Jodha Akbar 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
nigaar comes in garden, she sees Rahim, jala comes there and ask soldiers to catch her, nigaar grabs Rahim and puts knife on his neck, she says don’t come near me else I will kill Rahim, she runs from palace with Rahim.
todar is being taken to be hanged on death, atgah says I lost faith in justice today, a innocent is getting killed today, niggar runs on horse and throws Rahim on gate of palace, jodha ask jalal to stay here and ask soldiers to go behind her, you go and save todar. todar is going, he sees his wife and nods her to not cry. she nods in yes, todar is about to be hanged, todar prays to god that whenever truth wanted your help you came, today also truth wants you to do something, not for me but for jalal, protect him from evil, I have no guilt, I am dying for my duty. the canon is fired at todar but jalal comes and moves it on otherside and saves todar, all comes to todar, his wife hugs him and cries, jalal ask to bring todar’s sword, he gives his sword to him and says to forgive me, jodha says forgive me todar, todar’s wife says you don’t need to be sorry, you did right, you wanted to get justice for innocent lady, you wanted to protect women, if someone plays with your emotions then whats your fault. the big thing is that you and your intentions are great, we will respect you my whole life as you are great women, todar says she is right, forget what happened, if I was there, I would have done the same, they greets jalal and jodha.

Scene 2
mahaC is talking with humyun’s pic, she says throne is mine, I had no option so I have to attack saltanat, your second wife took throne from me, flashback shows how young hamida said to mahachuchak that you are going wrong way just to get throne, mahaC says why can not get the throne, there are many states so why cant I rule one of the state, nigaar also got states but why not me, hamida you want to take all statews as you are marium zamani, hamida says its fate that jalal is elder then mirza, mahac says just because I am a common wife so I cant get throne. fb ends, mahaC says soon I will enter in shahi palace of agra, I will rule there.

Scene 3
jalal says to jodha that I am going to find nigaar before she do anything wrong, jodha says yes you should stop her, todar says I will come with you, its not safe for you, jalal says no you should take rest, you have been through a lot in past days, jalal says these days I cant win any argument, 1st it was jodha and now you too. jalal ask jodha to take care and leaves.
maham is reading something, adham comes and says you are here and there new story is being written, jalal has thrown you out of life and you don’t know whats happening, maham ask him to tell straightly, he says that todar is being saved, he is not killed, jalal got to know that shehnaz is nigaar and she just framed todar, nigaar has run away, jalal has gone behind her, maham says I was busy and I couldn’t know this, adham says think this one girl has made jalal to run think what will happen when her force will come here, maham says what if jalal gets nigaar, then she will tell jalal that I helped nigaar against jalal then he will not leave m.

Scene 4
jalal comes in jungle, he searches for nigaar, he calls out where are you nigaar sister, nigaar comes there with her goons, she says now I will say, I announce open war against Mughal saltanat, now your time is over. nigaar says kill him, nigaar’s goon beats him then jalal over-powers them, eh beats them, todar and atgah comes there too, they fight with nigaar’s force, nigaar comes there too, jalal says I am fine but nigaar has run away, todar says that these goons were trained. jalal ask atgah to go behind nigaar but make sure nothing happens to her, I have lost her once, I don’t ant to lose her again. atgah goes with soldiers. jalal says I don’t know whats the matter.
mahaC is playing with parrot, beg says its good time pass, she says this bird is like me, he wants to eat and I want to have whats mine, she says I am waiting for the letter, I want to know about nigaar, soldier comes and tells her that our one piece of soldiers has gone to nigaar, our full force will soon reach agar, mahaC, beg says soon you will get agra, dehli and all, mahaC says that I will put my poison on jalal.

Scene 4
jodha comes to jalal and ask did you talk with nigaar, jalal says no, I always wanted to have elder sister with whom I can share my things but when I came to know about her, I couldn’t even talk to her, maybe somebody is exploiting her, jodha says its all my fault, I couldn’t recognize that she was niggar, jalal says no we all did wrong as situations were not good, look I was wrong in punishing todar, nigaar has misunderstanding, you did what you thought was right, jodha. hamida and salima comes there. hamida says are you fine, jalal says yes but I couldn’t talk with nigaar, salima says that fi she was saying that she met with cahnd then this means that chand begum is alive, jalal says you are right, we should find her, he ask dasi to inform all to come in court.

PRECAP- jalal is in court, he says that I want chand begum here till tonight, todar give soldiers to adham, munim and find that secret place.
at night, jalal and other ministers come to secret place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. Good episode but because of these episode we didn’t see any romantic mood b/w
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  9. What will happen then??? I think the game of mahamanga going to be over…

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  11. Serial is interesting and coverage of written epodes is excellent – keep it up

  12. what about promo where shahnaz was shown to throw dagger on shahanshah..

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  14. Maham anga your secret will be out .so “suck brick b*t*h”.hope shehnaz does not doubt jalaal when she learn the truth

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