aas you are form my village. She frees him. Sagar comes home and is shocked seeing this. Mili tells him everything what Lajjo did. Sagar laughs seeing how she caught a thief. He says I should have known something would have happened. Lajjo says Mili has fever. Sagra gets worried. Lajjo says I will take care of her. Sagar takes Mili inside. They take care of Mili together. Lajjo asks Sagar not to worry. She asks him to go and rest. He says no, I will be with Mili till she gets fine.

He says her fever is not getting low. He thanks her for taking care of Mili. He says the way you take care of her, you look a trained nurse. Lajjo says I used to help doctor kaka in Sonbarsa in his dispensary. I was compounder and nurse there. Sagar thinks he finds a new thing in her every time. Someone comes in Nikhil’s room while he is sleeping and changes the bag.

Ratri takes Sagar and Lajjo’s pics and shows them saying great pics of you both. Sagar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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