Gustakh Dil 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling Sagar that he has to withdraw from the competition, all beacsue of her mistake. Sagar says who knew Ratri will come here at this time and take pics to blackmail us. Lajjo asks him to take her in her place. Sagar says no, she does not have place here. Lajjo says take anyone from Nethra, Jessica….. Sagar says I can’t think to take anyone else. Lajjo says your name will be ruined because of me. He says I will take this responsibility, what you did for me and Mili, this is nothing. Anjali and Singh come there and ask what are they hearing, how can he backout from competition. Sagar says its my decision.

Sagar says no questions asked. Anjali says why can’t we ask. Sagar says I m sorry. Anjali says you can’t take this decision alone. Anjali says what about sponsors, why are you ruining your future, no one will trust you. Sagar says I know the consequences. Anjali asks what happened. Lajjo says I will say. Sagar stops her. He says its my final decision. Singh tells him not to do this, sponsors can do the case on us too. Anjali says we can’t move back. Sagar apologizes and says I know what you are feeling, still I can’t change my decision.

Barkha asks whats going on Ayesha. Ayesha asks what did I do. Barkha says we went to guy’s family to talk to them. Ayesha says yes, I said yes to marry. Barkha says how was your behavior, you did not talk to anyone, so weird. Ayesha says I was just polite. Barkha says no, you were cold, they noticed this too. Ayesha says I was headache. Barkha scolds her and says do you think they are fools, it was so embarrassing. Nani asks Ayesha did she change her mind. Ayesha says no, I want to get married. She leaves. Barkha says my children are driving me crazy. Nani says chill, I will talk to Ayesha.

Barkha gets Ratri’s call and is glad as the work is done. Ratri laughs and says Sagar and Trishna are backing off the competition. Barkha asks how did this happen. Ratri tells her everything. Barkha smiles. Its night, Lajjo comes to the academy and thinks about Sagar. Ratiya…………….plays…………….She cries thinking of Barkha and Nikhil. Mili comes to her and says if anything bad is happening with us, some good thing will also happen. She asks Lajjo not to cry and gives hope.

Nikhil meets his boss and tells about his trip. The manager gets tensed. The boss signs the manager toi be quiet and says he will be sending him again abroad next week. Nikhil is stunned. The boss asks him to meet the Delhi clients. Nikhil thinks its strange, why are they worried for a simple thing, when they deal with diamonds. Mili talks to Lajjo and asks when people die, where do they go. Lajjo says they become a star. Mili cries and says you are becoming a star so will you do. Lajjo says no, not that star, I was getting famous, but now…. She gets upset thinking about Sagar.

Barkha comes to meet Sagar and says she heard Trishna’s radio interview so she came to meet her now. Sagar says yes, you can and just then Lajjo enters. Barkha acts like she does not know Lajjo before. Lajjo is shocked seeing her. Barkha acts very sweet to her and smiles.

Anjali and Gunjan tell Anjali about Lajjo, Nikhil’s wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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