Nadaan Parindey 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher thinking about Bebe and Sameer’s words. She runs. Purab gets angry and asks Channi not to lie anymore. He says now you be happy. She says Bebe always wanted this. I did not do anything. He says I know everything. She says when did I say I spoke about you and Meher, see Meher is not in your fate, you tried but failed, so forget her, maybe this is for your good, see the girl’s pic, she is really nice and from good family. Purab says I like only Meher. She says Meher is marrying Sameer, he is your brother. Purab says I did my duty for Sameer, I will give him everything, but not Meher, don’t show me any pic again. He leaves in anger.

Meher comes to the Dargah and meets Baba. She cries and says something wrong is going to happen. I saw small dreams and why is this happened with me. Baba pacifies her and says the Lord is taking you some way and it can’t be wrong. Accept the Lord’s decision. Meher asks how. Sameer is a nice guy, Bebe wants me to marry him. He is my best friend, not my love. Baba says but Sameer said he loves you. She says when did he say. He says he told me before going from here.

Baba says he was worried, he did not know when he fell in love with you, is it like this that you also don’t realize your feelings, its love and it troubles a lot. It slowly enters the heart and you don’t know it. Meher cries. Baba says Sameer is a good guy and you both are of Lord, he will always keep you happy, trust him. Purab thinks about Channi’s words and meets Avtar. Purab says I don’t want Sameer to become an army man, he can’t prove himself. Avtar says but you have sent me to him. Purab says yes, Bebe has lost her husband at the border, if anything happens to Sameer, she will never forgive him.

Avtar says don’t think so, Sameer is doing good, I take his guarantee, he will prove himself. Purab says I know him, he is my brother, he won’t be serious, he is lazy and careless, don’t risk others live strusting him, you are taking big risk, if you think he can become a good army officer, then I will leave the decision on you. He leaves. Avtar says my experience can’t be wrong. Purab says now only one way is there, to tell Bebe that I love Meher and want to marry her. He leaves.

Bebe meets Mangal and Nimmi and asks her to do the arrangements of engagement. Channi says Nimmi wanted a army man son in law. Mangal thanks Bebe for making Meher her bahu. Bebe calls Meher. Mangal blesses Meher and Purab comes to see them. Purab looks on. Bebe says see Purab also came. She makes Purab have sweets on Sameer and Meher’s engagement talk. She asks when can you get Sameer take holidays, as we have to fix the dates. Purab feels heart brokeb. Bebe asks can Sameer get two day leave. Channi asks Purab to make Meher eat sweets. She smiles. Purab comes to Meher with the laddoo.

He makes her eat the laddoo. Everyone smile. Avtar meets Sameer and says you will get two days leave, you can go home. Sameer gets happy and thanks him. He dances and Avtar smiles seeing her. Sameer says I m coming Meher. Meher sees the dupatta which Bebe gave her and thinks. Bebe comes to her and says what happened with me, I thought about it. Bebe says it was good that happened, else you would have not became my bahu.

She says you asked for my Chunni and this is the one which my mum gave, I have sent this to you, Lord wanted you to be my bahu. Meher smiles. Haye ve rabba………………plays……………..Bebe makes her wear it and they smile. Bebe says Meher, always remember everything happens for the good. They hug. Purab sees this and gets angry. He gets a call to report on base camp. He says fine, I will come. Bebe asks Purab to come in the engagement. Purab says duty first, I can’t stay. Meher says I don’t like that you are going, when will you come back. Purab says who cares and leaves.

Meher comes after him and he asks her you said you don’t love Sameer, then why are you marrying him. She says as Sameer loves me. He says only this is the reason. She says Bebe wants this. He asks what do you want. She says I don’t want anything. He gets angry and says you have to snatch the right from fate, but you have accepted it. She asks why are you angry, I shared this being your friend, don’t forget your limits, I respect you. He says I don’t want respect. She asks what are you saying, tell me what I want. He says you are one in a million, only good should happen with you, if you are hurt. I get hurt. She asks why, I can be happy. She says we all will be happy, why are you worried. Purab signs no and leaves in anger. Meher thinks what happened to Purab, why was he behaving so strange.


Purab is at the base camp and signs on the mission papers and says Sameer will go with us. Sameer comes to know his holiday is cancelled and informs Bebe.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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