Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Ayesha. Rubel spends some time with Nafisa as she insists at the outhouse. She asks him to come to meet her daily. Rubel is puzzled and leaves. Adi tells Rubel what happened on the street today. Rubel asks him to be careful. ADi says maybe it happened because of that guy Ghalib. Payal comes from shopping. Rubel says you are impossible, don’t have have any guilt. She says I went on shopping as I was angry, I used my card. Rubel says even thats my money. Adi talks to them and calms them down. He says go to your room and solve the real problem.

Rubel says its not easy to solve this matter. He says what would you do if you were in my place. Adi looks at Ayesha. Rubel says I said its not easy. Nothing can be fine now. Ayesha and Adi also have a cute argument. He asks her to be careful about Ghalib. She says she will deal with him. She justifies Payal and her shopping act. She asks him to leave. Adi says its our duty to sort out the problem between Payal and Rubel, and you can help me as always. She says I will think of something and tell you.

Mama talks to Ambika about Pankhudi. She says I will send my hand made pickle for her. She says I wanted to thank Nilofer but could not meet her. Ayesha talks to Nafisa and says till Nani comes, Payal will be staying here. Nafisa speaks against Payal. Ayesha asks why are you interested in Rubel. Nafisa lies to her. Ayesha tells them about Arif. Ruksaar asks do you like Arif. Ayesha says Arif and Adi are completely opposite. She says I don’t want to marry but become a fashion consultant.

Ruksaar asks her whom will you choose between Adi and Arif. Ayesha says why should I. Ruksaar makes chits. She asks Ayesha to choose one. Ayesha chooses Adi. Adi walks to her smiling.

Adi comes and asks to be with them. Nafisa says yes come, I want to know about your family. Ayesha says I m going to sleep. Adi stops her. Ruksaar says shall we play carom. Adi says good idea. Ruksaar says Ayesha loves playing carom. Ruksaar says Nafisa can’t play, what to do. Adi says I will call Rubel. Nafisa says good idea, I will call him. Adi says call Payal also. Ayesha says yes, her mood was off. Nafisa gets annoyed and says fine, I will call them. Diwakar says we should show Pankhudi to a big doctor or take her abroad. Bau ji says Adi will take care of her.

Diwakar says she is my daughter, I can’t say how much I m hurt. Bau ji says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sheela talks to Rubel and Harish. Harish asks Rubel to take the decision, but think well. He asks Rubel to give Payal a chance, as marriage is strong. Sheela says I know, but you and Avantika united after 25 years, that’s a long period. Harish says go to meet a counselor, take their help. Sheela says family is best. Rubel says I think uncle is right. Rubel says but I won’t talk to Payal.

Payal talks to her dad and cries. She says if you think its my mistake and I should not come back to Kullu, then fine, I will give divorce to Rubel but not come to you. Nafisa hears this. Payal scolds her for hearing her talk. She shuts the door on her face. Nafisa smiles and says now Rubel has to come with me alone. Ayesha, Adi and Ruksaar play carom. Adi asks Ayesha to talk to Payal. They argue again. Their heads bump. She scolds him. Adi thinks about Pankhudi and smiles.

He says we should strike heads once again. Ayesha says is he mad. He does it again. He says now its fine. Ayesha thinks he is mad for Pankhudi. Rubel asks Harish to talk to Payal. Nafisa comes to them. Sheela asks what do you want. Nafisa says Adi is calling Rubel as we all are playing carom. Sheela says he can’t come. Harish asks Rubel to go if he wants. Rubel says I will be back and goes with her. She smiles. Adi asks where is Payal. Nafisa says I went to call her but she has shut the door on my face. Rubel is shocked.

Ayesha talks to Harish. He says we will end this in 204 days. Adi hears them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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