Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani coming to her room and seeing Raghu jealous. She remembers daadi’s words is jealous is best to provoke love between couples. She asks Raghu what is he doing. He says he is taking his clothes out. She asks what problem he has and what it is. Raghu asks why did she agree to work in a film. Shivani says we need money, so she agreed. Raghu says I will arrange money somehow and not to worry. Shivani says it is better to work in film than selling kidney and fighting and asks what problem he has. He says she will be intimate with a hero and dance with him. Daadi hears their conversation and smiles. Shivani asks if he is jealous. Raghu says maliksaa will feel bad. Shivani asks him to accept that he is jealous someone will touch her.

Raghu says it was his duty to explain her, it is her wish now, and goes into bathroom. Daadi comes in once he goes to bathroom and says Raghu is indeed jealous. Shivani laughs and says I will make him jealous so much that he will ask me to stop.

Shivani wakes in the middle of night and sees Raghu sleep the other side of bed. She sees a shadow/person wearing shawl walking around and starts following it. Person goes towards well and dissapears inside the well. Shivani peeps into well and her mobile falls into it. She gets into the well to take it out and gets afraid hearing Raghu’s voice. Raghu asks what is she doing here. Shivani says she saw someone going inside this well, he was following her since many days. Raghu asks why didn’t she inform him. She says she thought he would escape, so she started following without informing Raghu. Raghu checks well and says nobody is there. He asks her to come with him now and takes her back to their room.

Latha is shocked to see Sumitra taking out temple and asks what is she doing. Sumitra gives temple to Bela and says she is their god and to do her pooja. She says she will keep alcohol in place of temple. Maya says god will burn her to chars. Sumitra says she will be burnt instead and says she will keep ice which will be added in alcohol. Rajesh comes with alcohol bottles, opens it and asks Latha if she wants to drink it. Latha angrily looks at her. He then asks Bela to drink. Baburam says he should be ashamed to misbehaved with a woman of her mother’s age. Sumitra say Baburam used to come home inebriated everyday, then why is he overreacting. Baburam says he drank but didn’t bring alcohol home. Sumitra shouts and asks if she also has to do the same mistake which he did. Rajesh says today is party at home and asks them to clean glasses well.

Veera brings Raghu and Shivani to his film set. Shivani says there a lot of people here. Veer says film making involves a lot of people and hard work. Raghu asks about story of his film. Veer says it is a love story where hero/heroine is seperated and it is a story to meet them together. Raghu asks if he can make a family oriented film. Veer says nowadays romantic films work. Spot boy informs Veer that director is calling him. Veer goes to meet director. Shivani says she is very excited about film as it has romantic songs at beautiful locations. Raghu says he does not feel good about this film and asks her to come home with him. Shivani insists she wants to do the film as there is nothing wrong in it. She thinks he is very jealous and till when he will be jealous.

Precap: Raghu is mesmerized to see Shivani with makeup wearing beautiful saree. Shivani asks him if she is looking good.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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