Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Doctor informing Raghu that Shivani has a hole in her heart. He says, she is suffering from long and we came to know about it now. He says, I am very sorry. Raghu is shocked. He asks him to do something and treat babyji fast. Doctor asks him to sit. He asks him to listen to him carefully. He says, Shivani’s treatment is not possible here. There is only one way and asks him to take her to Mumbai.

Raghu asks, whether the treatment will be done there. Doctor says yes. He says she is serious now. You have to take her to Mumbai for immediate treatment. Raghu says ok. Doctor asks him not to give any shock to Shivani else Shivani’s life will be at stake. Raghu asks Doctor not to tell anything to Shivani. Doctor says, she needs to know. Raghu insists. Doctor agrees and gives him the reports. He says, I will discharge her today.

Raghu recalls the doctor’s words and gets sad. Do Dil Bandhe plays…………………………Raghu comes to Shivani’s ward. He sits at her bedside and holds her hand. Shivani is still unconscious. He cries. Raghu thinks why God is doing this with babyji and requests God to save her. He thinks I always asked for her happiness and life. I won’t let this happen. I will save her from this trouble. He wipes his tears. He thinks I will go to Mumbai for babyji’s recovery.

Shivani regains consciousness and calls Raghu. Raghu wipes his tears and calls the doctor. Raghu asks how are you? Shivani says I am fine. Why you are crying? Raghu wipes his tears. He says, I am happy that you are fine. Shivani asks, what happened? Raghu says, nothing. He asks her to come home.

Bella gives tea to Baburaam. Raghu and Shivani come back home. Bella asks Shivani, what did happen to you? Shivani says, I am fine now. Bella thanks the God. Bella says, Bhaiyya didn’t sleep entire night. She asks, why you are tensed. Raghu says, reports are fine. Baburaam says it is good that she is not suffering from any disease else Raghu would have sell everything for her treatment.

Maya says, I told that she will be fine. She says, I will tell some good news for Raghu and Sumitra. He gives an envelope to Raghu. Raghu asks, what is inside. Maya says, there is a gift for your wedding. He says, I booked a honeymoon package to Manali for 5 days for you and Sumitra. Raghu gets shocked. Maya says, I thought they shall go for their honeymoon. Sumitra thinks, I will celebrate my honeymoon in Manali and Shivani will cry here. Maya asks Raghu to do the packing. Raghu tears the envelope. Bella smiles. Sumitra gets shocked.

He tells Maya that he is not going to Manali with Sumitra, but going with Shivani to Mumbai instead. Everyone is shocked. Shivani asks, why we are going to Mumbai. Baburaam says, I have gone mad to bear the marriage expenses. Why you are going to Mumbai with babyji. Raghu says, Doctor asked me to take her to Mumbai. Bella asks, what are you hiding? Raghu says, Doctor said that air and water should be changed for Shivani’s recovery. Shivani says, I am fine here. I don’t want to go. Raghu says, you are not fine babyji.

Raghu says, we have to follow Doctor’s advice. Shivani refuses to go. Raghu says, I know that Doctor asked me to take you to Mumbai. Nothing is important to me than your health. He gives her Maliksaa’s promise. Shivani is surprised. Sumitra thinks, Raghu must be hiding something.

Baburaam says, you are leaving us. Who will bear the house expenses. Have you thought of your responsibility? Vivek says, I will work hard and earn the money. He tells Raghu that he will do hard work and earns the lost respect. Raghu takes Shivani to her room. Maya tells Vivek, have you gone mad? Vivek asks her to shut up. Maya gets angry. Sumitra is annoyed too.

Sumitra tells Raghu that she can’t understand why he is taking babyji to Mumbai. Raghu says, Doctor asked me to take her to Mumbai. Sumitra asks, what are you hiding from us. Raghu says, I am not hiding anything. I am doing this for babyji’s health. Sumitra says, don’t know why she got consciousness. It was good if she would have died. Raghu slaps her hard unable to take it. Bella smiles.

Raghu and Shivani get down at the Mumbai station. Shivani says, I am thirsty. Raghu asks her to wait there and goes to bring water. Shivani goes with the crowd. Raghu comes and gets tensed..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Raghu does not deserve Shivani. There is nothing special about him heis fit for Sumitra

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