Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the panditji asking to call the bride. Bella says, I will bring her. Sumitra asks Raghu to bring Shivani. Karan’s phone rings and he picks the call. It is Renuka on the other side. He couldn’t hear her and goes to Raghu’s room to talk to her. Renuja says, you are marrying without me. You snatched this right from me. You didn’t invite me.

says, you forced me to do that. You just loves money. I respects you a lot and disconnects the call. He is about to go and the letter falls on the ground. He starts reading Shivani’s letter for Raghu. He is shocked to know that Shivani still loves Raghu and couldn’t forget him.Shivani gets ready and thinks I am nothing less than a a dead body. She cries.

Raghu comes inside and sees her crying. He thinks I know you are not happy. I wish I could see you happy at this moment. He wipes his tears and comes to Shivani. Shivani is crying. She looks at him with hope in her eyes. Main Aur Tum Milke Hum Hojaate…………..plays……………….

Raghu compliments her beauty. He picks the dupatta and makes her wear it. Shivani cries and looks at him. They look in each other eyes. Raghu tells her to come as the mahurat have come. Shivani says, come Raghu. I am ready to go wherever you wants me to go. She thinks her love will burn with the pheras. She wears her sandals and is about to fall. Raghu holds her. Raghu asks, are you fine? Shivani says, I am fine. Raghu asks her to change the sandal. Shivani says, now I don’t feel pain as I am accustomed to bear the pain. She thanks him for increasing the pain.

Do Dil Bandhe Plays…………………………Shivani again feels pain and holds Raghu. Karan comes and sees them. Raghu says, you are here………Karan looks at them. Raghu says, I was bringing babyji. Karan closes the door. Shivani sees letter in Karan’s hands. Karan says no. He says, I won’t go out. Raghu asks, did I do any mistake. Karan says, yes you did a big mistake. Shivani continues to cry. Karan says, I got this letter.

Raghu says, I don’t understand. Karan says, Shivani will tell you. Shivani cries. Karan asks Shivani, how could you do this with us. You were about to sacrifice your love. Raghu asks, what is it? Karan says, it was written in the letter that Shivani loves you and will always love you. Raghu is shocked. Karan says, how she can be happy when she loves you. You are in her breath. And how can I be happy when she is not happy with me. Raghu says, this is babyji’s childish thing.

Karan says, no. He says, you can’t forget Shivani as well. You are ruining Shivani’s life because of your stubbornness. Raghu says, I am doing this for babyji’s betterment. You know that you can keep her happy. He says, I can’t accept babyji. I married Sumitra. Karan says, you did a big mistake. You hurt yourself too. He asks, did you see Shivani’s eyes. There is love in her eyes for you. You got this wealth, don’t lose it. He wipes Shivani tears and says I am your best friend. You would have tell me once that you loves Raghu. I would have united you both.

Karan tells Raghu that he can’t do any mistake and refuses to marry Shivani. Karan says this is my final decision. I am going back to London today and hopes that you will realize your love. If you want to keep your babyji happy then marry her. Shivani cries happily. Raghu goes outside following Karan. Karan comes out and silently leaves. Raghu tries to stop him, but in vain. Baburaam asks, what happened? Shivani comes in the hall. Raghu gets tensed. He informs everyone that this marriage is not going to happen. Everyone are shocked.

Shivani gets unconscious. Raghu panics and holds her. Baburaam sees blood coming out of Shivani’s feet and tells Raghu. Sumitra smiles. Raghu takes out blade from Shivani’s sandals.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sumitra is a devil

  2. I think that raghu is gay he wants a man in his life not a woman

  3. Raghu is full of crap

  4. Geez this soap makes no sense! They are just spinning top in mud all the time

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